CrossBike: Spotlight on Ben Sumner’s Cross Bike


A look at the bike that will be going to the World Cyclo-Cross Champs with Under 23 Ben Sumner (National Trophy Series winner Under 23). 

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Announced this week was the list of riders heading to Holland for the World Cyclo-Cross Championships and part of the Under 23 team is Ben Sumner. Winner of the National Trophy for Under 23’s and then Bronze medallist in the Under 23 title race, Ben has used the bike featured here all season and its final outing will be at World Champs in Hoogerheide, Holland on the 2nd Feb.


Ben, quite a heavy rider at 82kg, says the key things for a cross bike for him and his riding style that is quite explosive is strength in all the components. Weight of the bike he says doesn’t matter to him as much as the smaller guys although the Specialised is still very light.

The bike will remain pretty much as is for the Worlds as Ben explained the course doesn’t appear to be that hilly adding he may change that view on that on the last lap of the race!

Asked how it felt to get selected for the Worlds, Ben replied “When you work hard everyday and sacrifice a lot, pulling on a Great Britain skin suit reminds you why its worth it!”

With the National Trophy Series over for another season, the Worlds are still a few weeks away so when asked how he will prepare for the biggest race of the season, Ben says “By this time of the year, I’m always a little tired. When your body feels like that, it’s easy to get ill so I focus on good rest/recovery. I took a few easy days after National Champs just to get my head back and I’m now building up again. I may do a local race next week.”

Below: Shimano Di2 electronic gearing has worked faultlessly all year despite the constant pressure washing and mud splattering.


Ben has been riding canti brakes this year and the fuss of adjustment and set-up has been taken away by the CX70 Shimano set-up. Great brakes. With disc brakes still limited by wheel choice canti brakes were the only choice for this season.


The bikes show some battle scars but have held up well to the battering that a Cyclocross season dishes out. Shimano Ultegra ‘cross ratio cranks are a super slick edition.


Using a £4000 pair of wheels off road?? Go on then… Proof that well built light wheels are also tough enough to rely on. Reynolds stand by the quality of their wheels and Ben has been a big fan for ages now!


Challenge tyres are winning some real fans on the ‘cross scene. It’s nice to see a company challenging ‘excuse the pun’ the reference Dugast tubulars and making Dugast riders question if they’re on the best setup!





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