Report: Richard Hoyland Memorial


Harry Shackleton of Team Elite  wins the Richard Hoyland Memorial event  promoted by Dinnington RC (cat 2/3/4) on Sunday. Report by Julie Rodman.

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Thanks to Julie Rodman for the report (respect for a volunteer promoting the sport in Yorkshire)

The Stainton circuit was the venue for Dinnington RC promotion today for the Richard Holland Memorial trophy. The wind had certainly got up from the earlier mornings racing held and sixty riders were to battle it out over 18 laps.

It was not a day for heroics and the first to attack was Steven Guymer (Clay Cross) but this was dragged back by the bunch. We lost a few riders off the back however with the wind increasingly rising but at the front, no one was able to get away. There were certainly some fast parts in the woods where there was shelter however as soon as the riders hit the cross roads, it was down to a crawling pace towards the turn to the finish.

On lap 15, two riders decided to break clear; Chris Last (Clay Cross RT) and the Junior Tom Simpson winner Harry Shackleton (Team Elite). They established a 17 second time gap and were to be joined by Tony Grassby (Peak RC) and Tony Workman (Lancashire RC). It was a good mixture of experienced local riders and youth and this group worked well together. The gap grew to 48 seconds as the bell was rung.

The rest of the peloton, not wanting to end up in no mans land, waited for the sprint for 5th place. It was an interesting day of harvesting vehicles on the course and strong winds but the worthy winner to over come all the obstacles was Harry Shackleton from Tony Workman, closely followed by Tony Grassby and Chris Last.

Then it was up to the photo finish judges to do their magic as 40 riders sprinted for the 5th -15th place for points. The winner of the sprint from the chasing riders was Paul Allen from the promoting club Dinnington from Nicholas Jepson, Beeston RC, Alex Orrell Turner VS Cycles and Andy Marsh Dinnington RC.

It was a well marshalled event with the new club members helping out with great enthusiasm and doing a superb job. Also in his last role as a NEG in a road race, Stuart Wallace and his NEG team kept all the vehicles under control with expertise and efficiency today. Certainly the riders could race with safety paramount in everyone’s thoughts. We wish Stuart (seconded from VeloUK) all the best on his retirement he will be sadly missed on the motorbike in Yorkshire.

A lot of planning for the event was rewarded by the organiser being able to sit and watch the race go by, a credit to Joe and Dave Marsh and the team, they even kept it dry for the riders.

1 Harry Shackleton – Team Elite
2 Tony Workman – Lancashire Road Club
3 Tony Grassby Peak RC
4 Chris Last Clay Cross RT
5 Paul Allen Dinnington RC
6 Nic Jepson Beeston RC
7 Alex Orrell Turner – VS Cycles
8 Andy Marsh Dinnington RC
9 Duncan Moralee – Strategic Lions
10 Ben Hallworth Ilkley CC
11 Andrew Richardson – VS Cycles
12 Paul Bell – Peak RC
13 Jaime Harper Sheffrec RC
14 Luke Beswick – Buxton CC
15 Anthony Goundry Active CP


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