Report/Result: Hillingdon Tuesday Night Racing


‘King of Hillingdon’ Tony Gibb (Pedalling Gear) emerged as victor at the end of a hurly burly high speed last lap in the Elite race at Hillingdon on Tuesday night

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Stuart Benstead writes … 

‘King of Hillingdon’ Tony Gibb (Pedalling Gear) emerged as victor at the end of a hurly burly high speed last lap from the majority of the 57 field with the ‘Prince Dauphin’ regular local winner Lewis Atkins (Pedal Heaven) close behind. They were just ahead of Greg Mansell (UK Youth) in third place, best of their five man team having apparently been led out by Yanto Barker, who was sixth.

Remarkably, however, 4th place was taken by Paralympic rider Jozef Metelka (Beeline RT) who rides with a prosthetic leg from below the knee. A Slovakian based in Oxford, he is a full time rider targetting the Rio Olympics and rides as many World Cups as possible with that in mind. Holding a BC licence, he is already 2nd category on his performances in standard races.

Hillingdon Cycle Circuit – 13.8.13

BC West Thames – E/1/2/3 resultx
1 Tony Gibb, Pedalling Gear
2 Lewis Atkins, Pedal Heaven RT
3 Greg Mansell UK Youth
4 Jake Hales, IG Sigma Sport
5 Jozef Metelka, Beeline RT
6 Yanto Barker, UK Youth
7 Jonny Shuster, Team Corley
8 Grant Dyer, Pedalling Gear
9 Gavin Ryan, London Dynamo
10 Ben Sumner, Beeline RT
11 Chris Denman, Wewt Drayton MBC
12 Jerzy Kuzminski, High Wycombe CC
13 Tony Vickers, Pearson Cycles
14 Obscured number
15 James Freeman, Dulwich Paragon
16 David Kirby, Coventry Cycle Centre
17 Obscured number
18 Clemence Copie, High Wycombe CC
19 Obscured number, UK Youth
20 Hugh Vivian, Finsbury Park CC
21 Cunho Alvaro, PM
22 Chris Grange, LBR CC
23 Robin Basford, Wyndymilla RT
24 Matt Bone, I-Team
25 Richard Tangay, UK Youth
26 Declan Higgins, VC St Raphael
27 Simon Hime, Finchel RT
28 Chris Pyne, Imperial RT
29 Alex Peterson, A W Cuc;es
30 Cameron Fraser, Nuun `YB
31 Obscured number
32 Sam Grant, West Drayton MBC
33 Obscured number
34 Anders Christensen, Pedal Heaven RT
35 Number obscured
36 George Gori, NuumYB
37 Number obscured
38 Richard Jerome, Willesden CC
39 Ben Kowles, Lonson Phoenix
40 Paul Doel, Team Quest

Category 3/4

1: Aaron Espin Rop, PM
2: Kierhan Brown, PM
3: Darren Hague, Kingson Wheelers
4: Graeme Murray, PM
5: Guk Xon, La Fuga/Sigma
6: Number obscured
7: Andrew Brown, VC Peloton
8. Alexander Evanglios, London Dynam
9: Alex Jolinon, Team Quest
10: Number Obscured
11: Jon Shillingford, PM
12: Guy Rowles, PM
13: Ian Williams, PM
14: Number obscured
15: Simon Graham, PM
16: Gary Taylor, PM
17: Number obscured
18: Callum Oliver, Rapha Condor
19: Number obscured
20: J Stoddart, PM
21: James Kaye, London Dynamo
22: George Rounce, London Dynamo



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