Results/Report: Apres September Sessions 3


Redhills Ryan Visser took the honours again at the Apres September Sessions at the historic Preston Park track in Brighton on Sunday

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An early split left ASL 360s Pete Morris and Dan Gardner with a lot to do to bridge the gap to the break away group of 11 which working together they did with 30 mins still to go. The breakaway group of 13 lapped the rest of the field then took it easy with their eyes on the sprint just pipping In-Gears Barny Willard and VC Meudens Richard Unwin with the help of a controversial lead out train from his Redhill team mates.

A resurgent Luke Farren showed both power and class turboing away from the rest of the field to win convincingly for Brighton Mitre in the Masters. Piri – Piri we like it hot here down at Preston Park! Brighton Mitres Brazillian Ace Francisco Piai proving it was no fluke last week and that he can learn his lessons when the fighting Irish Duncan Mahwinney took off with a lap to go.

It looked like an unassailable lead down the back straight but the flaming Brazillian lit the afterburners and past Mahwinney winning by 5 lengths. An unusually active 3rds race didn’t settle down till 40 minutes in then they all seemed to play it cagey till the last lap. Too close to call on the line, needing a stills camera and slowmo video to split it with Neon Velos Jess Harding just nicking it from Rapha Condors Livio Nannetti.

Wins for Chris Jackson, Strada-Sport, Oliver Nixon, VO2 Dev Team and Rahul Fortescue Talwar, PPYCC in the A,B and D cats.

1.Rahul Fortescue Talwar PPYCC
2.Isaac Warrin South Down Velo
3.Harvey Algar PPYCC
4.Zoe Algar PPYCC
5.Alexander Mahwinney

Under 12/14/16
1. A Chris Jackson Strada-Sport
2.Matthew Webber Catford CC
3.Oliver Nixon VO2 Dev Team
4.Isaac Wright PPYCC
5.Joe Hill PPYCC
6.Jack Algar VO2 Dev Team

1.Francisco Piai Brighton Mitre
2.Duncan Mahwinney PM
3.Graeme Garner Gatorway CC
4.Jake Hill Team PCC
5. Mike Jack Dulwich Paragon
6.Chris Griggs Crawley Wheelers
7.Morris Pamplin Dulwich Paragon
8.Andrew Martin LBRCC
9.Mathew Hare
10.Mike Joseph Twickenham CC
11.Daniel Fagg Brighton Mitre
12.James Horan South Downs Bikes
13.Darren Haynes Crawley Wheelers
14.Nick Silva Thames Velo
15.Adam Daniel Dulwich
16.Josh Beattie Sussex Nomads
17.Matt Evans Southborough DW
18.Gregor Ross PM
19.Oliver Phillips Brighton Mitre
20.Graeme Read Twickenham CC
21 John Makepeace JMS Cycles
DNF. Oliver Duncan-Kirk Redhill CC

1.Jess Harding Neon Velo
2.Livio Nannetti Rapha Condor
3.Graham Austin East St. Cycles
4.Matt Kuwertz Southborough Wheelers
5.Stuart Adair Redhill CC
6. Carl Farrell PM 4
7.Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
8.Frank Kilsby Hargreaves CC
9.Mark Townsend Neon-Velo
10.Kieran Barber Redhill CC
11.Chris Jackson Strada-Sport
12.Sam Davies Abergavenny RC
13.Gregg Moss Dulwich Paragon
14Jake Fieldsons VC Jubilee
15.Alan Lester In-Gear
16.Anthony Steaman Crawley Wheelers
17.Sean Mcauliffe Redhill CC
DNF. Alan Newman Brighton Mitre

1. Ryan Visser Redhill CC
2.Barny Willard Ingear
3.Richard Unwin VC Meuden
4.Dan Gardner ASL360
5.Rhys Clegg PNR Toachinhouse
6.Ian Robins Brighton Mitre
7.Nick Gasson 34 Nomads
8.Rory Wilkinson Dulwich
9.Pete Morris ASL360
10.Graeme Crow Twickenham CC
11.Paul Butler In-Gear
12.Gavin Mitchell Twickenham CC
13. Frank Kilsby Hargroves CC
14.Iain Palmer Twickenham CC
15.Jez McCan 4FT Velo
16.Sean Mcauliffe Redhill CC
17.Sam Davies Abergavenny RC
18.Jason Ginn ASL360
19.Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
20.Stuart Davison Redhill CC
21. Kieran Barber Redhill CC
22.Chris Wilkinson Dulwich Paragon
DNF.Jack Breezer Edinburgh RC
DNF. Chris Jackson Strada-Sport

Masters C+
1.Luke Farren Brighton Mitre
2.Livio Nannetti Rapha Condor
3.Richard Unwin VC Meuden
4.Stuart Adair Redhill CC
5.Iain Leeding Norwood Paragon
6.Graeme Crow Twickenham CC
7.Jason Ginn ASL360
8.James Horan South Downs Bikes
9.Daniel Fagg Brighton Mitre


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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