Results: Apres September Circuit Races Brighton


Round 2 of the Apres September Circuit Races at Preston Park in Brighton where winners included Trevor Deeble &  Ryan Visser 

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Report by Matthew Farren

A still start to the day was ripped open by Brazillian Francisco Piai who shot away with 1 to go only to be beaten down the back straight by another first racer Leo Tong. Lone female fiesty Susan Freeman from WindyMilla made a few brave solo efforts finishing 6th in the sprint.

Martin Smith went from the gun and was left to dangle by the bunch who were controlling the race – or so they thought! but once again Preston Park favoured the brave with a fresh looking Smith pulling away to cross the line with a very convincing 3/4 lap lead leaving the rest to contest the sprint which South Downs sprinter Matt Bubear pipped on the line. Nigel Powell took the over 50 honours.

Blustery winds and a cagey pack orchestrated by a strong Redhill CC team wouldn’t allow the increasingly stronger Graeme Crow away from his half dozen probing attacks. Coming down to a bunch sprint saw the Redhill tactics pay off with Ryan Visser taking the honours and Graeme hanging on for 3rd.

Bunch sprints also for the 3rds,with 1st and 2nd going to Hastings & St Leonards team mates Trevor Deeble and Stuart Hodd respectively. Catford under 16s Matt Webber lapped the under 14 crop with Olly Nixon winning the sprint in the under 14s.

Victories for Zoe Algar under8s, Harvey Algar under 10s and Caitlin Peters under12s all proved that you have to be in it to win it!


1. Leo Tong Private Member
2. Francisco Piai Brighton Mitre
3. Darren Rule CC Sudbury
4.James Ash JMS Cycles
5. Jonty Talon Brighton Mitre
6. Susan Freeburn Windymilla
7. Paul Buckley Thames Velo
8.David Harris Eastbourne Rovers
9. Geoffrey Eyre-Walter VC Jubilee
10. Jake Hill Team PCC

1. Ryan Visser Redhill CC
2. Barny Willard In Gear
3.Graeme Crow Twickenham
4.Chris Wilkinson Dulwich
5.Matthew Bubear South Downs Bikes
6.Frank Kilsby Hargroves CC
7.Livro Nannetti Rapha Condor
8.Gareth Dickinson Farnborough Camberley CC
9. Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
10. Andrew Corter PNE CC

Masters 40+
1. Martin Smith AW Cycles
2. Matt Bubear South Downs Bikes
3.James Wright Charlotteville
4.Brian Hennessey Redhill
5. Graeme Crow Twickenham
6. James Horan South Downs Bikes

Masters 50+
1. Nigel Powell VC St Raphael
2. Paul Buckley Thames Velo

1.Trevor Deeble Hastings & St. Leonards CC
2. Stuart Hodd Hastings & St. Leonards CC
3.Luke Taylor Kingston Wheelers
4.James Danvers Brighton Mitre
5.James Wright Charlotteville CC
6.Jon Hicks Blazing Saddles
7. Martin Edmonson Brighton Mitre
8. Mike Anderson VC St. Raphael
DNF Frazer Clifford Pivot Boom Pods

under 8s 1. Zoe Algar PPYCC
under 10s 1. Harvey Algar PPYCC
under 12s 1. Caitlin Peters Fareham Wheelers

Under 14s
1. Olly Nixon VO2 Development Team
2.Jack Algar VO2 Development Team
3.Isaac Wright PPYCC
4. Joe Hill PPYCC

Under 16s
1.Matt Webber Catford CC


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