Results: Hartlepool 2013 Carnival Crits


Harry Tanfield & Ralf Hodgson winners on Friday night at the Hartlepool 2013 Carnival Crits on the Oakesway Industrial Estate, Hartlepool

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1. Harry Tanfield, Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
2. Craig Anderson, Achieve-Skinnergate Racing
3. Alex Bottomley, Wheelbase-Altura MGD
4. Dan Smith, TS RacingTeam-Vankru
5. Alan Nixon, Blackhawk Bikes
6. David Crawley, Rock To Roll Cycles
7. Richard Meadows, Team Sportscover Bioracer
8. Simon Baxter, Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
9. Shaun Tyson, Adept Precision RT
10. Thomas Timothy, Achieve-Skinnergate Racing
11. Jack Rees, Achieve-Skinnergate Racing
12. Scott Auld, Dirtwhgeels Cycles
13. Steven Baker, Achieve-Skinnergate Racing
14. Alex Luhrs, Gosforth RC
15. Matthew Theaker, Fietsen Tempo

Category 3/4
1. Ralf Hodgson, Marton RT
2. Adam Welch, Brooks Cycles
3. Elliot Davidson, Cestria Cycles RT
4. Graham Wood, Achieve-Skinnergate Racing
5. Scott Arthur, Army CU
6. Iain Turnbull, Achieve-Skinnergate Racing
7. David Atkinson, Achieve-Skinnergate Racing
8. Chris Ranson, Houghton CC
9. Colin Bell, Cycleway-VC Briganti
10. Harry Craig, ActivCycles-Corbridge RT


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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