Report/Result: Apres Winter Series 5


Ryan Visser puts a stop to Simon Brooks winning run at round 5 of the Apres Winter Series at Preston Park in Brighton

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Another crash free set of races here at Preston Park was crowned by a resurgent Redhill CC’s Ryan Visser in the E/1/2/3 taking the honours this week from Simon Brooks.

A well timed early break from, you guessed it – Simon Brooks was well spotted and soon joined by Ryan Visser. The two working together lapped the field a few times before Ryan took the sprint from the final corner. Matt Butt took the sprint for third.

Good safe racing this week again with Preston Park gaining a good reputation for interesting, aggressive races. Muhammad Ali would have had nothing on Mo Hamed in the 4ths race, a fantastic display from an increasingly strong rider taking it on from twenty minutes out and soloed to victory breaking the hearts of the chasing pack.

We love to see riders who understand that to win races you have to be prepared to lose and Mo has had a go the last two weeks, getting stronger each time. He who dares Rodders…

In the 3rds a three man break stayed away with 20 to go with Bechenham Rugby Cyclists Jonnie Blackman taking the sprint from Motivo Rt’s David Billings and Southborough’s Keith Henderson 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Isaac Wright from Preston Park YCC is showing he is really growing into a rounded road cyclist, again taking the win the week from LVYCC’s Matthew Sheperd. A good aggressive race with plenty of digs from Isaac showing he has a rare thing in cycling at any age – a willingness to have a go and regroup, rethink and execute plan B. Nice. Jack Webb showed you had to be in it to win it winning the under 10s.


Under 10
1. Jack Webb 1st Chard Wheelers

Under 12/Under 14/Under 16
1. Isaac Wright PPYCC
2. Matthew Sheperd LVYCC
3. Ashley Evans Dorking CC
4. Isla Rush Wyndymilla
5. Harrison Powell LVYCC
6. Torin Henderson Southborough
7. Abby Old Hillingdon SS

1. Ian Kentsley Sussex Nomads
2. Martin Selford Sussex Nomads
3. Eddie Bull Sussex Nomads
4. Martin Hart Sussex Nomads
5. David Luckhurst Sussex Nomads
6. Paul Archer Sussex Nomads
7. John Mcsorley Sussex Nomads
8. Sally Mcsorley Sussex Nomads

1. Mo Ahamed London Phoenix
2. John Pears Crawley Wheelers
3. Chris Gork Beckenham Rugby Cyclists
4. Justin King Crawley Wheelers
5. Mark Bennett Kingston Wheelers
6. Laurence Wooley Redhill
7. Steve Allen Dulwich Paragon
8. Dustin Wade BRC
9. Darren Maynes Crawley Wheelers
10. Brindley Taylor Crawley Wheelers
11. Leon Thompson Ipswich Bicycle Club
12. Jesse Baines PM
13. Danny Heppburn IBC
14. David Boother IBC
15. Julian Hicks IBC
16. Linda Cassidy IBC
17. Yvette Toms IBC

1. Jonnie Blackman Beckenham RC
2. David Billings Motivo RT
3. Keith Henderson Southborough
4. Simon Parker Crawley Wheelers
5. Laurence Jones PPYCC
6. Rupert Robinson Crawley Wheelers
7. Nile Jones PPYCC
8. Andrew Costello BRC
9. Kieran Barber Redhill CC
10. Guy Lane Southborough
11. Doug Fox Crawley Wheelers
12. Alan Miles Redhill CC

1. Ryan Visser Redhill CC
2. Simon Brooks VC St. Raphael
3. Matthew Butt ASL 360
4. Jonnie Blackman BRC
5. Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
6. Luke Farren Brighton Mitre
7. Jason Ginn South Downs Bikes
8. David Billings Motivo RT
9. Kieran Barber Redhill CC





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