Results/Report: Apres Last Blast


Luke Nolan, Dan Gardner & Donal Linehan among the winners at the Apres Last Blast at Preston Park, Brighton

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Junior Gardner rules the roost! A mid point break of three (pictured) lapped the pack, made up of Dan Gardner, Jon Harris and David Seager. ASL 360s Gardner took the sprint and earnt his 1st Cat license whilst still a junior! Chapeau young man! A talent there for sure!

Newburys Donal Linehan showed that fresh legs and a cagey approach can sometimes pay off by keeping his powder dry till the last corner taking the honours from a just raced Crow.

Best laid plans… An active race continuously chased down by the pack wouldn’t allow a break today leaving it to be decided on the last lap. Oh dear, oh dear..
It all kicked off with people swinging wide and an inevitable tangle put paid to mosts plans with Luke Nolan managing to stay out of trouble and winning by a bike length.

No Fluke for Mawhinney! Mawhinney took the honours again here at Preston Park with clear sprint victory showing that he really should get a BC license and move up a rung to the thirds.

Under 16/14/12
Strada Sports Chris Jackson made the effort by racing twice times today after travelling down from Suffolk winning the A category in the juniors then racing again later in the thirds. 3 laps out PPYCCs Isaac Wright had a gutsy go being chased down by the older Jackson and a cagey Joe Hill also from PPYCC taking it on the line.
Owen Giles came across from Portsmouth proved you have to be in it to win it. Good effort.

Under8 /10
Isaac Warrington and Luke Goodwill also raced well and proved you have to be in it to win it.



Under 8/10
1.Isaac Warrington Southdown Velo
2.Luke Goodwill Preston Park YCC

1.Chris Jackson Strada-Sport
2.Joe Hill PPYCC
3.Isaac Wright PPYCC
4.Ben Adey independent
5.Owen Giles P.N.E

1.Duncan Mawhinney PM
2.Adam Daniel Dulwich
3.Mathew Hare PM
4.James Bower PM
5.Phil Hoffman Abellio – SFA Racing
6.Jake Hill Team PCC
7.Mike Joseph Twickenham CC
8.Dan Fagg Brighton Mitre
9.Richard Jones Abellio – SFA Racing
10.Adam Thomas PM
11.Dennis Keene Army Cycling Union
12.Alex Hepton PM
13.Will Weynberg ASL360
14.Ryan Dunlop ASL360
15.Graeme Read

1.Luke Nolan Westbury Wheelers
2.Tom Kirk I-Ride-UK
3.Sam Davies Abergavenny RC
4.Richard Small Icarus Racing
5.Charles Batho Dulwich Paragon
6.Rob Brice In-Gear
7.Jess Harding Neon-Velo
8.Jed Williamson Brighton Mitre
9.Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
10.Trevor Deeble Hastings and ST L.
11.Paul Giles P.N.E
12.Frank Kilsby Hargroves CC
13.Paul Buckley Thames Velo
14.Alex Stephenson PM
15.Chris Jackson Strada Sport
16.John Philips Brighton Mitre
17.Matthew Burton Bangor Uni
18.Darren Rule CC Sudbury
19.James Horan Southdown Bikes
20.Rob Fuller Brighton Mitre
21Harry Loader Mid Devon CC
22.Lee Comerford London Dynamo
DNF.Mike Jack Dulwich Paragon

1.Dan Gardner ASL360
2.Jonathan Harris GS Avanti
3.David Seager SFAC
4.Ian Robins Brighton Mitre
5.Peter Hitt VC Meudon RT
6.Graham Crow Twickenham
7.Ashley Denis De Vere
8.Matthew Webber Catford CC Equipe-Banks
9.Andrew Corter PNECC
10.Stuart Adair Redhill
11.Sam Davies Abergavenny RC
12.Richard Small Icarus Racing
13.Nigel Macadhoa Ronde CC
14.Harry Loader Mid Devon CC
15.Kieran Ali VC Meudon RT
16.Paul Buckley Thames Velo
17.Matthew Butt ASL360
18.Jason Ginn ASL360
DNF.Frank Kilsby Hargroves CC

1.Donal Linehan Newbury RC
2.Graeme Crow Twickenham
3.Phil Hoffman Abellio – SFA Racing
4.Stuart Adair Redhill
5.Jess Harding Neon-Velo
6.Charles Batho Dulwich Paragon
7.Adam Thomas Blazing Saddles
8.Mike Joseph Twickenham CC




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