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Question and Answer with new Epic Cycles-Scott Contessa WRT signing for 2014,  Karla Boddy, winner of 2013 Cheshire Classic

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A rider who has risen up the rankings to be one of the most successful of the British based riders, Karla Boddy only started racing in March 2011, with an event at the Milton Keynes Bowl being her first ever race. Karla’s first Road Race was in May 2011 at the South East Regional Road Race champs. Here is her Q&A:


Do you have a favourite discipline & why?
Karla: Road Racing as I enjoy the dynamics of racing.

Have you noticed any changes to the sport of women’s racing in that time?
Karla: Absolutely. The volume of ladies riding and racing as increased dramatically. And consequently the standard has increased. The women’s racing scene is now in a position to adopt the different tiers like mens racing i.e having split category races rather than just E/1/2/3/4 races.

What has been the highlight of 2013 for you?
Karla: Winning one of the National Elite Road Race Series: Cheshire Classic.

Which race has been the best one to do?
Karla: I would have said the Ras na mBan until a poor race this year! But judgement of my own experience aside I still think it is one of the best in the Calendar. UK road races which have been really well run and organised; Dave Peck Memorial, Banbury Star, Ryedale and Curlew Cup.

Do you coach yourself or have a coach to help structure your training?
Karla: As of 3 weeks ago yes! Until this point it has been DIY. Trying to balance working and racing I needed to outsource this part to ensure I was utilising my training time effectively.

How many hours a week would you train on and off the bike?
Karla: I don’t do any off the bike training. Anywhere between 7-10 hours on average and 12+ on an overload week.

Do you work full time/part time?
Karla: I work full time. Balancing everything can be tricky. Getting back late after a 2 hour commute back from London and then having to motivate myself to do a session can be hard. This is another reason why a coach was important for me for 2013/2014; I need to ensure the correct structure is in place.


Karla racing in the Women’s Tour Series this year 

What is the best thing about racing bikes?
Karla: Can’t pick one thing. I just really enjoy it, I enjoy the physical side, the social side and the ‘cycling scene’.

And what is the one thing you enjoy least!
Karla: Racing in the wet and cold!!!

If you could change one of your weaknesses into a strength, which one would it be?
Karla: Time trialling. It is an important skill to have in stage racing. And it’s a big weakness of mine.

What type of bike you do ride and what type of groupset wheels does it have?
Karla: My race bike for 2014 will be a Scott Addict with Ultegra mechanical 11 speed and with Reynolds Assault tubular wheels. For winter I will be using a Scott Speedster with 105.

Are you ‘geeky’ when it comes to the equipment on the bike?
Karla: I’d say particular rather than geeky!

What will you doing training wise during the winter – as little as possible or a structured programme based on getting success in 2014?
Karla: As little as possible within a structured programme would be ideal!! As you can see the time available for me to train is not abundant so structure will remain the fundamental part of winter training for me.

Do you see 2014 being a big year for Women’s racing with a UCI Stage race bringing pro teams here?
Karla: Yes, undoubtedly.

What is the one thing outside of pedalling the bike that you feel you need to learn to be a better bike rider.
Karla: Accepting that there are peaks and troughs in racing, and that you have to roll with the blows. The peaks and troughs may be defined by something external to cycling but can directly impact it. It’s about finding a balance. 2013 has taught me that. Life’s too short to get caught up in your life being just about cycling. So when those ‘troughs’ happen in cycling I remind myself that this is a hobby, and I do it because it brings something positive to my life!

What do you enjoy doing when not riding the bike
Karla: Lot’s of things probably no different from anyone else; eating nice food, going for coffee, mooching about town, shopping, seeing friends, going on holiday…..

Do you try and get away from the weather here and go abroad for a winter training camp? If so, where do you like to go most, for how long and how often during the winter?
Karla: For the last 4 winters I have been to Spain, Denia, with Train In Spain. I have only been for 1 week at a time due to annual leave but it has always been a great trip with quite a social focus for me as well. In 2014 I will do two camps; 1 with Train in Spain in January and one with my new team, Epic Cycles-Scott WRT, to Majorca in early March. Neither of these camps have guaranteed sunshine and weather but it will usually be at least a few degrees warmer than the UK! Mainland Spain hasn’t failed me in 4 winters so I am expecting another week of 15/16 degree temperatures in January!

What clothing do you wear to keep warm on the bike?
Karla: Layers! Layers and more Layers! Obviously Santini layers.

Are you a very competitive person or do you just enjoy racing and don’t feel pressure to win?
Karla: I don’t feel pressure to win. I only feel pressure to do what I’m capable of and doing myself justice. Depending on the race the capability of my performance can change and my goals change accordingly. Am I competitive? Yep.

When do you expect to start racing in 2014?
Karla: As late as possible!

Finally, do you have a favourite training ride, and if so, where is it?
Karla: Anywhere in or around the Chilterns.



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