News: Powered cycle invention “could go global”


A new power system that can turn bicycles into electric bikes – developed by a University of Brighton graduate – has moved a step closer to market.

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Stephen Britt’s battery-powered motor and gearbox continuously propels a bike for up to 10 miles before needing recharging. The lightweight mechanism can be fitted to any bike in 15 minutes and will allow the full range of gears to be used in the normal way, making climbing hills much easier.

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A winner of the University’s Innovation Award and winner of the National Barclays Bank ‘Take One Small Step’ competition worth £50,000, Mr Britt is now conducting further product development and usability trials. Later this year he intends using a crowd sourcing funding platform to put his retro-fit cycle propulsion system on sale.

His story will be told in a Sky TV programme focusing on UK inventors, which is expected to be broadcast later this year. Mr Britt came up with his idea while sitting in a car in a traffic jam as he was driving to work at the University of Brighton. The former computer science student and technician in the university’s School of Education at Falmer, said it made him think: “How can I beat the congestion and ease the struggle of climbing hills on a bike?”

Three years on he has further developed and refined his idea and is close to seeing the invention on UK streets. Mr Britt said: “Initially the product will be trialled with small user groups and designs will be updated based on feedback. Crowdsourcing will be used to create pre-sales. This is likely to be towards the end of the year. Once significant volume can be reached the system will be able to retail for less than £250, considerably less than the competing products.

“The system has real potential to revolutionise cycling and how people use bikes. “This is the opportunity to open up powered cycling to the masses, globally. This is real game-changing, disruptive technology.”



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