Preview: 58th Annual BEC CC Hill Climb


One of the classic hill climbs in the calendar, the Bec CC event this Sunday has a full field headed by British champ Jack Pullar.

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13th October 2013, White Lane, Surrey | from organiser Garry Beckett 


From humble beginings back in 1956, the Bec CC Open Hill Climb has gradually built its reputation & support to become known as one of the iconic Hill Climbs on the UK calendar. Always run in the afternoon, after the mornings nearby & far more famous Catford CC Hill Climb, the Bec CC event is finally, in its 58th edition, able to boast the support of a full field of entrants.

Thanks to continued support & dedication of sponsors, timekeepers, riders & backroom staff, the event has attracted quiet a field, and this years race looks set to be quite a competition at the sharp end of things. In addition to the other hard fought categories of Vets, Ladies, Juniors and Team award.

As well as those riders who enter just to achieve personal goals & experience the noisey, party like atmosphere that the hordes of spectators always bring to the Hill, this year a quality field will be hoping to take the Crown from the head of current Bec CC Record holder & defending Champion Jack Pullar, of the Madison Genisis team. With riders such as Bec Hill Climb Veteran Richard Cartland (Team Echelon Rotor) past Bec winner Michael Smith (Team Corley) and newcomers to the Bec event, Matthew Pilkington, Dominic Joyner among the several other new names to appear that are hoping to take the Honours.

Amongst the ranks, there is a noticeble trend towards a lot of new names appearing on this years start list, and also a drop off in some of the more regular entrants that have consistently supported the Bec Event over the years. This is not to say that all of the old guard have retired to the role of (hopefully) spectator, as there are still sevearl riders who love to have the Bec event on their Palmares, and probably none more so than Roy Instrall, Morden CRC who will this year be riding his 29th Edition….

In the ladies category, we once again welcome Debbie Percival, 34 Nomads, who has also ridden the Bec event for many years come rain or shine.

As well as the Bec Hill Climb reaching the dizzying heights of obtaining a full field, the different categories are also setting new ground with no less than 13 Teams/Clubs aiming to take the hotly contested Team Award which is this year.


Dorking CC (Dulwich Paragon CC) & Southborough & District Wheelers, each have seven riders who have thrown their hats into the ring by fielding strong teams whilst others such as VC Walcot, Velosport, Elite Cycling, and Team De Ver CC are hedging their bets on having the winning formula of the minimum 3 riders per team to walk away with the prizes on offer from Garmin UK of the latest Edge 510 units…

For the first time in many years, the home club of Bec CC is also fielding a strong line up of 5 riders and they will also be vying to win the mantle of the Bec CC’s Hill Climb Champ which is the clubs ‘internal’ competition run consecutively within the Open event.

Ingear-Quickvit-Trainsharp are also fielding 5 strong contestants led by the evergreen Vet Peter Tadros, and the Mighty Norwood Paragon CC will also be in the running with 100 Climbs author & Bec event Veteran Simon Warren hoping to lead his Club to Victory.

In the Junior Category, 11 riders are on the start list, which again is the most the event has ever entertained & on paper it could be the young 15 yr old Zak Corum Haines, Brighton Excelsior CC, who as the current U15 British schools Hill Climb Champ, might suprise a few of his elders in all Categories, much as Germaine Burton did a few years ago!

The Ladies category has again broken its own entry record with 10 riders. A slow steady increase in particpation which is always encouraging, especially when only a couple of years ago the Bec HC was only enticing 2 or 3 ladies to face the timekeepers watch. Lydia Bolan, Look Mum no Hands, will be the one to beat, as she attempts to win her 2nd Bec Hill Climb in a row. Maryka Sennema of Kingston Wheelers CC will definitely be looking to repeat her win of 2011, now that she has found a good return to form.

As always, the Vets Category is strongly supported with 32 riders hoping to show that age is no obstacle when it comes to hurling oneself up steep gradients & chasing those PB’s in addition to being the top ‘old’ dog of the Hill :)

A previously mentioned Pete Tadros, certainly seems to be on form this year & hopes to improve on his 2nd placing in 2012. But as always, the ‘old boys’ category is always open for suprises, so maybe one of them might come from the ‘newbie to cycling’ entrants which seem to be prevelant this year amongst the 40+’s

On the day, spectators will be kept informed & amused of whats going on with the enthusiastic & professional tones with the voice of Tony Gibb ringing from the PA system speakers which line most of the course. Timekeepers & long time friends of the Bec CC Bob & Lesley Donnington will once again be keeping an eye on the scores & rewarding riders with the respective numbers for their efforts.

The result board will be kept updated as quick as the little legs of the Bec CC’s runners can bring them from the timekeepers to the board. And finally, but probably most importantly to many, the ‘Tea’s in the Trees’ tea stall which is run by the Bec not only to nourish the many spectators & riders, but to also offset some of the events expenses will be moved a little further down the Hill from its more regular position

The Prizes for this years various winners efforts, are not quiet as high ranking as 2012, but are still possibly amongst the highest awarded for such an event, or any UK TT come to that… And our grateful thanks is given to all that Contribute & support and help this event keep moving on:

Sharp Europe, Garmin UK, Sharman Building Ltd, Investec, TGT Tony Gibb Training, Rouleur Magazine, Greg Rowe a long time supporter of pain & suffering :) West Kent RC….Plus the Media people out there, who help put out the word etc..

We at the Bec CC salute you all…


1 James Hughes Bec C C V 14.01
2 Kristof De Beule Woolwich CC S 14.02
3 Sarah Strong Elite Cycling L 14.03
4 Sam Turner St Pauls CRT J 14.04
5 Isla Aimee Rush Windymilla L 14.05
6 Paul Tunnel Addiscombe CC J 14.06
7 Michael Deen Redmon CC V 14.07
8 Anthony Buchan Team de Ver CC S 14.08
9 Anthony Wix Bec CC S 14.09
10 Jack Saunders CC Hackney S 14.1
11 Roy Instrall Morden CRC V 14.11
12 Elin Williamson Brighton Mitre CC L 14.12
13 William Brassington Dulwich Paragon CC J 14.13
14 James Donohue Bec CC S 14.14
15 Claire Gillot Elite Cycling L 14.15
16 Matthew Hammond Dulwich Paragon CC S 14.16
17 Francis Jago Bec CC V 14.17
18 Bella Leach London Phoenix CC L 14.18
19 David Hunt Ingear Quickvit Trainsharp RT V 14.19
20 Oliver Dickson Thanet RC J 14.2
21 Adrian Blacker Norwood Paragon CC V 14.21
22 Alex Hickson Bath CC S 14.22
23 Andrew Sykes South Eastern RC V 14.23
24 Dean Lubin Club Ciclos Uno V 14.24
25 Russell Stephens Dorking CC V 14.25
26 Michael Broadwith Arctic-SRAM RT S 14.26
27 Alan Miles Redhill CC S 14.27
28 Gabriel Evans Prestige VC J 14.28
29 Owen Cooper Addiscombe CC S 14.29
30 Joel Brassington Dulwich Paragon CC V 14.3
31 Daniel Jaeggi London Phoenix CC S 14.31
32 Lucy Manning Dulwich Paragon CC L 14.32
33 Andrew Page Team Vision racing S 14.33
34 Joel Natale Dulwich Paragon CC S 14.34
35 Paul Greer Southborough & Dist Whlrs V 14.35
36 Josh Parkin Aprire Bicycles J 14.36
37 Matthew Anthony Kingston Wheelers CC S 14.37
38 Stuart Easter Dorking CC S 14.38
39 Iain Brogden Eastbourne Rovers CC V 14.39
40 Harry Franklin Team De Ver J 14.4
41 Chris Cook GS Avanti S 14.41
42 Tim Christian Southborough & Dist Whlrs S 14.42
43 Alec Saunders VC Dulwich College S 14.43
44 Stephen Hope Dorking CC V 14.44
45 Magnus Willis Catford CC S 14.45
46 Darren Pollard Southborough & Dist Whlrs V 14.46
47 Dan Ellmore Velo Club Lincoln V 14.47
48 Philip Aubert Velosport S 14.48
49 Domnic Lowden Lewes Wanderers CC V 14.49
50 Ashley Dennis Team De Ver J 14.5
51 Ed Francis Kingston Wheelers V 14.51
52 Neil Couchman Southborough & Dist Whlrs S 14.52
53 Christian Smith Zappis CC S 14.53
54 Jonathan Graham Pearson CC V 14.54
55 Kevin Holloway VC 10 V 14.55
56 Deborah Percival 34 Nomads CC L 14.56
57 Marcus Brueton Norwood Paragon CC V 14.57
58 Virasamy Thippadu Dorking CC S 14.58
59 Bronwyn Ewing Trainsharp RT L 14.59
60 Christopher Procter Sth boro’ & Dist CC S 15
61 Tim Summerhayes Weston Whlrs CC S 15.01
62 Sebastian Dickson Thanet RC J 15.02
63 Duncan Fuller Lewes Wanderers CC S 15.03
64 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers CC L 15.04
65 Tom Southam Rapha Condor JLT S 15.05
66 Marc Townsend Eastbourne Rovers CC S 15.06
67 Stephen Hope Dorking CC V 15.07
68 Lesley Pinder Elite Cycling L 15.08
69 Leon Fielding Velosport S 15.09
70 James Freeman Dulwich Paragon CC S 15.1
71 Matt Kuwertz Southborough & Dist Whlrs S 15.11
72 Jon Sullivan VC Elan_Harry Perry Cycles V 15.12
73 Ben Skelton London Dynamo S 15.13
74 Jon Hughes V 15.14
75 James Coleman VC Walcot S 15.15
76 Alvaro Mari-Thompson Dulwich Paragon CC S 15.16
77 Jack Beezer Edinburgh RC S 15.17
78 Daniel Halliday Velosport S 15.18
79 Stephen Allport Bec CC S 15.19
80 Daniel Sullivan Norwood Paragon CC S 15.2
81 John Barkman KBCK V 15.21
82 Rory Hopcraft Abellio-SFA Racing Team S 15.22
83 Peter Byrne InGear Quickvit Trainsharp RT S 15.23
84 Frederic Chelet Lewes Wanderers CC S 15.24
85 Daniel Eckersley Rollapolluza CC S 15.25
86 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands L 15.26
87 Andrew Granger Twickenham CC V 15.27
88 William Adams Velosport S 15.28
89 Hugh Pelling Old Portlians CC V 15.29
90 Joe Norledge Velo 29 S 15.3
91 Ben Baxter VC Godalming & Haslmere S 15.31
92 Nick White East London Velo V 15.32
93 Dan Harwood Ingear Quickvit Trainsharp RT V 15.33
94 Alan Thynne PMR@Toachim House S 15.34
95 Dominic Joyner CS Grupetto S 15.35
96 Tav Walker VC Walcot S 15.36
97 Damian Breen Kingston Wheelers CC S 15.37
98 Christopher Fox Serpentine RC S 15.38
99 Glyndwr Griffiths Bristol South CC S 15.39
100 Damian Marlee CS Gruppetto S 15.4
101 Oliver Clark GS Avanti S 15.41
102 James Lowden Lewes Wanderers CC S 15.42
103 Andy Ross Dorking CC V 15.43
104 Simon Warren Norwood Paragon CC V 15.44
105 Charles Coleman VC Walcot S 15.45
106 Jamil Gaida Rapha Condor CC J 15.46
107 Keith Henderson Southborough & Dist Whlrs V 15.47
108 Daniel Pink Bigfoot CC S 15.48
109 Hamish Wilson Redhill CC S 15.49
110 Zak Corum Haines Brighton Excelsior CC J 15.5
111 Nick English S 15.51
112 James Graham Kingston Wheelers CC S 15.52
113 Connal Yates Ingear Quickvit Trainsharp RT S 15.53
114 Paul Medcraft Dorking CC S 15.54
115 Matthew Pilkington Metaltek-Knights of Old S 15.55
116 Michael Smith Team Corley Cycles S 15.56
117 Pete Tadros Ingear-QuickVit-Trainsharp RT V 15.57
118 Richard Cartland Team Echelon Rotor S 15.58
119 Matt Steven Zappis CC 15.59
120 Jack Pullar Madison Genesis S 16.00





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