Video: Cyclocross – How To Carry Your Cyclocross Bike And Get Back On


Global Cycling Network Cyclo-Cross video on dismounting and remounting on your bike like a pro with the help of some Belgians…

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So, you’ve got off your ‘cross bike and you’re ready to run. What do you do next? This video has tips for running over a set of hurdles or a short set of stairs.

Once you’ve cleared the obstacle, you’ll need to remount. Getting back onto your bike can be (really!) painful if you get it wrong, so it’s a skill that’s worth practising over and over. As with dismounting, find a flat stretch of grass to dial in the basic remounting technique. Once you’ve done this, polish your skills by following GCN’s pro tip: never get on a stationary cyclocross bike. If you come to a stop – and it’s safe to do so – take a couple of strides and hop back on your bike. You’ll be taking seconds out of your rivals (or training buddies) each time you come to an obstacle.

When it comes to carrying your bike, pick it up by the top tube and focus on actually picking the bike straight up rather than using your momentum to swing it into the air. If you swing it, you risk placing your cyclocross bike down at an angle and bouncing the chain off, which sounds like the beginning of a long run to the pits.

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