NFTO Training Camp: Day 2 and Sean’s Hurt Locker


The second day of the training camp for the NFTO Pro Cycling team saw the pace increase and the riders battered by the wind

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One of the country’s top teams for 2014, NFTO Pro Cycling, with the legend Sean Yates of Trainsharp directing the show, had a tough training day planned for day 2 of the two week training camp. The plan was for four and a half hours with some team time trial efforts. “Not full gas” says Hugh Wilson “but enough to keep the chain tight”.

The sun was out for the riders but so was the wind which made things pretty difficult at times explained Hugh. “It seemed to be one of those days where we got battered by the wind in whichever direction we rode” says the winner of the 2013 Jock Wadley.

The riders still managed a respectable 33kph over the distance of 150 kilometres and as a bonus, stayed dry. On the way back to the Villa at Pollenca, Sean put them into groups. Two sprinter teams of four and four lads who were free to attack or do whatever. Ryan Bevis was the first attacker closely followed by James Lowsley-Williams. Then Tour Series round winner in 2013, Jon Mould, then rode across the gap and the chase was on!

Hugh explains that he, James ‘tank’ Lewis, Dale Appleby and Dean Downing were working as domestiques at this point. “In the last kilometre’, Dean put the hammer down which I had to respond to” adds Hugh. “Dale was on my wheel, so I rode as far as I could before he took over. Dale kept the speed right up until about 300 metres to go and before we knew it, Adam Blythe and Russ Downing went over the top of the lot of us with Adam deciding to try and give my front wheel a haircut in the process!”

“Unfortunately this move left Sam Williams a lot of ground to close up on his own. Mouldy managed to stay away at the end on his own to take the victory with Adam and Russ very close behind!”

War games over, it was the usual routine of getting back to the Villa and off to have tired legs massaged. That done, it was time for dinner with some welcome food prepared by Mark the chef. Prior to that though there was a little movie as Trainsharp’s Jon Sharples and DS Sean Yates took them through the ‘race’ with a video by Ewen Mac. That says Hugh was a really cool touch to the training that day.

So with tired legs, and twitter buzzing with comments like this from Russell Downing “3 solid sets of 15 mins ttt and a thrash around the island in strong winds .@TrainSharpSean is cracking the whip #likeit”. His brother Dean says “2nd day with an afternoon power nap. Must be doing it properly.”

Thanks to “Hughski” for the inside info … Game on everyone.



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