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French based rider Antoine Gaudillat (24)  looking for a British team for 2014

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Racing with Spin Rotor in 2013, French rider Antoine Gaudillat is still after a team in Britain. Antoine won two French races equivalent to Nat B and came second and third in National A equivalents.

“Unfortunately my best results aren’t in UK in 2013” Antoine told VeloUK. “I was much better at the end of the season (after August) when I was back in France.”

Antoine explained that he would like to be based in France and return to the UK for the major events such as Premiers, Tour Series, Elite circuit series and so on. “I will pay the travel to an airport so the team can pick me up to go to the race” he says.

“I just need a team who can support the logistic to go to big races! I’m really motivated and want to smash some big races to show that I have my place in a Conti team. I also would like to help the team to find beautiful races to ride in France.”

Contact Antoine – click here:

My latest effort test results for 68kg :
400W for 20min
460W for 5min
700W for 1min

2013 :
1st St Jean de Braye, France (1.24)
1st Puteaux, France (1.24)
2nd Grand Prix des Vins de Panzoult, France (1.12.2)
2nd Etais la Sauvin, France (1.24)
3rd Ronde Mayennaise, French cup 3rd division (1.12.1)
3rd Grand Prix des Foires d’Orval, France (1.12.2)
6th Evesham Vale, England (1.12.2)
8th Neil Gardner Memorial, England (1.12.2)
10th IG London Nocturne, England (1.12.1)
10th Prix de Villemandeur, France (1.12.2)
12th Wally Gimber Trophy, England (1.12.2)
13th Prix de la municipalité de Gommegnies, France (1.12.1)

Over 23 :
3rd Montluçon, France (1.12.2)
10th Bornem, Belgium (1.12.1)
14th Deurne, Belgium (1.12.1)
14th Forst, Deutschland (1.12.1)

Under 23 :
1st Vierzon, France (1.24)
1st Margon, France (1.24)
1st Lussac les Châteaux, France (1.24)
2nd Regional Time trials Championship
5th Drongen, Belgium (1.12.1)
6th Nancray, France (1.12.1)
8th Coueron, France (1.12.1)
10th Gravenwezel, Belgium (1.12.1)
11th Marquette lez lille, France (1.12.1)
12th Boom, Belgium (1.12.1)

Track 2013
6th European Satyer Championship
6th National Madison Championship
6th National Stayer Championship

Over 23 :
1st Regional Point race Championship
1st Regional Team pursuit Championship
4th Regional Individual pursuit Championship
7th National Team pursuit Championship
11th National Point race Championship
12th National Scratch Championship

Under23 :
4th National Team pursuit Championship
4th National Stayer Championship
14th European Stayer Championship


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