Report/Results: West Midlands Cyclo Cross League #4


Dan Booth (Hope Factory Racing) ran out a clear victor in his first appearance at the West Midlands Cyclo Cross League at Tackeroo campsite in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

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Round 4, Tackeroo, Cannock Chase organised by the Lichfield. | Thanks to David Garrett

The course comprised a variety of wooded single track, fast fire road and some technical sections which were all rideable. Straight from the off Booth made the senior race his own followed by Pete Banham who was overtaken by Jonathan Harper late in the race with previous weeks winner Jeremy Hicks in 4th. Despite a puncture midrace, Darren Atkins took the vet 40+ category from team mate Phil Blacker.

With over 400 riders in attendance across the day there were some close fought battles in all age categories and genders. In the veterans/junior and women’s race Danny Fox (RST Racing) took his third victory in as many rounds building up a clear margin like in previous rounds.

The veterans 50+ section was a closer affair with Phil Roach just edging out former National Champion Steve Douce in second place with Mike Welburn (Lichfield City CC) coming home third. Sarah Lomas took the honours in the ladies race with Karen Summers first lady veteran.

There was an upset in the youth race as Ewan Grivell-Mellor (Mid Shropshire Whls) suffered his first defeat of the season to Josh Waters  while Lewis Askey – Lichfield CCC won the u14s.

Ridley & Lazer to co sponsor the “Waldrons West Midlands Cyclo-Cross League”
The League is also pleased to announce that both Ridley and Lazer will be supporting the ongoing development of cyclo-cross racing in the West Midlands. These leading brands will be visible at league events through the provision of: course marking tape, banners, and a demonstrator vehicle in attendance at key league events and provision of prizes for the top 3 riders overall in each recognised league category at the conclusion of an 11 event series.

This region is arguably the “premier league” in the country, regularly attracting over 400 riders in events. From under-10’s up to those in their senior years, this family oriented and friendly atmosphere provides a challenging and safe environment for all riders to hone their skills and keep fit over the winter months.

The West Midlands has always been a hot-bed of cyclocross talent going back over 50 years and has hosted the National Championships on more occasions than any other region in the country as well as providing many National Champions. As such, we are pleased to see market leading cycling brands supporting one of the most demanding and exciting cycling disciplines accessible to all.


1 Daniel Booth Team Hope Factory Racing SM
2 Jonathan Harper SM
3 Peter Banham Fred Williams Cycles SM
4 Jeremy Hicks Rugby Velo SM
5 Jack Humphreys u23M
6 Darren Atkins Private Member V40M
7 Philip Hinch Brotherton Cycles SM
8 Andrew Tamplin Bikeshack SM
9 Phil Blacker Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI Racing-Ride V40M
10 Alex Mcnicol
11 Colin Miller Coventry Road Club SM
12 James Dalton SM
13 Matthew Smart Coventry Road Club SM
14 Joe Atkins Coventry Road Club u23M
15 Nicholas Popham SRAM V40M
16 Lee Plant Stourbridge Velo SM
17 Tym Burman Kenilworth Wheelers CC SM
18 Chris Bailey SM
19 Nick Morris SM
20 Gary Howard Private Member V40M
21 Gareth Scott Beacon Roads CC V40M
22 Richard Fairholme R M Cycling (RMCC) SM
23 Ben Mccabe Cult Racing SM
24 Andy Jones V40M
25 Chris Allcott SM
26 James Garrett Rugby Velo u23M
27 Jordan Peacock Rugby Velo u23M
28 Stephen Whitehouse Bicicielo V45M
29 Paul Bates Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team SM
30 John Holmes SM
31 Lorenzo Buratti Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI Racing-Ride V45M
32 Phil Gibbons V45M
33 Michael Riley Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI Racing-Ride u23M
34 Oliver Claydon Halesowen A & CC SM
35 Dan Cox Lichfield City CC SM
36 Bryan Lynes Redditch Road & Path CC SM
37 David Wells V40M
38 Philip Bromwich Evesham & District Whls CC V40M
39 Paul Welsby V45M
40 Alan Lewis Private Member SM
41 Scott Barnes Lichfield City CC V40M
42 Keith Peters Worcester Cycle Centre V45M
43 Christian Morgan Private Member V40M
44 John Darroch Private Member V40M
45 Jon Bowie SM
45 James Strain Redditch Road & Path CC SM
46 Carl max Taylor Stratford CC V45M
47 Shawn Chambers Private Member V45M
48 Mark Fenn Paramount CRT SM
49 Terry Richardson Redditch Road & Path CC V40M
50 Sean Byatt SM
51 Daniel Lamsdell SM
52 Jonathan Todd Rugby Velo V45M
53 Neville Gunn Solihull CC V45M
54 Simon Lees Stone Whls CC SM
55 Philip Jevons Private Member SM
56 Andrew Leishenring Private Member V40M
57 Alan Buxcey Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI Racing-Ride V45M
58 Rob Brickley V40M
59 Mark Humphreys Rugby Velo V45M
60 Fraser Blain Halesowen A & CC V40M
61 Paul Watkins Beacon Roads CC SM
62 James Bryant Kenilworth Wheelers CC SM
63 Stacey Hubble Halesowen A & CC V40M
64 Gareth Cann Halesowen A & CC V45M
65 Thomas Hibberd Private Member SM
66 Graham Oliver V40M
67 Pedro Havelock Cadence Sport SM
68 David Payne Private Member V45M
69 Ben Goddard Newport CC u23M
70 Russell Williams Brat (Birmingham Running Athletics & Triathlon V40M
71 David Reilly V40M
72 Ian Critchley Lichfield City CC SM
73 Ian Richards SM
74 Douglas Fielding-smith Beacon Roads CC V40M
75 B xavier Disley Birmingham University Cycling Club SM
76 Alan Bontoft Leicester Forest CC V45M
77 Paul Salkeld Redditch Road & Path CC V45M
78 Peter Hall Halesowen A & CC V45M
79 David Tarbun Kenilworth Wheelers CC V45M
80 Gareth Flavell Private Member SM
81 Ian Hotchkiss V40M
82 Alexander Potts Redditch Road & Path CC u23M
83 Pete Jennings V40M
84 Mike Cleary V45M
85 Michael James Redditch Road & Path CC SM
86 Matthew Mannings Private Member V40M
87 Phil Cramp Redditch Road & Path CC V45M
88 Alex Mutch u23M
89 Robert Simmonds Stratford CC V45M
90 Dave Woodvine V40M
91 Iain Chamberlain Private Member V45M
92 Mike Matthews Redditch Road & Path CC V45M
93 Charles Bamford Private Member SM
94 Darren Perry Lyme RC V40M
95 John Potts Redditch Road & Path CC V40M
96 Rich Jamieson V45M
97 Paul Snell Red Kite Cycles V40M
98 Paul Hancher Wolverhampton Whls V40M
99 Greg Moorlock Private Member SM
100 Alastair Bacon Wolverhampton Whls V45M
101 Paul Berry Redditch Road & Path CC SM
102 Stuart Pell Halesowen A & CC V40M
103 Dean Ruffle SM
104 Jeff Chandler V40M
105 Craig Sefton SM
106 James Gadd Birmingham University Cycling Club u23M
107 Chris Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC SM
108 Mike Hayward Private Member V40M
109 Philip Richardson Wolverhampton Whls V45M
110 Alexander Whiting Kenilworth Wheelers CC SM
111 Steven Pritchard Private Member SM
112 David Bates Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team u23M
113 Jon Houghton Welland Valley CC V40M
113 Alex Hillman Private Member SM
114 Phil Edwards V45M
115 Nick Riley Private Member V40M

1 Danny Fox RST Racing Team JM
2 Phillip Roach V50M
3 Anthony Neave Stourbridge CC JM
4 Steve Douce V50M
5 Mike Welburn Lichfield City CC V50M
6 Pete Howarth V50M
7 Samuel Dighton Halesowen A & CC JM
8 Andy Jones Wolverhampton Whls V60M
9 Peter Harris Pearce Cycles RT V55M
10 David Garrett Rugby Velo V50M
11 Peter Busby Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI Racing-Ride V50M
12 Philip Evans Coventry Road Club V55M
13 George Woodhead Lichfield City CC JM
14 Ian Watts Wrekinsport CC V50M
15 Ross Marriot JM
16 Henry Gibbs Mid Shropshire Whls JM
17 Peter Bromwich Private Member V50M
18 Phil Griffiths V50M
19 Alan Hilleard Wolverhampton Whls V50M
20 Kevin Bodley Private Member V50M
21 Sarah Lomas JF
22 Steven Humphreys Rugby Velo JM
23 Graham Atkins Welland Valley CC V55M
24 John Gabriel Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI Racing-Ride V60M
25 Terence Goodfellow Private Member V50M
26 Richard Tyler Coventry Road Club V55M
27 David Miller Coventry Road Club V65M
28 Nicky Healy Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team SF
29 Martin Stephens Mid Shropshire Whls V55M
30 Ceris Styler Halesowen A & CC SF
31 James Woodward Coventry Road Club V50M
32 Patrick Harris V50M
33 Steve Barnes V50M
34 Bryan Hedges Stourbridge CC V65M
35 John Byatt Wrekinsport CC V50M
36 Simon Dighton Beacon Roads CC V50M
37 Geoff Dingley Team V-Sprint Racing V55M
38 Karen Summers Wrekinsport CC V40F
39 Pete Mooney V65M
40 Julie Caddick Brotherton Cycles SF
41 John Oxford V50M
42 Philip Turner Elizabethan CC V60M
43 Dave Mellor Mid Shropshire Whls V50M
44 Roger Tyler V50M
45 John Metcalfe Wolverhampton Whls V60M
46 Maisie Duckworth Wolverhampton Whls JF
47 Paul Herbert V55M
48 Jayne Cheslin Stourbridge CC V40F
49 Jessica Conner Kenilworth Wheelers CC SF
50 Stuart Gadd V50M
51 Phil Langford V50M
52 Ian Billington Bromsgrove Olympique CC V60M
53 Peter Carman Mammoth Lifestyle Racing V55M
54 Tim Bungay Mid Shropshire Whls V50M
55 Peter Varian Red Kite Cycles V50M
56 Preslav Dimitrov Solihull CC JM
57 Derek Hill Stourbridge CC V60M
58 Peter Ward Solihull CC V60M
59 Genevieve Billington Bromsgrove Olympique CC u23F
60 Phil Banks V50M
61 Ian Cadwallader Stourbridge CC V50M
62 Alastair Grant Halesowen A & CC V55M
63 Lauren Humphreys Rugby Velo u23F
64 Kimberly Creamer Wolverhampton Whls V50F
65 John Claydon Halesowen A & CC V60M
66 Ian Forrester Kenilworth Wheelers CC V60M
67 Laura Mccormack Birmingham University Cycling Club u23F
68 Nina Whitbrook Lichfield City CC SF
69 Mel Griffiths V65M
70 Steve Langdon V50M
71 Paul Barker Halesowen A & CC V55M
72 Sam Allcott SF
73 Jo Barker Halesowen A & CC SF
74 Sue Street-Hall SF
75 Gaynor Davis Stratford CC V45F
76 Joanne James Redditch Road & Path CC SF
77 Lorraine Gaytten Stourbridge CC V45F
78 Gerald Blackmoor WMCCL V75M
79 Rita Humphreys Coventry Cycling Club V45F
80 Paige Aitken Solihull CC JF
81 Nick Barnett Private Member V50M
82 Alix Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC SF
83 Gordon Richards All Ages
84 Hannah Dale Private Member JF
85 Caryl Gibson Private Member V50F
86 Stephen Mayhew Solihull CC V50M

1 Josh Waters u16M
2 William Gasgoine u16M
3 Ewan Grivell – Mellor Mid Shropshire Whls u16M
4 Jake Stewart Solihull CC u16M
5 Louis Killworth Welland Valley CC u16M
6 Keir Lewis Stratford CC u16M
7 Oliver Dighton Halesowen A & CC u16M
8 Josef Feiven Solihull CC u16M
9 Joshua Gunn Solihull CC u16M
10 Harry Shepard u16M
11 Lewis Askey Lichfield City CC u14M
12 Toby Barnes Lichfield City CC u14M
13 Ben Healy Private Member u14M
14 Cameron Biddle Solihull CC u16M
15 Max Gibbons u16M
16 Xavier Sullivan-touye Solihull CC u16M
17 Jacob Knight Solihull CC u14M
18 Harrison Knight Solihull CC u14M
19 Harvey Rollason Lichfield City CC u14M
20 Charlotte Broughton MG Decor u16F
21 Matthew Lewis Wolverhampton Whls u14M
22 Tim Elsmore u14M
23 Samuel Morris Wolverhampton Whls u16M
24 Charlie Cox Lichfield City CC u16M
25 William Staite Lichfield City CC u14M
26 George Cann Halesowen A & CC u16M
27 Max Sillifant Welland Valley CC u16M
28 Gareth Richardson Redditch Road & Path CC u16M
29 James Alexander Solihull CC u14M
30 Jamieson Blain Halesowen A & CC u14M
31 Scott Aitken Solihull CC u16M
32 Amy Garner Welland Valley CC u16F
33 Marcus Holmes Lichfield City CC u14M
34 Phoebe Martin Lichfield City CC u16F
35 Rebecca Simmons Wolverhampton Whls u16F
36 Sebastian Bacon Wolverhampton Whls u14M
37 Callum Core u14M
38 Georgia Hilleard Wolverhampton Whls u16F
39 Owen Mitchell Halesowen A & CC u16M
40 Joe Geehan Redditch Road & Path CC u16M
41 Sophie Capewell u16F
42 Lucy Nelson Solihull CC u14F
43 Joshua Hubble Halesowen A & CC u14M
44 William Gorner Redditch Road & Path CC u14M
45 Adam Aitken Mid Shropshire Whls u16M
46 Josh Popham u14M
47 John Chesney Stratford CC u14M
48 Samuel Jones Wolverhampton Whls u14M
49 Ethan Davies Halesowen A & CC u16M
50 Luke Chappelow Solihull CC u14M
51 Chloe Ralph Solihull CC u16F
52 William Duggins Lichfield City CC u14M
53 Liam Warren Solihull CC u16M
54 Dan Cooper u14M
55 Mali Jones Mid Shropshire Whls u14F
56 Alexander Harper Solihull CC u14M
57 Gabriella Homer Wolverhampton Whls u14F
58 Abby Andrews Solihull CC u14F
59 James Ralph Solihull CC u14M
60 Oliver Kirwin Solihull CC u14M
61 Jenny Kendall Halesowen A & CC u14F
62 Rachel Wildboar Stourbridge u16F
63 Scott Matthews Redditch Road & Path CC u14M
64 Dan Morris u14M
65 Thomas Green Solihull CC u14M
66 Oliver Gunn Solihull CC u14M
67 Oliver Haines Welland Valley CC u16M
68 Olivia Alsop Private Member u16F
69 Annabel Lindsay Redditch Road & Path CC u14F
70 Paige Challoner Redditch Road & Path CC u14F
71 William Lodge Solihull CC u14M
72 Fraser Salkeld Redditch Road & Path CC u14M
73 Thomas Morgan u14M

1 Emile Alexander Lichfield City CC u12M
2 Luke Simmonds Stratford CC u12M
3 Simon Wyllie Private Member u12M
4 Edward Woodward Coventry Road Club u12M
5 Daniel Barnes Lichfield City CC u12M
6 Connor Smith Lichfield City CC u12M
7 Alex Coleston-shields Lichfield City CC u12M
8 Taylor Carr Lichfield City CC u12M
9 Josie Nelson Solihull CC u12F
10 Josh Field Halesowen A & CC u12M
11 Conor Jones Solihull CC u12M
12 Ryan Cambridge Solihull CC u12M
13 Rachel Mayhew Solihull CC u12F
14 Leo Bungay Mid Shropshire Whls u12M
15 Sam Wainwright Redditch Road & Path CC u12M
16 Alex Thomson Private Member u12M
17 Nathan Edensor Solihull CC u12M
18 Arlo Rogers Solihull CC u12M
19 Hayden Norris u12M
20 Finlay Gray Private Member u12M
21 Alex Barfield Birmingham CC u12M
22 Ethan Hand Lichfield City CC u12M
23 Millie Geldard Lichfield City CC u12F
24 William Perry Wolverhampton Whls u12M
25 Joshua Pell Halesowen A & CC u12M
26 Hugo Sillfant u12M
27 Conor Murphy Stratford CC u12M
28 Kipp Jones u12M
29 Jessica Reid u12F
30 William Farmer Wolverhampton Whls u12M
31 Samuel Hancher Wolverhampton Whls u12M
32 Hannah Turnbull Redditch Road & Path CC u12F
33 Eleanor Partridge Welland Valley CC u12F
34 Byron Garvey Private Member u12M
35 Thomas Cheslin Stourbridge CC u12M
36 Finn Donaldson Solihull CC u12M
37 Jordan Hall-Wallace Solihull CC u12M
38 Georgia Davis Redditch Road & Path CC u12F
39 Thomas Charles Private Member u12M
40 Rhiannon Tansley u12F
41 Ben Haines Welland Valley CC u12M
42 Daniel Haines u12M
43 Thomas Danvers Welland Valley CC u12M
44 Isla Mason u12F
45 Adele Morgan Private Member u12F

1 Ben Askey Lichfield City CC u10M
2 Christian Stevens Solihull CC u10M
3 Alex Barker Halesowen A & CC u10M
4 Benjamin Parr Solihull CC u10M
5 Luke Harris Halesowen A & CC u10M
6 Joseph Brookes Halesowen A & CC u10M
7 Jake Nash Redditch Road & Path CC u10M
8 Sullivan Berry Redditch Road & Path CC u10M
9 Oliver Tandy Solihull CC u10M
10 Benjamin Tomlinson Mid Shropshire Whls u10M
11 Reece Edgington Lichfield City CC u10M
12 Spencer Corder Private Member u8M
13 William Ryan u10M
14 Daisy Rollason Lichfield City CC u10F
15 Isla Blain Halesowen A & CC u10F
16 Felix Haines Lichfield City CC u10M
17 Fay Garner Welland Valley CC u10F
18 Charlie Coleston-shields Lichfield City CC u8M
19 Lucas Cook u10M
20 Kian Traynor Welland Valley CC u10M
21 Steven Alsop Private Member u10M
22 Samuel Tomlinson Mid Shropshire Whls u8M
23 Taylor Stubbins Solihull CC u10M
24 Cerys Simmonds Stratford CC u10F
25 Rory Bungay Mid Shropshire Whls u10M
26 Oliver Cooke Redditch Road & Path CC u10M
27 Alexander Brown Halesowen A & CC u10M
28 Lewis Tinsley Stratford CC u8M
29 Joe Andrews Solihull CC u10M
30 Georgie Duggins Lichfield City CC u10F
31 William Chodkowski u10M
32 Ryan Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC u8M
33 Evelina Black u10F
34 Caitlin Harvey Lichfield City CC u10F
35 Joshua Macdonald u8M
36 Jack Alexander Solihull CC u10M
37 Grace Styler Halesowen A & CC u8F
38 Luke Mannings Private Member u8M
39 Thomas Brookes Halesowen A & CC u8M
40 Alfie Austin Wolverhampton Whls u10M
41 Pheobe Strain u8F
42 Ella Tandy Solihull CC u8F
43 Harry Woodward u8M
44 Tia Carr Lichfield City CC u8F
45 Holly Styler Halesowen A & CC u10F
46 Joseph Turnbull Redditch Road & Path CC u8M
47 Marie Neave Stourbridge CC u10F
48 Luca Bradley Lichfield City CC u8M
49 Dan Nadin u8M
50 Joseph Gregg Stratford CC u8M
51 James Witthington u10M
52 Collette Morgan Private Member u10F
53 Jack Nadin u10M
54 Aleksandra Franks Redditch Road & Path CC u10F
55 Ruby Jennings u8F
56 Robert Martin u8M
57 Joel Brewer Solihull CC u8M
58 Bethan Rogers Solihull CC u10F
59 Imogen Mulligan u10F
60 Oliver Hancher Wolverhampton Whls u10M
61 Jesse Bradley Lichfield City CC u8M
62 Jasmine Mulkerrin Severn Valley Velo u10F
63 Ross Ferguson u8M
64 Rebbecca Woodvine u8F
65 Jasmine Alexander u8F
66 Joshua Harffey Redditch Road & Path CC u8M
67 Jay Traves u8M
68 Harriet Tinsley Stratford CC u8F
69 Charlie Stubbins Solihull CC u8F
70 Alice Barnes u8F
71 Samuel Brownsword Solihull CC u8M
72 Ollie Cramp Redditch Road & Path CC u8M
73 Niall Linehan Private Member u8M
74 Leo Allen u8M
75 Danielle Barker Halesowen A & CC u8F
76 Amber Edwards u10F
77 Sam Mulkerrin u8M
78 Ewan Robinson u10M
79 Arran Buxcey Private Member u8M
80 Lottie Styler u6F
81 Clarissa Alsop Private Member u8F
82 Lauren Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC u6F
83 Shay Linehan Private Member u6M
84 Daniel Brownsword u6M
85 Corin Bradley u6M



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