TT Result: Eastbourne Rovers TT


Steve Kane of Brighton Excelsior CC is fastest in the shortened ( 13.9 miles) Eastbourne Rovers Time Trial

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1st Steve Kane Brighton Excelsior C.C. 29:19
2nd Nick Dwyer Lewes Wanderers 29:27
3rd David Pollard In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 30:03
4th Phil Allen Lewes Wanderers 30:07
5th Iain Brogden Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 30:26
6th Andrew Meilak Velorefined Aerosmiths 30:34
7th Neil Harris 7-Oaks Triathon Club 30:58
8th Marc Townsend Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 31:04
9th Robert Rollings Lewes Wanderers 31:13
10th Jimmy George V02 Maximum RT 31:35
11th George Welfare Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 31:47
12th Ian Hodge Southborough & District Wheelers 31:48
13th Peter Ruane In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 31:51
14th Steven Willis Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 31:56
15th Carl Richardson In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 32:01
16th Noel Miles East Grinstead T.C. 32:03
17th Jason Le Goff In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 32:10
18th John Cordner Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 32:12
19th Christian Yates East Grinstead C.C. 32:24
20th Andy Payne G S Stella 32:48
21st Richard Tully Elite Cycling 33:12
22nd Samuel Ramsey Lewes Wanderers 33:13
23rd Stephen Morgan Tooting BC 33:20
24th Jack Priddle Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 33:21
25th Shane Hills Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 33:36
26th Matthew Dowle Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 33:37
27th James Stone Brighton Excelsior C.C. 33:44
28th Tony Reeves G S Stella 33:50
29th Gary Burgess Brighton Mitre C.C. 33:54
30th Stuart Kirkham Lewes Wanderers 34:02
31st Geoff Smith Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 34:12
32nd Simon Newell Hastings & St. Leonards C.C. 34:16
33rd Malcom Daly Hastings & St. Leonards C.C. 34:17
34th Craig Ormiston V02 Maximum RT 34:19
35th Andy Foster In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 34:35
36th Alan Robinson Central Sussex C.C. 34:38
37th Ben Fielden G S Stella 34:40
38th Alan Lloyd Lewes Wanderers 34:42
39th Helen Bullimore Trainsharp RT 35:05
40th Oliver Tuckley Lewes Wanderers 35:16
41st Stephen Gaston Lewes Wanderers 35:17
42nd Richard Woodward East Grinstead C.C. 35:24
43rd Andy Eaton Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 35:28
44th Craig Nilsson Rye & Dist Wheelers 35:37
45th Christine Bertram Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 35:46
46th Nigel Stevens VTTA Surrey/Sussex 36:07
47th Gina McGeever Brighton Mitre C.C. 36:08
48th Clive Jackson Central Sussex C.C. 37:06
49th Paula Dewar V02 Maximum RT 37:07
50th Martin Horscroft Eastbourne Rovers C.C. 37:25
51st Luke De Quay East Grinstead C.C. 38:11
52nd Paul Turner East Grinstead C.C. 38:26
53rd Kaye Dwyer Lewes Wanderers 38:49
54th Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre C.C. 39:02
55th Tom Bailey Kettering CC 40:45


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