Report: Amsterdam Six Day Day 2


Attacking Lampater and Kreder rewarded with day-2 lead after the second night of the Amsterdam Six Day in Holland on Tuesday

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Leif Lampater and Raymond Kreder was the most attentive couple during the final Madison of day two of Amsterdam six-day. Thanks to a sharp race the German-Dutch duo rose to the top position this evening. The two riders have a one-lap advantage over the rest of the field heading into tomorrow.

“We actually only wanted to stay in the same lap as the competition, but in the final we were able to take an additional one,” said Kreder. “In the end, we started to get tired but we managed to hold on. Kenny De Ketele and Gijs Van Hoecke are very strong but we now have an advantage that we can defend.”

Lampater and Kreder was the only couple who was able to sneak along with Marcel Kalz and Pim Ligthart in the final of the second Madison. The latter duo moved clear for the victory while also helping their German and Dutch colleagues to take lead. The two riders were rewarded for their attacking spirit on the Amsterdam woodwork with the sprint win.

Lap loss
Kalz and Ligthart tried to make up for their lap loss on the opening day during the first Madison. Initially, it looked like if they’d actually go free but the high-paced peloton reeled them in. Lampater and Kreder took the plunge a few laps later but couldn’t keep up their efforts until the line. They went to Melvin Boskamp and Jesper Asselman, who had gathered enough points along the way to begin day-two in the best possible way.

Marguet and Hester
Tristan Marguet and Marc Hester couldn’t improve their time trial. During the opening day they got the crowd roaring thanks to a 21:528. Today, they still managed to win with 21:684 but they couldn’t close in on Jimi Madsen’s and Marthy Northstein’s track record of 21:490. The Swiss-Danish duo still has four days to re-write the Amsterdam history books.

The sprinters
Hugo Haak is leading the Sprint Masters GC after day two. With four points, he has a one-point advantage over Jeffrey Hoogland, who’s second. Teun Mulder is the new leader in the Keirin Masters. The winner of Olympic bronze at the 2012 London Games won and took over the top spot from Matthijs Büchli in the Keirin.

General classification after day 2:

1  Lampater Leif – Kreder Raymond 0 89
2  De Ketele Kenny – Van Hoeke Gijs 1 99
3  Stöpler Nick – Havik Yoeri 1 89
4  Mouris Jens – Stroetinga Wim 1 73
5  Ligthart Pim – Kalz Marcel 1 59
6  Marguet Tristan – Hester Marc 2 58
7  Markus Barry – Bartko Robert 2 10
8  Hochmann Jiri – Hacecky Vojtech 5 57
9  Kreder Wesley – Hoffmann Nolan 5 30
10 Gate Aaron – Roberts, Luke 5 25
11  Boskamp Melvin – Asselman Jesper 6 50
12  Caspers Didier – Van Zijl Melvin 8 15
13  East Guy – Holloway Daniel 9 6


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