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As temperatures head downwards, testing the Prendas Comfortec 1000 Winter-Weight base layer

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In this years Tour of Britain, I did not go into it prepared to be cold. We’d had six weeks of a summer and the long winter months had been forgotten. I got a reminder on the back of a motorbike and someone said, ‘why not get a proper base layer’.


Why not indeed! A call to a long time supporter of Echelon-Velo and VeloUK, Prendas Ciclismo, and Mick there recommended a Prendas Comfortec 1000 Winter-Weight Undervest/Base Layer. Now that may be a bit of a mouthful but in short, this item of clothing with its double structure fabric system does what it’s supposed to, keep me warm which is a hot topic at the moment!

Made in Italy by the same manufacturer as the other popular Comfortec models, this base layer features a high neck to keep the cold air out and the famous Prendas logo embroidered in blue that I see so often at races when the jerseys are unzipped. Other first impressions were the length of the item, even over a larger than I should be non-athlete frame, it was a generous length therefore giving the lower back plenty of coverage.

Even with curves that shouldn’t be there, it fitted like a glove and with long sleeves, is perfect at this time of year when long sleeve jerseys and jackets will be the norm. A base layer is trying to do two things, take sweat away from your body whilst not holding it against the body as its absorbed by the outer layers.

It is also there to keep you warm. Two names that will be familiar with cycling fans have their say on the product on the Prendas website regarding this product: “I’ve used quite a lot of different undervests over the years and I think yours is the best, better than many other premium brands! I love the kit.” Helen Wyman (Kona/FSA)

“I swear by your thermal undervest, it’s been awesome all throughout the winter!” George Atkins (Team GB/Olympic Academy)

I may not be testing the garment in the same way those esteemed athletes are but I’m warm and that’s all that matters!   Thanks Prendas!

For £29.99, its available in XXS to XXXXL. Thankfully I only needed the XXL! Italian made. That will do nicely ;-)
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