Report: Imperial Winter Series 2013/2014


Jake Martin the big winner at event two of the 2013/14 Imperial Winter Series at Hillingdon on Saturday whilst Vince Halpern leads the series

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Race 2 Saturday 14th December 2013

A great day for a race at Hillingdon – mild but windy. Perhaps even more pleasing was to see 19 ladies starting in the Go-Race for first timers. The race itself produced mixed results – many obviously enjoyed it and said so: unfortunately several riders failed to listen to the simple briefing instructions before the start and that coupled with a crash in the first few laps meant the race didn’t really work out as planned.

Despite the ensuing chaos in the Go-Race event the 4th cat race was lively with Twickenham C.C.’s Chris Whitehouse, Darren Austin and Andy Hancock attacking and pushing from the front. However, of the three Whitehouse became the selected rider who escaped with Mike Brewer (London Dynamo) and T-Y Hsia (Kingston Wheelers); they worked superbly together and stayed well ahead of the main chasing group.

In the run into the line Hsia was tailed off which left the other two to fight out the sprint to the line. With a growing headwind making it very difficult Whitehouse proved the stronger, coming round Brewer for a great win, with Hsia holding on for third place. Despite a minor coming together at the end of the finish straight the bunch rode very professionally.

Stephen Harvey (Cardiff Ajax) wins the Imperial Cycles random prize (5th place) and can look forward to his bike having spa-like treatment for Christmas!

The E123 race was always going to be exciting to watch with the likes of Jake Martin (Pedal Heaven RT) lining up with team mate Rory Townsend; also riding with dispensation was Marcus Burnett (Corley Cycles) and Canadian visitor Samuel Bail. Martin only waited 9 km into the race before attacking hard and pulling away from the main group.

It was a scintillating effort and showed his pure power, lapping consistently around the 2 minute 10 second mark. Two riders did detach themselves from the main group – Josh Jones (Cambridge Uni CC) and Dominic Clegg (Redhill CC) who also rode very smoothly and looked unlikely to be caught by the main group.

These three riders totally dominated the race. Martin was obviously a clear winner and Jones just got the better of Clegg. Martin’s team mate, young Townsend led in a fast sprint for 4th place holding off Handsling’s Vince Halpern.

A significant crash in the last lap has led to great deal of post-race debate regarding the race within a race format with the suggestion that 3rds chasing points are causing problems. Review of comments received would suggest that the root cause is simply poor riding by some individuals – as a result the format remain the same.

Next race Saturday 21st December
Full race programme and information at

Imperial Winter Series Race 2
14th December 2013

E 1 2 cat race
1st Jake Martin Pedal Heaven RT
2nd Josh Jones Cambridge University CC
3rd Dominic Clegg Redhill CC
4th Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT
5th Vincent Halpern Handsling racing
6th Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium
7th Sam Humpheson Look mum no hands!
8th Jo Skelton Look mum no hands!
9th James Norris High Wycombe CC
10th Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe
11th James Freeman Dulwich Paragon CC
12th Michael Skipsey Tmg horizon
13th Jake Coward VZW Jong Wielertalent
14th Jacek Reder unattached
15th Rudie Marais La Fuga-Sigma Sport CC
16th Samuel Bail Troubadour Goods
17th Jacob Nicholson Medway Velo

3rd cat race
1st Oliver Bates Welwyn wheelers
2nd Pat Wright Kingston Wheelers
3rd Angelo Christides Unattached
4th Sean Sumner St Ives CC
5th Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC
6th Alistair Gurney Rapha Condor CC
7th Greig Petrie London Dynamo
8th James Bradley Twickenham CC
9th Paul Moore Kingston Wheelers CC
10th Pierre Scrase Team Synergy
11th Alvaro Alves Da Cunha unattached
12th James Willerton Dorking Cycling Club
13th Darryl Green Inverse/Cycling-Components RT
14th Riyadh Khamis Personal bike fit
15th Cameron Judson Kingston Wheelers
16th Ralph De Kanter Norwood Paragon
17th Stephen Morrell Aylesbury CC
18th Bill Butterworth Twickenham CC
19th Simon Whiten Handsling Racing
20th Gavin Spiers GS Henley
21st Nigel Burns St Ives CC
22nd Ewan Tuohy Catford CC Equipe Banks
23rd Mario Manelfi blazing saddles
24th Daniel Atkins didcot phoenix cc
25th Cosmo Kedros WyndyMilla
26th Damien Lodge VEDETT racing team
27th Declan Egan Kingston Wheelers
28th Justin Lord G.S. Henley
29th Tom Caldwell St Ives CC
30th Marcus Burnett Corley Cycles
31st Graeme York Twickenham CC
32nd Michael Gates Kingston Wheelers
33rd Pierre Scrase Team Synergy
34th James Waters G.S. Henley
35th Peter Beisty GS Henley

4th cat race
1st Chris Whitehouse Twickenham CC
2nd Mike Brewer London Dynamo
3rd T-Y Hsia Kingston Wheelers
4th David McNeill London Dynamo
5th Stephen Harvey Cardiff Ajax
6th Daniel Jacobs London Dynamo
7th Neil J Fraser Stevenage CC
8th Samuel Andrew Kingston Whls CC
9th Jason Braund Imperial College CC
10th Kevin Chandler Watford Velo Sport
11th Thomas Mead-Herbert Watford Velo Sport
12th Robert Mosley Thames Velo
13th Martin Banfield London Dynamo
14th Ralph Stokeld Cadence Performance
15th Tim Childs Westerley CC
16th Jon Overman 45 Road Club
17th Phil Barella Kingston Wheelers CC
18th Clark Anderson Thames Velo
19th Francis Fox London Dynamo
20th Huw Dymond Reading. CC
21st    ?
22nd Andrew Weighill New Forest CC
23rd Andy Taylor London Dynamo
24th Rupert Baker London Dynamo
25th Steven Gordon-Head Kingston Wheelers
26th    ?
27th Daren Austin Twickenham CC
28th Tom Groom WyndyMilla
29th    London Dynamo
30th Akis Kollaros London Dynamo
31st Andy Hancock Twickenham Cycling Club
32nd Neil Grunshaw Kingston Wheelers CC
33rd Tom Simpson Brixton
34th Ed Everett unattached
35th Jeremy Isaac Port Talbort Wheelers
36th Matthew Tolhurst G.S. Henley
37th Meti Gashi Watford Velo Sport
38th Robert Abbey Hemel Hempstead CC
39th Sean Martin TriLondon
40th Miles Rice hounslow wheelers
41st Nicholas Silva thames velo
42nd Tim Marshall unattached
43rd Massimo Conforti Dulwich Paragon
44th Massimo Saetta Kingston Wheelers
45th Andy Brown Thames Velo
46th Mitchell Blain London Dynamo
47th Matthew Fredrickson Thames Velo
48th James Rapinac London Dynamo
49th Paul Adams Thames Velo
50th James Fulcher Portsdown Hill CC
51st Jon Saunders Charlotteville CC
52nd Roland Fejfar London Dynamo
53rd Javier Arias Gonzalez Kingston Wheelers
54th Henry Charrington London Dynamo
55th Harriet Hollis unattached
56th Paul Fricker VC Meudon
57th David Jack Loveman Verulam CC
58th Sioni Summers Imperial College CC
59th Andrew Goulding Hounslow & District Wlrs
60th Graeme Gilchrist unattached
61st Tom O’Connell Velosport CC
62nd Keith Loveman Verulam CC

Overall Series Leader Board (Best of 9 races)
1st Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 340
2nd James Norris High Wycombe CC 310
3rd Sam Humpheson Look mum no hands! 300
4th Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 300
5th Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT 210
6th Jake Martin Pedal Heaven RT 200
7th Ben Sumner Beeline Bikes RT 200
8th Josh Jones Cambridge University CC 190
9th Dominic Clegg Redhill CC 180
10th Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium 150
11th Adam Capes Finchley Racing Team 150
12th Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 140
13th Simon Barnes London Dynamo 130
14th James Freeman Dulwich Paragon CC 130
15th Jacek Reder Unattached 120
16th Phil Holloway southend wheelers 110
17th Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe 110
18th Spencer Robinson Newbury RC 100
19th Oliver Bates Welwyn wheelers 100
20th Greig Petrie London Dynamo 100
21st Pat Wright Kingston Wheelers 90
22nd Andy Betts Felt Colbornes Hargroves RT 90
23rd Angelo Christides Unattached 80
24th Sean Sumner St Ives CC 70
25th Jacob Nicholson Medway Velo 60
26th Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 50
27th Andrew Lowe Team MK 50
28th Alistair Gurney Rapha Condor CC 40
29th Michael Skipsey Tmg horizon 30
30th Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC 30
31st Simon Whiten Handsling Racing 20
32nd Steve James High Wycombe CC 10
33rd James Bradley Twickenham CC 10


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