Report/Result: Another course record for Bottrill


Bottrill takes win number 27 with another course record at the VTTA Nottingham and E.Midlands 25 mile time trial on Saturday 21st September on the A25/32 course

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Bottrill takes win number 27 with another course record!!


Saturday afternoon saw racing getting underway in the VTTA 25 mile time trial on a course based in Nottinghamshire started in the village of Flintham. Turning at Stragglethrope, and finishing in the the Village of Elston, it was a great day for racing with morning rain showers giving away to bright sun and ideal temperatures for racing.

The circuit was on fast well surfaced roads, but with some hard undulation and hard climbs and a hard finish it would be a true test for pace and judgement to break the course record of 50:33. The raced started at 2pm with Adam Gascoige (Team Pedal Power at number 40, setting the early pace of 51:00, proving it was a hard course).

The sapping climbs were blunting the speed for the riders and just 30 minutes later, the in form Matt Sinclair, Lutterworth Cycle Center set a very high standard with 50:13, to break the course record.

With just Matthew Bottrill, to go, the question everybody was asking could Bottrill break the 48:00 barrier. Starting at 3.20pm, Bottrill selected all of his finest cycling gear to set about the course. Using his Giant Trinty SL Sdvanced tt machine, Enve 8.9 front wheel, Smart disk wheel and skinsuit and riding to a plan set by his coach Bob Tobin of, Bottrill set about the task of going for win number 27 for the year.

The course started with a few tight corners, so full acceleration out of them was needed to keep the speed high. Once out on the fast A46 road, Bottrill was into his aero tuck and keeping his power at threshold pace in order not to blow! Then the first test came. Towards the turn, there was a long steep ascent towards the Stragglethrope interchange. Pacing to perfection, Bottrill’s speed stayed high with the return leg faster and for one section of the road Bottrill, blitzed one 10 mile section in 17.39, 34mph.

But then turning left into the finish of Elston, the undulations of climbs really blunted the speeds of the riders. Saving his best effort for the final 3 miles, Bottrill stopped the clock in an incredible 47:52, smashing the course record in the process by a staggering 2:41.

Asked about his 27th win of the season Bottrill replied “I’m made up with the ride today. I’ve backed right off the training the last couple of weeks, winding down for the season, but today I felt really fresh. It’s also nice knowing that I’ve had a new start time of 4am at work, which is taking a bit of getting used to, but I’m glad to see I’m still able to recover and keep winning!”

Bottrill now has one race left, the final round of the RTTC National circuit series with double points up for grabs. Bottill, needs to win to clinch the title so check in next week to see how he does.

The Bert Christian Memorial Trophy: Ron Hallam

Fastest (Actual Time):
1st Matthew Bottrill
2nd Matt Sinclair
3rd Adam Gascoigne

Fastest on Standard (VTTA members):
1st Ron Hallam
2nd Geoff Platts
3rd Ken Stevens
4th Graham Green
5th Barry Charlton

Fastest Lady on Standard (VTTA):
1st Clare Ella

Fastest Team on Standard (VTTA):
South Pennine RC , Ron Hallam, Ken Stevens, Dave Bates

Fastest Junior:
1st Harry Thompson
2nd Conor Williams

1 Matthew Bottrill drag2zero 00:47:52 Course Record
2 Matt Sinclair Lutterworth CCRC 00:50:13
3 Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power 00:51:00
4 Lee Tunnicliffe High Wycombe CC 00:51:53
5 Barry Charlton Swinn Lyme RC 00:52:51 5th on Standard
6 Geoff Platts MG Décor Team 00:53:50 2nd on Standard
7 Mike Westwell Mapperley CC 00:53:52
8 Jon Surtees Team Swift 00:54:13
9 Ian Pike Fenland RC 00:55:02
10 Steven Hollowood Kiveton Park CC 00:55:29
11 Ian Wroblewski Lutterworth CRT 00:55:44
12 Nick Green Stratford CC 00:56:01
13 Alastair Semple Stafford RC 00:56:04
14 Richard Coleman Stourbridge Velo 00:56:12
15 Richard Searle Hinckley CRC 00:56:17
16 Courtney Blockley-Campton Leic. Forest CC 00:56:50
17 Stephen Howgill Leics. RC 00:56:54
18 Harry Thompson Leics. RC 00:56:58 1st Junior
19 Paul Mapletoft Kiveton Park CC 00:57:25
20 Peter Lavine Coalville Wh 00:57:58
21 Rob Brewer Club Cherry Vall. 00:58:17
22 Jake Clare Fenland RC 00:58:19
23 Andy Warby Leic. Forest CC 00:58:27
24 Alan Whyte VC Long Eaton 00:58:58
25 Martin Hedley Witham Whs 00:59:07
26 Nick Burton Newark Castle 00:59:09
27 Steven Heggs Coalville Whs 00:59:13
28 Graham Green MG Décor 00:59:15 4th on Standard
29 Nigel Finch Mercia CC 00:59:33
30 Jon Beere Witham Whs 00:59:44
31 Russell Gent Melton Oly 00:59:46
32 Mark Booth Kiveton Park CC 00:59:49
33 Dave Bates S Pennine RC 00:59:51 1st Team
34 Neil Fort Preston Whs 00:59:55
35 Peter Watson Witham Wheelers 01:00:03
36 William Harrison Witham Wheelers 01:00:25
37 Tony Keyworth Kiveton Park CC 01:00:34
38 Stephen Radmall Hinckley CRC 01:00:48
39 Christopher Sprott Leic. Forest CC 01:00:50
40 Wayne Hughes Hinckley CRC 01:00:57
41 Garry Lee Mapperley CC 01:00:58
42 Gary Kondor Sherwood Pines 01:00:59
43 Ian Guilor Mapperley CC 01:01:14
44 Michael Wilkinson N Notts Olympic 01:01:29
45 Andrew Simpkins Solihull CC 01:01:46
46 Chris Wallis Clarence Whs 01:01:47
47 Greg Elliott Harworth & Dist 01:02:07
48 Gary Ison Melton Oly 01:02:09
49 Chris Hall Lyme RC 01:02:41
50 Jeff Bowler S Pennine RC 01:02:43
51 Clare Ella Born to Bike 01:02:52 1st Lady on Standard
52 Barry Quick Reading CC 01:03:25
53 Mike Davis Beeston RC 01:03:39
54 John Needham Alford Wheelers 01:03:53
55 John Odell Notts. Clarion 01:03:55
56 Brian Wills Hinckley CRC 01:04:25
57 Conor Williams Sherwood CC 01:04:52 2nd Junior
58 Martin Lister Witham Whs 01:05:03
59 Paul Fairey Witham Wheelers 01:05:25
60 David Herd Witham Wheelers 01:06:12
61 Andrew Vaughan Hull CRC 01:06:22
62 Kathy Platts MG Décor Team 01:07:07
63 David Manship Leic. Forest CC 01:07:10
64 Ron Hallam S Pennine RC 01:07:11 1st on Std. 1st Team
65 Samantha Westwell Mapperley CC 01:07:17
66 Tony Morris Thurcroft CC 01:08:24
67 Alan Sides Rotherham Whs 01:08:39
68 Ken Stevens S Pennine RC 01:09:05 3rd on Std. 1st Team
69 Pete Akoslovski A5 Rangers 01:09:06
70 Mark Williams Sherwood CC 01:11:34
71 Allen Armstrong Sunderland Clarion 01:11:42



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