NFTO Training Camp Day 1: Four Hour Bike Ride


Riders at the NFTO Pro Cycling Training Camp kick off the training with a four ride to see the monks – VeloUK has a spy in the camp …

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We all know pro riders have to live like monks to perform their best on two wheels, so where better for the 2014 NFTO Pro Cycling team riders to go than the San Salvador monastery and back on a four hour ‘none to strenuous’ steady ride.


Mechanic Matt Lee working on a bike. Pride still bruised after having a lie down on the Tarmac earlier today.

With the internet at the villa slow (always the same when a group of cyclists get together!), the training camp got off to a good start before there was screams of ‘get down’ as Matt the mechanic came to grief on a wet, greasy innocent looking roundabout whilst riding the scooter.

The low speed crash was made funnier by the fact that the local Police put on the blue light to come and tell him ‘Bravo! Matt’s fine in case anyone is worried about him!

VeloUK’s spy in the camp, we call him ‘Hughski’ by the way, says “the ride stayed very steady throughout however Adam Blythe did launch a few attacks along the way which were quite amusing. I think everybody is quite relaxed at the moment – it’s November after all and we are here for two weeks so there was no need to go and rip everybody’s legs off just yet…”


Sam getting some affection from (Movember) Jim…

Ride over, like good pros, there was the protein shake and into the food straight away which was prepared by the chef Mark. The showers and massage table then beckoned before they settle down for food at 7pm. What follows Hughski was at liberty to say. After four hours pedalling, probably straight to sleep… After all, the elder statesman in the team only had the energy to tweet a few words afterwards “Got round #just #mallorcadayone”.

Blog one by ‘Hughski’ here


Ryan tucking into some tuna and rice. 


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