Report/Photos: Ripley Castle Cyclo-Cross


The first big race of 2014 in Britain was in the stunning Ripley Castle where Paul Oldham & Abby-Mae Parkinson were among the winners

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Whilst the venue was nothing short of stunning, the weather left a lot to be desired for the New Years Day Ripley Castle Cyclo-Cross. All the hard work by Steve Smales and his team was threatened by the weather gods but in the end, the day’s racing went ahead with worthy winners in the tough conditions.


Final race of the day sees Paul Oldham win yet another ‘cross race from Ian Bibby and Jack Clarkson. At least the rain eased off and even got brighter for a few moments!

On a very long course in the grounds of the castle with the background of a beautiful lake, the course also wound its way around and through the castle courtyard including a short stretch of cobbles. As far as a venue goes, it was superb. The Lord and Lady of the Manor were on hand to help and present prizes and the café right on the finish line with hot drinks and even better hot food was awesome.

With sponsors that included local firms including the Coach and Horses public house set in a village that some described as a film set for the olde world, despite the weather, there was a great turn out for the event. The day began with the Youth race where Alfie Moses was soon away on his own and that’s how it stayed to the end. The youngsters then had their own course by the lake as the Under 8s, Under 10s and Under 12’s all had their go at some ‘cross racing in the mud.


Paul Oldham raises his arms in victory … hour long race and three hours to clean up afterwards says Paul!

The biggest field, and it was huge, was then lined up as the Veterans were let loose with a long line of riders seen threading their way through the tape in the worst conditions of the day. Mike Simpson, like Moses in the Youth race, soon had a gap and raced away to a dominant win. In the Over 50’s, Pete Harris showed where the talent in British Champion Nikki Harris came from as he won that race on a course that was now a mud bath.

Like all the other races, Abby Mae Parkinson (RST Racing), still only a Junior from Yorkshire, led the good sized field for the Women’s race from the start and was so good, she was so unlucky to just miss getting the bell before it was rung for Mike Simpson and so then had to do an extra lap whilst everyone else was finishing and getting warm after a race in ice cold rain.


Bell lap for Alfie Moses  in the first race for Youth Riders.

The final race saw Paul Oldham on his own by the end of lap one chased by Jack Clarkson with Ian Bibby in hot pursuit. There was less than a minute between first and third and Bibby soon passed Clarkson to take up the challenge of chasing Oldham. The National Trophy leader was well focused on staying away though and so he did, crossing the line caked in mud from head to toe but happy with the win. Bibby was second from Clarkson.


The course came into the Castle grounds after running alongside the lake.

It was dark by now and after the presentation of the prizes, the castle emptied of riders as mud caked timing chips were collected and the journey home in the rain and wind begun. Thanks to Steve and his team for their help. It is the type of venue that would be great for a British Championship but whilst the organisers showed they are up to the task, we’re not so sure British Cycling, which seems to take (money) but not give these days would be so helpful in making that happen.

That would be rather sad when you see the work that the likes of not only Steve but those at the Castle have put in. The sport needs new people like them coming in and bringing this great discipline to the people of Britain via new venues.


Plenty of racing for the youngsters as well after the Youth race.


Biggest field of vets I’ve seen for a while dismount and run up the stairs as the race circles the Ripley Castle.


You don’t see these that much these days but the Ripley Castle ‘cross had a bridge!


With freezing rain falling out of the sky, top junior Abby-Mae Parkinson of the Cycle Division sponsored RST racing team was also the top woman! Abby though was very unlucky to cross the line just before the bell lap was rung and probably the only rider who had to do an extra lap! Suffice to say the youngster was cold afterwards …


In such muddy conditions, a bike change was essential. Here Paul Oldham grabs a clean fresh bike as he leads alone out front.


Ian Bibby was in strong form coming back to chase Oldham all the way to the line and gaining valuable race form prior to the National Trophy and Championships in the next two weeks.


Slippery and muddy …


With the lake in the background, Jack Clarkson climbs up over the bridge chasing Paul Oldham


Mike Simpson all smiles after his win in the Vets category. Peter Harris won the over 50s.


Abby with her big Hamper which apparently she ‘sold’ to her dad afterwards! Second was Delia Beddis and third Sarah Lomas


Alfie Moses on the top step from Ben Turner and Thomas Mein


Women’s Vets Podium…



1 Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing
2 Ian Bibby Madison Genesis
3 Jack Clarkson Hope Factory Racing
4 Michael Thompson Hope Factory Racing
5 Nicholas Barnes RT
6 Ian Taylor Jedi Cycle Sport
7 Paul Cox Team Pedal Power
8 Robert Watson Paul Milnes Cycles
9 Billy Harding Orange Monkey Pro Team
10 Stuart Wearmouth MTS Cycle Sport
11 Christopher Barnes RT
12 James Thompson Langsett Cycles RT
13 Matthew Downes Paul Milnes Cycles
14 Richard Crabtree Pedalsport Cycling Club
15 Edwyn OliverEvans
16 Scot Easter Felt Colbornes Hargroves
17 Tom Seaman Nutcracker Racing
18 Andrew Johnson Yorkshire Velo
19 David Morris Harrogate Nova CC
20 Peter Hook Clifton CC
21 David Archer Bolsover & District CC
22 Trevor Schofield Moonglu RT
23 Andrew Wainwright Bolsover & District CC
24 Dane Walker Weaver Valley CC
25 Marcus Nainby Team WNT
26 Clive Upton Hambleton RC
27 Dave Willbye Unattached
28 Ryan Manders York Cycleworks
29 Sam Streeton York Cycleworks
30 Ben Woolveridge Unattached
31 Mark Reed Tyneside Vagabonds CC
32 Steven Freear Manchester Whlrs Club
33 Robert Senior Harrogate Nova CC
34 David Brown Pedalsport Cycling Club
35 Elliot Davidson Cestria Cycles RT
36 Mark Calvert Bike Deals CC
37 David Charman Blackhawk Bikes
38 Charles Cuss Unattached
39 Jonny Tomes Jedi Cycle Sport
40 Neil Harris PH MAS Cycling
41 Laurence Seviour Blackhawk Bikes
42 David Oliver Unattached
43 Darrell Varley Harrogate Nova CC
44 Sam Wilson Unattached
45 Conor Palliser East Bradford CC
46 Paul Rafferty Unattached
47 Paul Hutson Arrow Cycles
48 Richard Cowling Blackhawk Bikes
49 Yaz Lapin All Terrian Cycles
50 Brian Evans Unattached

1 Alfie Moses Paul Milnes Cycles U16
2 Ben Turner Dinnington Racing Club U16
3 Thomas Mein MTS Cycle Sport U16
4 Euan Cameron East Bradford CC U14
5 Joe Howard Marton RT U16
6 Dylan Flesher Unattached U16
7 Jenson Young Pedalsport Cycling Club U14
8 George Fox East Bradford CC U16
9 Matthew Taylor Pedalsport Cycling Club U14
10 Jacob Feetham Wakefield Jnr Tri U16
11 Marc Gee Arrow Cycles U16
12 Lucy Horrocks Team Hope Factory Racing U14
13 Harrison CooperOldroyd Kirklees Cycling Academy U16
14 Joseph Allan Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U14
15 Alex Foley Leeds Mercury Cycling Club U16
16 Luke OConnell East Bradford CC U14
17 Adam Ward Unattached sen
18 John Webster Matlock CC U14
19 Edward Raddon Unattached sen
20 Dan OHalloran Eastlands Velo U16
21 Spike Amberly Smith Unattached sen
22 Ben Dowson Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U14
23 Christian Worner Teesdale CRC U14
24 Joseph Parker East Bradford CC U16
25 Arran Brayshaw East Bradford CC U16
26 Finlay CooperOldroyd Kirklees Cycling Academy U14
27 Dan Snuggs Unattached U16
28 Edward Holey Unattached sen
29 Gary Barbour Unattached sen
30 Lucy Whearly Pedalsport Cycling Club U14
31 Rupert Reynolds Paul Milnes Cycles sen
32 Simon Hunt Unattached sen
33 Andy Hunter Unattached V50
34 Graeme Taylor Unattached sen
35 Stuart Hull Unattached sen
36 Mark Ludiman Unattached sen
37 Cedric Rahimi Unattached sen
38 Duncan Ashton Unattached V40
39 Richard Corfield Unattached sen
40 Sam Allen Cyclescene sen
41 Amanda Newham Unattached sen
42 Tim Wilson CCC sen
43 Deryck Jones Unattached V40
44 Mike Pennock Unattached V60
45 Viv I’anson Unattached sen
46 Katie Gray Unattached sen
47 Tom Barrett Unattached U14
48 Debby Handslip Unattached sen
49 David Marsh Unattached V50
101 Ian Henderson Unattached U16
102 John Blundel Unattached U16
103 Timothy Jones Cycle Sport pendal U16
104 Simeon Young Pedalsport Cycling Club U16
105 Luke Benn Kirklees Cycling Academy U16
106 Paula Parris Unattached sen
107 Nick Rickerby Unattached sen
108 Matt King Unattached V40
109 Sam Moses Paul Milnes Cycles U14
110 Miles Worner Teesdale CRC U16

1 Mike Simpson G.S. Henley
2 Andrew Peace Jedi Cycle Sport
3 Richard Noble Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue
4 Chris Taylor Pedalsport Cycling Club
5 Adrian Lawrence Team-Elite
6 Paul Caswell Harrogate Nova CC
7 Mike Young Pedalsport Cycling Club
8 Matt Denby Team Jewson
9 Kenny Johnson Team Scott UK
10 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC
11 John Wood Finsbury Park CC
12 Tim Kershaw Pedalsport Cycling Club
13 Nick Shaughnessy Team-Elite
14 Stephen Mills York Cycleworks
15 Doug Hart Ilkley Cycling Club
16 Richard Allen Here Come The Belgians
17 Mark Farrar Coventry Road Club
18 Guy Kesteven TNFC
19 John Houlihan TNFC
20 Paul Lehan Harrogate Nova CC
21 Peter Harris Pearce Cycles RT (1st Over 50)
22 Andy Cosgrove Teesdale CRC
23 Jon Barjett Beacon Whlrs
24 Ivan Boyes Team CF
25 Graham Gee Arrow Cycles
26 Mark Livesey Unattached
27 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cycle Sport
28 Alan Dorrington Planet X
29 John Savage Clifton CC
30 Chris Whitfield All Terrian Cycles
31 Mark Horrocks Team Hope Factory Racing
32 Andrew Moss Adept Precision RT
33 Christopher Rowe Team Zenith Buzz Cycles
34 Jonathan Watson Charge Bikes
35 Darrell Bradbury Norton Wheelers
36 Abby-Mae Parkinson RST Racing Team (1st Junior & Woman)
37 Brent Carr Here Come The Belgians
38 Charles Warren Unattached
39 Alistair Dow Paul Milnes Cycles
40 Andrew Stoneman Valley Striders CC
41 Paul Nutton Here Come The Belgians
42 Richard Gate Albarosa Cycling Club
43 Arthur Wilson Ilkley Cycling Club
44 Richard Pennock Harrogate Nova CC
45 David Shaw PH Mas
46 Benjamin Appleby Arrow Cycles
47 Kevin Holmes Unattached
48 Carl Nelson Here Come The Belgians
49 Goff Lazanby TNFC
50 Delia Beddis ViCiOUS VELO
51 Martin Worner Teesdale CRC
52 Alun Powell Unattached
53 Andrew Tones Unattached
54 Todd Stuart Leeds & Bradford Tri
55 Mark Tobin Albarosa Cycling Club
56 Ryna Stockton TNFC
57 Steve Gelder Team Swift
58 John Docker HSW
59 Sarah Lomas Epic Cycles Scott WRT
60 Brent Wilkinson Fulford Cycles
61 Jason Hurt Stockton Wheelers CC
62 Tracey Mosley T’Mo Racing
63 Stuart Newton Cappuccino Cycling Club
64 David Linsley Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue
65 Paul Stockwell West Yorkshire Police CC
66 Andrew Holgate Unattached
67 John Wright Unattached
68 Nigel Tottie Clifton CC
69 Neil Kerry Clifton CC
70 Will Kaye Clifton CC
71 Verity Appleyard Brotherton Cycles
72 Neville Martin Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue
73 Nicola Davies Beacon Whlrs
74 Steve Barnes Zepnat
75 Jonathan Robinson Unattached
76 Nikola Butler VC St Raphael
77 Neil McLaughlin Harrogate Nova CC
78 Jonathan Allan Unattached
79 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes Cycles
80 John Sedgwick Unattached
81 David Kent Unattached
82 Dave Topping Pendle Forest CC
83 Melissa Brand Epic Cycles Scott WRT
84 Richard Taylor Clifton CC
85 Dave Burns Unattached
86 Mark Dye York Tri Club
87 Bev Blakeman Derwentside CC
88 Alison Kinloch PH-MAS Cycling
89 Sam Burman Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC
90 Lynn Bland Norton Wheelers
91 David Clark Paul Milnes Cycles
92 Andrew Fraser York Cycleworks
93 Andrew Moxon Otley CC
94 Sam Galloway Unattached
95 Amy OHalloran Phamas Cycling
96 Jon Cooper York Cycleworks
97 Vanessa Holmes Arrow Cycles
98 Juliet Horrocks Team Hope Factory Racing
99 Paul OHalloran Unattached
100 Emma Osenton The Kinesis Morvelo Project
101 Geoff Robinson Glossop Kinder Velo
102 Kevin Dowson Hetton Hawkes
103 Hannah Saville North Midlands Youth Squad
104 Clare Smith Huddersfield Star Whlrs
105 Nicola Hartle PH-MAS Cycling
106 Paul Sinclare Harrogate Tri
107 David Young York Cycleworks
108 Alison Sarmiento Harrogate Nova CC
109 Andrew Farrar Cappuccino Cycling Club
110 Terry Tuckley WMCCL
111 Christine Howard Matlock CC
112 Steven Cartmell Unattached
113 Claire Munton Vegetarian C & AC
114 Andrew Wilson Ilkley Cycling Club
115 Stephen Porter Unattached
116 Paul Gray Paul Milnes Cycles
117 Terry Lightfoot York Tri Club
118 Martin Silkstone Pedalsport Cycling Club
119 Barry Kipling MTS Cycle Sport
120 Dave Mann Unattached
121 Kenneth Wilby Wetherby Wheelers
122 Christopher Parker East Bradford CC
123 Kevin Morris Unattached
124 Donna Short ACU
125 Andy Barker Unattached
126 Dave Pullan HTC
127 Garry Marsh Paul Milnes Cycles
128 Fred Rothwell Bury CSC
129 Christopher Beetham West Yorkshire Police CC
130 Geff Parris Unattached
131 Mandie James Ashfield RC
132 Racheal Lightfoot York Tri Club



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