Report/Results: RTTC Circuit TT Champs


Matt Bottrill defeats Michael Hutchinson whilst Julia Shaw wins the Womens race in the RTTC Circuit TT Champs

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Eamonn Deane writes (photos here)  … Changing of the Guard” as Bottrill beats Hutchinson in RTTC Circuit Champs

Matt Bottrill ( won the RTTC Circuit championship promoted by Poole Wheelers, beating Michael Hutchinson (in-gear-Quickfit Trainsharp) by 50 seconds after three laps of an undulating 30 mile course in Dorset.

It was, perhaps, the changing of the guard in British domestic time trialling. Bottrill has been impressive all season, gold in the 50, silver in the 25 and silver behind Alex Dowsett in the National Championship, he simply wanted it more than Hutchinson.


Matt Bottrill on his way to victory in the RTTC Championships. Photo Graham Robins

To suggest the 39 year old Northern Ireland international was not up for it would be inaccurate but his concentration was not what it should have been as Bottrill gained 30 seconds in two laps. It was still a quality, 29 mph plus ride by Hutchinson but that is not fastest enough in the new Bottrill era. There were, though no excuses and Hutchinson will still be around next year. The triangular circuit, west of Wareham was straightforward enough, with little to test technique, the headwind drag up Puddletown road would be where time was gained and lost and the descent down to the finish was 40mph fast.

RTTC Scholarship rider Josh Teasdale (In Gear Quickfit Trainsharp) has been living & racing in Belgium all summer and speed gained riding the road gave nineteen year old Teasdale the bronze medal. Julia Shaw ( , as expected, won the women’s 2 lap event.

The powerful, experienced Shaw finished almost two minutes clear of Hayley Simmonds (, Simmonds getting the better of Rebecca Slack (Look Mum no Hands RT) by just four seconds. Shaw, riding a new bike from sponsors Madison hopes to get selected for the Chrono Champenoise and should find out on Monday (2nd).

Joe Evans (Hargroves Cycles RT) beat Luc Hall (Kuota /Spinergy/GSG) by 17 seconds to take the junior award in the final championship race of the time triallling year.

Photos from Graham Robins

Matt Bottrill said afterwards “I have been building up to this for weeks now. There has been a lot of talk and to finally come away and do it is a massive achievement. I am not overly confident but I knew if Michael wanted to beat me he would have to produce one of his best rides.”

“Everything seems to have clicked into place for me this year. I lost my granddad last week and with the adrenaline and everything…………. I kept saying in my head come on granddad get me round, he was a big influence on my life, I finished and broke down. He used to joke “if you wanna beat Hutch you have got to go out and train.”

Next week Bottrill will attempt to break the national 25 mile record in the Port Talbot Wheelers event in Wales “That is the plan but a lot depends on the weather but the form is there” he says

Josh Teasdale: “It was hard, the first time in a long time I have ridden this distance in a time trial. I came down from Stockton on Thursday so I rode round the course plenty of times. I knew the last lap was going to be a bit tricky, it was the hardest with the wind and the heat. My dad gave me a time check and I knew things were going alright. My chained jumped off once but I managed to get it back on and I did not lose any time. I am going back to Belgium before the hill climb championships; the road racing helps my time trialling”

Julia Shaw: “I pushed myself hard, I got an early timecheck and it was going the way I wanted it to go. I went out hard as I knew the back section would be tough. It was under control but I did have to work hard. I was quite happy, I rode well, will have to look at the file when I get home. I still get a little nervous but I have been to worlds so it makes it easier to keep your nerves under control in a race like today.”

See more from Eamonn here … 


1 Matthew Bottrill 01:01:58
2 Michael Hutchinson In-gear Quickvit Trainsharp 01:02:48
3 Josh Teasdale In-gear Quickvit Trainsharp 01:05:29
4 Nick English 01:05:49
5 James Gilfillan Velorefined Aerosmiths 01:06:19
6 Kevin Tye Velorefined Aerosmiths 01:06:45
7 Steve Berry Team Swift 01:07:22
8 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles Racing Team 01:07:22
9 Andrew Griffiths IG Sigma Sport 01:07:32
10 Steve Walkling VC St Raphael/Waites Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 01:08:20
11 Charles Mitchell a3crg 01:08:44
12 Andrew Meilak Velorefined Aerosmiths 01:08:47
13 Jack Green VC St Raphael/Waites Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 01:08:48
14 Greg Parker CC Weymouth 01:09:03
15 Andrew Perkins Mid Devon Cycling Club 01:09:11
16 Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 01:09:20
17 David Pollard In-gear Quickvit Trainsharp 01:09:47
18 Bryce Dyer VC St Raphael/Waites Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 01:10:06
19 Terry Icke Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 01:11:04
20 Graeme Stirzaker a3crg 01:11:28
21 Tim McDowell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 01:11:33
22 Harry Tom Edney North Devon Wheelers – Southfork 01:12:02
23 James Horton Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 01:12:46
24 Cliff Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 01:12:47
25 Darren Lewis Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 01:12:59
26 Stephen Campbell Twickenham CC/Giant/Evans/Baron Grey 01:13:07
27 Peter Smith Team Jewson/MI Racing/Thule/Polypipe 01:13:15
28 Richard Davidson Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 01:13:36
29 Jon Clemas Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 01:13:38
30 Barrie Mitchell Team Jewson-MI Racing-Thule-Polypipe 01:15:35
31 Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthians Cycling Club 01:15:39
32 Matt Plews Welland Valley Cycling Club 01:16:51
33 Stuart Peckham New Forest Cycling Club 01:17:08
34 Steven Pye Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 01:17:12
35 Jerry Bromyard RNRMCA 01:17:17
36 Steven Pink CC Weymouth 01:17:33
37 Gary Tuskin Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 01:17:45
38 John Francis High Wycombe Cycling Club 01:18:11
39 Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 01:19:04
40 John Clemit Yeovil Cycling Club 01:19:37
41 Jonathan Dorey Guernsey Velo Club 01:21:02
42 Terry Belbin Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 01:21:27
43 Stuart Grace GA Cycles 01:21:55
44 John Eames Team Swift 01:21:59
45 Dave Birch Welland Valley Cycling Club 01:22:03
46 Graham Green MG Décor/Team Carbon Bikes 01:22:44
47 Arthur Thomas Holyhead Cycling Club 01:24:02
48 Michael Ives Team Jewson-MI Racing-Thule-Polypipe 01:24:12
49 Rob Ellis VC St Raphael/Waites Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 01:24:21
50 Phil Harvey Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 01:25:51
51 William Wilson CC Weymouth 01:26:54
52 Pete Cotty Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 01:30:06
53 Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 01:32:41
54 David Barry sport.fagley 01:39:29

1 Julia Shaw 00:47:14
2 Hayley Simmonds 00:49:10
3 Rebecca Slack Look Mum No Hands RT 00:49:18
4 Bronwen Ewing Trainsharp Racing Team 00:49:40
5 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands RT 00:49:55
6 Lesley-Anne Walkling VC St Raphael/Waites Contracts/Paul Hewitt Cycles 00:50:38
7 Louise Mason Velorefined Aerosmiths 00:51:19
8 Karina Bowie Trainsharp Racing Team 00:51:48
9 Joanna Clare Watts Guernsey Velo Club 00:52:26
10 Marina Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club 00:53:05
11 Louise Dutch Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:53:10
12 Sarah Short Bonito Squadro Corse 00:54:31
13 Claire Newman Crabwood Cycling Club 00:55:21
14 Elanor Cadzow Welwyn Wheelers 00:55:46
15 Clare Simon Bonito Squadro Corse 00:56:08
16 Sally Ann Edney North Devon Wheelers – Southfork 01:00:34

1 Joe Evans Hargroves Cycles RT 00:44:36
2 Luc Hall Kuota/Spinergy/ GSG 00:44:53
3 Danny Alderton Guernsey Velo Club 00:47:56
4 Luke Davies VC St Raphael/Waites Contracts/Paul Hewitt Cycles 00:48:24
5 James Wood Catford CC Banks Equipe 00:48:27
6 Matthew Clements Lee Valley Youth CC 00:48:37
7 Tim Wilcock Tyneside Vagabonds 00:48:39
8 Lewis Bulley Lee Valley Youth CC 00:48:56
9 Alex Jolliffe Poole Wheelers CC 00:50:24
10 Samuel Wadsley Poole Wheelers CC 00:50:59
11 Annasley Park Abergavenny RC 00:52:38
12 Alistair Fielding Peter Hansford Racing Team 00:52:39
13 Callum Mackie Lee Valley Youth CC 00:53:50
14 Manon Lloyd Towy – TRCC 00:55:32
15 Callum Bulley Lee Valley Youth CC 00:56:41
16 Isla Aimee Rush WyndyMilla 00:57:54
17 Sophie Dorey Guernsey Velo Club 00:58:48
18 Eve Jefferies Poole Wheelers CC 01:00:26
19 Dani Burry Poole Wheelers CC 01:04:48
20 Oliver Carrington CC Weymouth 01:07:53
21 Luke Dighton Poole Wheelers CC 01:08:27
22 Alexander Jeffries Poole Wheelers CC 01:12:40


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