Report/Result: Boxing Day North East Cyclo-Cross


Yorkshire’s Jack Clarkson beats the home riders to the top spot in round 13 of the North East Cyclo-Cross League at South Shields

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Report thanks to Steve Walton

Yorkshireman Jack Clarkson (Hope Factory) gave the North East riders a master class in the CXNE Boxing Day ‘Cross at Temple Park round 13 in South Shields.

Clarkson and Tony Fawcett (Team Scott UK) shot away from the start at a blistering pace given the frozen conditions, leaving CXNE Series leader Stuart Wearmouth and Fawcett’s team mate Keith Murray heading a nine strong group a handful of seconds behind at the end of the starting loop.

Fawcett had managed to pull out a slender gap and led Clarkson at the end of lap 2 by 12 seconds. The third was to be the crucial point of the race as Clarkson, caught Fawcett. However he had no sooner hit the front when he hit the ground as he slid off on an off-camber section. Fawcett seized his chance and attacked, but was re-caught and passed by Clarkson who shot past and into the lead. By the end of the fourth, he was 10 seconds ahead and gone.

While Clarkson was never out of sight, Fawcett’s main concern was now on old adversary Wearmouth who was chipping away at the gap to second place. The gap stablised at 23 seconds by the 7th, but a late charge saw the MTS man post a blistering last lap to take third a mere 14 seconds back.

Junior James Edmond (Ferryhill Whs) chalked up his third consecutive win in the Vets/Women & Junior event that kicked the day off. Having to deal with the as yet still frozen ground. The 72 rider field as led for the first lap by Tony Glover (Derwentstde CC), Matty Worton (Blackhawk Bikes), James Anderson (Adept Precision) Kenny Johnston (Team Scott), Richard Noble (Tyne & Wear FR) and Edmond, but soon the younger man was into his stride.

As the pace of the chasers increased Anderson dropping off by the fourth as Edmond was brought back. Glover then started to hover off the back of the quartet as Edmond increased his pace with 2 to go. As Edmond took the bell, his 13 second lead finally convinced him he race was his as Noble’s late charge saw him pass Johnson for second.

Sarah Murray produced another trouble free ride to finish a clear winner ahead of Junior Sarah Lomas (Scott Contessa) with Nicola Davies (Beacon Whs) in third. With Bev Blakeman (Derwentside CC), second in the CXNE series a non-starter and third placed Karen Robertson (One Life Racing), Davies increased her overall series lead with 2 events to go.

Fergus Scherczer (Derwentside CC) took full advantage of the absence of the league leaders to post a perfect 50 point win for his seventh counter in the Youth event. The win will move him into third with his eighth counting event. Scherczer was challenged in the early laps by Jake Dobson (Newcastle Phoenix), who was winding down after a session with the Junior World Cup Squad in Newport.

Third was Scherczer’s team mate Rhianna Stoves who was a clear winner of the girls event with 19 seconds in hand ahead of Beacon Wheeler Connie Hurton.

Matti Egglestone ensured Beacon Wheelers made the top spot when he led in team mate Barnaby Walkinshaw, who was pushed all the way to the line ahead of Sam Murray (Team Scott), who held second for most of the event, as the trio finished a lap up on the rest of the U12 field. Max Lutz-Atkinson (Marton RT) took the U10 win ahead of the younger Murray sibling Ellis. With 9 wins in the series for Egglestone now, the focus is now on the competition for second place between Lutz-Atkinson and Walkingshaw.


1 Jack Clarkson Hope Factory Racing U23 0:59:15
2 Tony Fawcett Team Scott UK Sen 0:59:45
3 Stuart Wearmouth MTS Cycle Sport Sen 0:59:59
4 Keith Murray Team Scott UK Sen 1:04:22
5 James Thompson Langsett Cycles RT Sen 1:06:05
6 Alan Nixon Blackhawk Bikes Sen 0:59:24
7 James Alder Velo 29 Sen 1:00:03
8 Dean Penfold Newcastle University CC U23 1:00:44
9 Darren Binks Blackhawk Bikes Sen 1:01:04
10 Simon Forster Tyne & Wear Fire Sen 1:01:31
11 Craig Anderson Achieve-Skinnergate Racing Sen 1:03:19
12 Mark Reed Tyneside Vagabonds CC Sen 1:07:09
13 Clive Upton Hambleton RC Sen 1:07:35
14 Trevor Schofield Moonglu Sen 0:59:22
15 Scott Fraser Unattached U23 0:59:48
16 Dan Small Hamsterly MTB Racing Sen 1:00:03
17 David Charman Blackhawk Bikes Sen 1:00:36
18 Matthew Webb Houghton Cycling Club U23 1:00:38
19 Eddie Halstead Unattached Sen 1:00:58
20 Ross Laidlaw Gala CC Sen 1:02:08
21 David Stevens Houghton Cycling Club Sen 1:02:08
22 Graeme Wells Unattached Sen 1:02:18
23 Henry Aarvold Unattached Sen 1:03:45
24 Adam Wilson Cramlington CC Sen 1:04:21
25 Joseph James Unattached Sen 1:04:52
26 Steven Johnson Unattached Sen 1:05:10
27 Richard Cleathero EMC Sen 1:06:51
28 Paul Rafferty Unattached Sen 1:07:16
29 Phil Cook Unattached Sen 1:08:11
36 Neil Ross Aycliffe CC Sen 1:08:52
31 Kris Adlington Sunderland Clarion Sen 1:09:14
32 Anthony Burrell Outcast BMX Sen 1:00:21
33 Duncan Scott Unattached Sen 1:01:39
34 Kevin Ball Unattached Sen 1:03:07
35 Neil Cranston Newcastle MTB Sen 1:03:15
36 Christopher Orchard Newcastle Phoenix CC Sen 1:06:26
37 Mike Hoy Hetton Hawks CC Sen 1:03:31

Veteran, Junior, Women
1 James Edmond Ferryhill Wheelers CC Jun 0:41:37
2 Richard Noble Tyne & Wear Fire V40 0:41:44
3 Kenny Johnson Team Scott UK V40 0:41:53
4 Matthew Worton Blackhawk bikes Jun 0:41:58
5 Antony Glover Derwentside CC V40 0:42:06
6 James Anderson Adept Precision RT V40 0:42:49
7 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC V40 0:44:47
8 Colin James Beacon Wheelers V40 0:44:57
9 Steve Smales V40 0:45:03
10 Sean Hoban VC Cumbria V40 0:45:37
11 Michael Hardcastle RAF CC V40 0:45:59
12 Bill Kay Hetton Hawks V40 0:46:47
13 Andy Cosgrove Teesdale CRC V50+ 0:47:08
14 Stephen Gray Derwentside CC V40 0:47:19
15 Jon Bardgett Beacon Wheelers V50+ 0:47:31
16 Ian Robson MTS Cycle Sport V50+ 0:47:38
17 James Fawcett Hetton Hawks Jun 0:48:00
18 Andy Moss Adept Precision RT V50+ 0:48:02
19 Bob Murdoch Teesdale CRC V50+ 0:48:10
20 Brad Tooze Derwentside CC V40 0:48:15
21 Sarah Murray W 0:49:05
22 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cycle Sport V50+ 0:49:35
23 Piers Mortimer VC Velocake V40 0:49:45
24 Derek Hurton Beacon Wheelers V40 0:42:11
25 Joe Mann Derwentside CC Jun 0:42:14
26 Graeme Gow Tyneside Vags V50+ 0:42:41
27 Ian Jeffferson Infinity Cycles V40 0:42:52
28 Chris Dobson Stockton Wheelers CC V50+ 0:42:57
29 Paul Whitehill Houghton Cycling Club V40 0:42:59
30 Mark Mather Adept Precision RT V40 0:43:06
31 Greg Taylor Hetton Hawks Jun 0:43:10
32 Paul Robson Houghton Cycling Club V50+ 0:43:11
33 Nev Martin Tyne & Wear Fire V50+ 0:43:13
34 Gary Worton Stockton Wheelers CC V50+ 0:43:13
35 David Linsley Tyne & Wear Fire V40 0:43:18
36 Sarah Lomas Scott Contessa FJun 0:43:19
37 Nicola Davies Beacon Wheelers W 0:43:27
38 James Powlesland Unattached V40 0:43:36
39 Andrew May Stockton Wheelers CC V40 0:44:01
40 Dave King Durham Tri V40 0:44:59
41 Tony Fawcett Hetton Hawks V50+ 0:45:27
42 Bev Blakeman Derwentside CC W 0:45:51
43 Wayne Coates Derwentside CC V50+ 0:45:55
44 Paul Steadman Sunderland Clarion CC V40 0:45:57
45 Sam Wilson Unattached Jun 0:45:59
46 Declan Bowler Stockton Wheelers CC Jun 0:46:09
47 Jason Hurt Stockton Wheelers CC V40 0:47:25
48 Sean Bell Unattached V40 0:47:51
49 Peter Stuart Abbs Hetton Hawks V40 0:47:53
50 Colin Murray Unattached V40 0:47:55
51 Howard Davies Unattached V40 0:48:31
52 Alisair McDonald Unattached V40 0:48:44
53 Kevin Dowson Hetton Hawks V50+ 0:49:11
54 Stuart Bruce Sporting Club Gothic V40 0:41:39
55 Stephen Hesler Hetton Hawks V40 0:41:43
56 Dave Simpson Beamish Oddsox V40 0:41:58
57 Dave Mclean Hetton Hawks Cycling Club V50+ 0:42:55
58 Ian Jobling Houghton Cycling Club V40 0:42:57
59 Jeff Codling Derwentside CC V40 0:43:05
60 Stuart Gordon Stockton Wheelers CC V50+ 0:43:14
61 Pamela Glover Derwentside CC W 0:43:44
62 Jackie Brady Derwentside CC W 0:43:55
63 Edward Beechinor-Collins Tyneside Vagabonds CC V40 0:44:32
64 Paul Bosomworth MTS Cycle Sport V50+ 0:45:01
65 Nick Armstrong Morpeth Harriers V40 0:45:43
66 Danny Winthorpe Tyneside Vagabonds CC V50+ 0:48:20
67 David Taylor Unattached V40 0:51:20
68 Peter Reed Houghton Cycling Club V50+ 0:51:41
69 Christine Amos-Adams Newcastle Phoenix W 0:52:01
70 Jo Lally One Life Racing W 0:48:33

1 Feargus Scherczer Derwentside CC U16 0:28:34
2 Jake Dobson Newcastle Phoenix U16 0:28:56
3 Rhianna Stoves Derwentside CC U16G 0:29:03
4 Connie Hurton Beacon Wheelers U16G 0:29:22
5 William Turnbull Marton RT U16 0:29:49
6 Matthew Lynn Hetton Hawks U16 0:29:53
7 Joseph Allan Hetton Hawks U14 0:30:43
8 Daniel Hadnum Hetton Hawks U16 0:31:12
9 Anna Kay Hetton Hawks U16G 0:31:48
10 Craig Gow Tyneside Vags U16 0:32:09
11 Fiona Turnbull Tyneside Vags U14G 0:32:12
12 Henrietta Colborne Beacon Wheelers U16G 0:32:21
13 Joshua Craven Tyneside Vags U16 0:32:42
14 Ryan James Abbs Hetton Hawks U16 0:33:01
15 Ross Titherington Hetton Hawks U16 0:33:07
16 Reece Hesler Hetton Hawks U16 0:33:32
17 Ben Dowson Hetton Hawks U14 0:33:54
18 Sophie Enever Tyneside Vags U16G 0:34:52
19 Joe Wilson Stockton Whs U14 0:35:06
20 Matthew Hadnum Hetton Hawks U14 0:35:47
21 Olivia Fawcett Hetton Hawks U14G 0:36:49
22 Angus Brown Muddy Brown Events U16 0:37:21
23 Samantha Verrill Marton RT U16G 0:37:33
24 Joseph Tubby Tyneside Vags U14 0:29:05
25 Jack Hoy Hetton Hawks U14 0:30:36
26 Patrick Lally One Life Racing U14 0:32:02

Under 12
1 Matti Egglestone Beacon Whs U12 0:12:23
2 Barnaby Walkingshaw Beacon Whs U12 0:13:05
3 Sam Murray Scott U12 0:13:07
4 Jenson Brown Ciclistica Bordighera U12 0:12:35
5 Matthew Wells Tyneside Vags U12 0:13:32
6 Max Lutz-Atkinson Marton RT U10 0:13:34
7 Ellis Murray Team Scott U10 0:13:41
8 Thomas Maddison Darlington CC U12 0:13:59
9 Joseph Brown Stockton Whs U10 0:14:16
10 Michael Tait Derwentside CC U10 0:14:27
11 Holly Furphy Unattached U12G 0:12:34
12 Grace Castle Newcastle Phoenix U10G 0:12:53
13 Arran Brown Muddy Browns U12 0:12:56
14 Roisin Lally One Life U12G 0:12:59
15 Beth Orchard Newcastle Phoenix U10G 0:13:30
16 Will Hetherington Newcastle Phoenix U12 0:14:18
17 Lititia Hay Hetton Hawks U10G 0:14:20
18 Hugo Lutz-Atkinson Marton Team U12 0:12:33
19 Joel Hurt Stockton Whs U8 0:13:04
20 Beau Walkingshaw Beacon Whs U10G 0:13:08
21 Owen Donaldson Derwentside CC U8 0:13:32
22 Katie Hadnum Hetton Hawks U10G 0:13:33
23 Maisie Hurt Stockton Whs U12G 0:13:36
24 Harry Burrell Outkast BMX U12 0:13:53
25 Lucy Glover Derwentside CC U8G 0:13:56
26 Sopie Donaldson Derwentside CC U10G 0:14:04
27 Faye Titherington Hetton Hawks U10G 0:14:23
28 Daniel Saba Newcastle Phoenix U10 0:14:29
29 Joel Burrell Outkast BMX U10 0:15:23
30 Nathan Castle Newcastle Phoenix U8 0:12:48
31 Enya Stoves Derwentside CC U10G 0:12:50
32 Ciaran Lally One Life Racing U8 0:12:56
33 Joel Case Tyneside Vags U8 0:13:12
34 Ben Scott Newcastle Phoenix U8 0:14:16
35 Harvey Nicod Derwentside CC U8 0:12:31
36 Esme Walkingshaw Beacon Whs U8G 0:12:47


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