NFTO Pro Cycling Training Camp: Days 3 & 4


Hugh Wilson of the NFTO Pro Cycling team is loving the team’s training camp in Majorca where DS Sean Yates is knocking the riders into shape by kicking some legs on the road

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In Majorca right now in a lovely Villa, are most of the 2014 NFTO Pro Cycling team at their first training camp ahead of the 2014 season. Day 3 for the team (November 26) was a really steady rest day ride that saw the ‘Not for the Ordinary’ squad turning the pedals over for about two hours including some cafe stops along the way.


It’s a tough life! Hugh Wilson, Ryan Bevis, Jon Mould and Joshua Hunt enjoying the rest day cafe stop

The group on the road was a little bigger on day 3 with some of the support staff deciding to join them on their pedal including the likes of Dave Lee and Steve who are part of The NFTO management and a certain Sean Yates, adding a few more kilometres into the bank which must have a million or more in it!

Our spy in the camp, Hughski, explained how they stopped for coffee in Muro and then battled the cross winds (mainly behind ‘Tank’ Lewis) along the sea front into Port de Pollenća where they stopped in cafe 1919 for another brew. In other words, they took full advantage of the rest day ride where plenty of ‘yarns’ were spun and Mr Yates was seen to be enjoying himself.

It was all very relaxed ahead of day 4 where a big day on the bike was planned. “We woke up to torrential downpour though” says Hugh which wasn’t ideal when ahead of the riders lay a loop into the mountains to Selva Gorge, Lluc and Sa Colobra. After breakfast, everyone decided to ‘give it another hour’ to see what the weather did and sure enough, come 11am, it started to brighten up so they got caped up (we’re hearing stories of onsies LoL) and cracked on with the training.


Trainsharp’s Sean Yates with his map of pain …

“As it was pretty cold and most definitely wet, we knocked the mountains on the head and went for a rolling loop” says Hugh. “We kept things steady with the odd attack here and there but on the whole, steady riding before we did some through and off for about 15km on our way back towards Can Picafort. Not hard but enough to keep warm so as not to let anyone get cold who was riding in the wheels at the back”.

The road then started to get rather lumpy says Hugh which meant things got tough again before they got to the last bit of the ride from Alcudia to the Pollenca sign. “If you have ridden in this area, then you will be well aware of the cross winds of doom that frequent this part of the island” says Hugh. “The road is right next to the sea so you usually end up riding with your bike tilted over towards the beach!”

“As you can imagine, it turned into a man-on-man through and off and then a sprint to the sign which was won by Adam but only juuuust from Russ!


Nice villa, shame about the weather!

Back at the Villa, there was also some good news for Hugh who has been having some trouble with his left knee and a pain on the inside of the cap caused by tightness in his quads causing the knee cap to track across as opposed to up and down. It is a problem that is apparently quite common among cyclists at all levels.

“My Look Keos fell apart two nights ago when trying to tighten up the pedal onto the ever loosening axel which then stripped its threads, so I took the opportunity to switch to Speedplay pedals which the whole team will be using next year. Russ (Downing) came straight over to help me fit the new Speedplay system to my shoes which was nice of him considering he could have been watching Django with the rest of the boys!”

“We got the new cleats spot on in no time at all and they felt bang on. I put my saddle down a tad and I am now cured! No knee pain, nothing! Happy as, err, Larry…” says Hugh!

Fingers are now crossed that on day 5, the weather will clear up to allow the riders to head into the mountains and more training pain! Our Hugh’s response to that was #PrayForMe!


Hugh Wilson gives the Speedplay pedals the thumbs up.


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