Q & A: Lucy Coldwell (Velosport Past Montegrappa)


Talking to Lucy Coldwell (Velosport Past Montegrappa) who will return from Australia to race in Britain from her base in Scotland

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Last year in Glasgow for the British Road Race champions, a rider stood out like a beacon to me, Lucy Coldwell. She was wearing the colours of my favourite car maker, Holden (Australia) and on my return from Aussie only yesterday, this interview popped into my mailbox.


Lucy has raced for four years and is currently in Melbourne (Australia) but during the 2014 season will be based between Glasgow and Dumfries and Galloway. Lucy will be in new colours as well, Velosport Past Montegrappa. Here is her Q & A:

Have you noticed any changes to the sport of women’s racing in that time?
Lucy: I have been based in Australia for most of my racing, until 2013, and have noticed the depth and numbers of women racing increase every year. There are more and more strong teams being formed in the UK and the Australian domestic scene every year.

What has been the highlight of 2013 for you?
Lucy: Coming 6th in the British National Time trial championship. I was really happy with the result and from there I was given the opportunity to race in Europe with Breast Cancer care cycling team.

Which race has been the best one to do?
Lucy: My favourite race this year was Tour du Limousin Feminin a UCI 2.2 stage race in France. It was my second UCI race, very hot, hilly and tough, but a great learning experience!

Do you coach yourself or have a coach to help structure your training?
Lucy: My coach is based in Australia- Julien Knuppel, he is also the manager of the team I have been riding for here- the Holden womens cycling team.

How many hours a week would you train on and off the bike?
Lucy: It varies all the time, but anything from 10-20hrs. At the moment I am also doing 2-3 hrs a week in the gym in addition to cycling.

Do you work full time/part time?
Lucy: I work when I can. As its the off season, I’m working full time hours so that I can support myself when I go to being a full time bike rider at the start of February. It gets pretty tiring being focused at work, and then smashing out training sessions before, and after! Coffee is my friend!

What is the best thing about racing bikes?
Lucy: The sense of achievement you get from putting in hard work, and looking back to realise how far you have come from all of that effort. That feeling of utter physical exhaustion and satisfaction when you have given a race your all!

And what is the one thing you enjoy least!
Lucy: Lugging two bikes around the world, and all of the other equipment needed!

If you could change one of your weaknesses into a strength, which one would it be?
Lucy: Sprinting!

What type of bike you do ride and what type of groupset wheels does it have?
Lucy: Our team are going to ride the Aprire Vincenza for the 2014 season. The groupset will be Shimano Dura Ace, and we will race with Reynolds wheels.

Are you ‘geeky’ when it comes to the equipment on the bike?
Lucy: No! Quite the opposite, as long as it works I’m happy! But I have been spoiled by being supplied with amazing equipment, so can’t really ask for anything else!

What will you doing training wise during the winter?
Lucy: I’m training in Australia, and have been working on building my strength and a few other things with a loosely structured programme, but also having a bit of fun too! I’ll be racing quite a few crits from now until I leave at the end of January.

Do you see 2014 being a big year for Women’s racing with a UCI Stage race bringing pro teams here?
Lucy: Yeah for sure! The Commonwealth Games, Women’s Tour of Britain, and a strong domestic race series will make 2014 an exciting year for womens cycling in the UK.

What is the one thing outside of pedalling the bike that you feel you need to learn to be a better bike rider.
Lucy: Positioning in a race is everything, saving energy for the crucial moments in a race is how to win!

What do you enjoy doing when not riding the bike
Lucy: Eating good food, drinking coffee and exploring new places

If you had to go and race abroad, where would you choose to go and why?
Lucy: Italy, I’d love to see the country, eat the food, and one of my goals this year is to learn italian!

You have a warmup to do, what music would you listen to?
Lucy: Empire of the Sun- walking on a dream.

Thanks to Lucy for answering the Q & A and good luck in 2014.

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