Report/Results: Yorksport Criterium Number 7


Brit Tate & Giles Pidcock winners at round 7 of the Yorksport Circuit Races (York) on Tuesday night

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Under leaden skies, riders gathered for the seventh race in the series at York Sport Village circuit. With a strong wind building, the women took the circuit first. Twelve riders took to the start which was handicapped and included three GB Cycles riders.

The first group of six riders set off and organised themselves quickly to ensure the stayed away. 45 seconds later the scratch group set off and promptly set about reeling in the lead group. It didn’t take long however and by lap six lead by local Clifton CC Fiona Beard the catch was made. The Scratch group went straight past and set about making a race of it. They did however collect one rider from the lead group (Olivier Tomlinson – We Love Mountains) to make a new lead group of seven.

The two groups circulated separately with all riders taking turns off the front. As the leaders took the bell, the three GB Cycles riders Jo Blackburn, Brit Tate and Iona Sewell lifted the pace dramatically. On the exit of the hairpin GB Cycles were prominent with a head to head sprint between Iona Sewell and Brit Tate with Brit taking the win by a bike length.

1. Brit Tate – GB Cycles
2. Iona Sewell – GB Cycles
3. Sionaid Thompson – Alba Rosa
4. Jo Blackburn – GB Cycles
5. Fiona Beard – Clifton CC
6. Anabel Sill – Claycross RT
7. Olivia Tomlinson – We Love Mountains
8. Emily Hallworth – Ilkley CC
9. Danila Benello Spiteri – Alba Rosa
10. Donna Short – ACU

Senior Men
Once the women cleared the circuit, the men lined up with 41 starters ready to do battle. From the off, the men set about setting a blistering pace – the opening laps being ticked off around 1’25”. They were determined not to let a breakaway form as the week previous.

It wasn’t long though till the ominous figure of Will Stavely (Dirtwheels) burst out of the bunch to join two leaders to set up a three man break. However, within two laps this break was reeled in and the bunch settled in to lapping at a quick pace. The race continued like this until eight laps to go when four riders made a bid for freedom.

Giles Pidcock – Chevin Cycles, Paul Caswell – Harrogate Nova, Ben Hallworth – Ilkley CC and Alex Littlewood worked very well establishing a lead until five to go when last weeks third place went into the red and disapeard back into the bunch. Only to be replaced by a rampaging Will Staveley, sadly this too didn’t stick and just the three riders toughed it out to the end. In a three up sprint the was only going to be one winner with Giles Pidcock powering his way to a five bike length lead on the line.

1. Giles Pidcock – Chevin Cycles
2. Ben Hallworth – Ilkley CC
3. Paul Caswell – Harrogate Nova
4. Michael Cayley – Clifton CC
5. Ashley Marshall – Aire Valley
6. Craig Armitage – Crosstrax
7. Paul Bell – Peak Road Club
8. Jason Livesy – Dirtwheels Cycles
9. Cameron Brooks – Clifton CC
10. Ian Littlewood – RVO



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