Results: CDNW Youth League Final – Blackpool


Max Spedding among the Youth winners in the final round of the CDNW Youth League at Blackpool on Saturday (August 31st)

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RESULTS (thanks Anna)

Youth E
1 Bryn Lawrence Eastlands Velo Youth E
2 Tom Elliot Liverpool Century RC Youth E
3 Deetry Jarrett Preston Pirates BMX Club Youth E
4 Xavier Teece-Round West Wales Cycle Racing Team Youth E
5 Euan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion Youth E
6 Andrew Clarke Birkenhead North End Youth E
7 Saul Ashton Blackpool Youth Cycle Association Youth E
8 Ephraim Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle Youth E

Youth E Girls
1 Esther Wong Salt Ayre Cog Set Youth E Girl
2 Imogen Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC Youth E Girl 1 Lap

Youth D
1 Benjamin Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
2 Aidan Lawrence Eastlands Velo
3 James Higham Eastlands Velo
4 Adam Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set
5 Kyle Braun Mossley CRT
6 Lachlan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion
7 Alfie Savage Salt Ayre Cog Set
8 Peter Gower Border City Wheelers CC
9 Connor Clarkson Cycle Sport Pendle
10 Thomas Purcell Ribble Valley Juniors
11 Spencer Unsworth Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
12 William Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors

Youth D Girls
1 Niamha Albones Liverpool Century RC
2 Tilly Percy Salt Ayre Cog Set

Youth C
1 Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
2 Thomas Bates Mossley CRT
3 Thomas Wood Mossley CRT
4 Nathan Rowbacham Eastlands Velo
5 George Elliott Liverpool Century RC
6 Addam Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels CC
7 Andrew Lemm Ribble Valley Juniors
8 Cameron Bates Mossley CRT
9 Andrew Osguthorpe North Cheshire Clarion

Youth C Girls
1 Ava Oxley KCA
2 Nichole Clarke Birkenhead North End Wheelers
3 Maisy Vasic Cycle Sport Pendle
4 Jocasta Minton Bolton Hot Wheels CC
5 Carys Field Ribble Valley Juniors

Youth B
1 Thomas Humphrey Sportcity Velo
2 Brad Dransfield North Midlands Youth Squad
3 Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle
4 Daniel Gibson Liverpool Century
5 Luke Cheetham Eastlands Velo
6 Cory Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle
7 Alistair Leivers Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
8 Elliot Reed Salt Ayre Cog Set
9 George Wharton Salt Ayre Cog Set
10 Jordan Stanworth Bolton Hot Wheels CC
11 Andrew Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels CC
12 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century
13 Dexter Sparrow Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
14 Karl Richter Mossley CRT
15 Luke Farnworth Ribble Valley Juniors
16 James Cardwell Mossley CRT

Youth B Girls
1 Corinne Side Bolton Hot Wheels CC
2 Katie Helsby Eastlands Velo
3 Georgia Savory Cycle Sport Pendle
4 Savannah Morgan Ashurst Bike Club
5 Helen Osguthorpe North Cheshire Clarion
6 Rhiannon Gornall Cycle Sport Pendle
7 Rebecca Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors

Youth A
1 Max Spedding BNECC
2 Owen Line Stourbridge Velo
3 Joseph Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
4 Thomas Figgins Bolton Hot Wheels CC
5 Robert Scott East Bradford CC
6 David Tudor Marsh Tracks Race Team
7 Charlie Critchley High on Bikes
8 Jamie Helsby Eastlands Velo
9 Reece Player Mossley CRT
10 Timothy Jones Cycle Sport Pendle
11 Jonathan Wong Salt Ayre Cog Set
12 Louis Halleron-Place Cycle Sport Pendle
13 Bill Cooper Red Rose
14 Bailey Pain CSP
15 Patrick Merriman Liverpool Century
16 Daniel Hulmes Bolton Hot Wheels CC
17 Morgan Hughes Marsh Tracks Race Team
18 Harry French CSP
19 Charlie Rogers-Smith BYCA
20 Alex Harvey Marsh Tracks Race Team

Youth A Girls
1 Joely Side Bolton Hot Wheels CC
2 Sarah Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors


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