Results: Apres Shake-Up Preston Park Track Crit Races


Tony Gibb, Matt Bubear, Cassie McGoldrick winners at the circuit races at the  Apres Shake-Up Preston Park Track in Brighton

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The main event of the day saw veteran Tony Gibb storm to victory, after previously taking to the deck and ripping a hole in the rear of his shorts! Along with breakaway companion Graham Crow of Twickenham CC the pair grew a solid advantage, eventually lapping the field. Mark Emsley of Brighton Excelsior made a well timed break for the line to be rewarded with a well deserved place on the podium.

The other events all saw bunch finishes with wins for Cassie McGoldrick of WyndyMilla in the Womens E1234 ahead of Lizzy Brama of Brighton Mitre & Susan Freeburn also of WyndyMilla, Matthew Bubear of South Downs Bikes in the 3rd Cat race and Sebastian Fischer of London Dynamo in the 4ths.

The action returns next weekend with the Apres Bank Holiday Bonanza on monday the 26th August with racing for all categories.

1. Tony Gibb Private Member

2. Graham Crow Twickenham CC
3. Mark Emsley Brighton Excelsior
4. Ryan Visser Redhill CC
5. Paul Flynn Pivot Boom Pods
6. Ian Robins Brighton Mitre
7. Jonathan Dredge London Dynamo
8. Gavin Mitchell Twickenham CC
9. Mark Westrw Strada Sport
10.Andrew Edwards Kingston Wheelers
11. Henry Farrell Welwyn Wheelers
12. Paul Barnard South Downs Bikes
13. Morgan Lewis Brighton Mitre
14. Robert Quin Brighton Mitre

Women E/1/2/3/4
1. Cassie McGoldrick WyndyMilla
2. Elisabeth Brama Brighton Mitre
3. Susan Freeburn WyndyMilla
4. Hisayo Kaneko Private Member
5. Rebecca Carter Goscomb BSR
Category 3
1. Matthew Bubear South Downs Bikes
2. Henry Farrell Welwyn Wheelers
3. Paul Barnard South Downs Bikes
4. Stuart Baldwin 4T+ Velo
5. Duncan Rimmer Morden CRC
6. Martin Edmonds Brighton Mitre
7. Moritz Jobke Private Member
8. Matthew Farren Brighton Mitre
9. Robert Quin Brighton Mitre
10. Alan Yule Crawley Wheelers
11. Jed Williamson Private Member
12. Jack Evans Brighton Mitre
13. Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
14. Henry Gilroy Uni of Bristol CC
15. Dominic Maxwell Worthing Excelsior
16. James Danvers Brighton Mitre
17. Joel Draper Brighton Mitre
18. Trevor Deeble Hastings & St Leonards CC
19. Luke Earley Private Member
20. Michael Reid Private Member
21. Matt Hill Redhill CC
22. John Shillingford Private Member
23. Michael Leonard Brighton Mitre

1. Sebastian Fischer London Dynamo
2. Josh Dunne Sussex Nomads
3. Peter Blencowe Imperial College CC
4. Michael Bradbury ONIT Sports
5. Tim Dymott Army Cycling Union
6. Axel Waldecker Dulwich Paragon
7. George Glassby Dulwich Paragon
8. Timothy Mantle Brighton Mitre
9. Viktor Kazinel Dulwich Paragon
10. Nick Smith Lewes Wanderers CC
11. Mark Bashford East Grinstead CC
12. Mark Alsop Maldon & District CC
13. Stuart Davison Redhill CC
14. Kevin Armstrong Rapha Condor CC
15. Kieran Barber Redhill CC
16. Graham Winstanley Brighton Mitre
17. Tony Steaman Crawley Wheelers
18. Simon Dowling Brighton Mitre
19. Pat Wright Kingston Wheelers
20. Chris Griggs Crawley Wheelers
21. Daniel Fagg Brighton Mitre
22. Luke De Quay East Grinstead CC
23. Simon Waller Kingston Phoenix
24. Matt Nixon Brighton Mitre
25. Richard Giles Private Member
26. Shane Hodgkins Private Member
27. Michael Welch Farnborough & Camberley CC
28. Doug Bewley Private Member




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