Report: Apres Winter Series Brighton


A proper ding dong battle took place down here on Saturday at the Apres Winter Series at Preston Park with – would you believe it Simon Brooks taking the honours.

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For anyone wishing to learn the dark arts of cycle racing this really is The Place to watch it all unfold… Standing in the covered stand here, we get to see the ebb and flow in it’s entirety and Simon again gave a masterclass.

Cagey, probing attacks from the start with an early break from a group of five hung out there for ten minutes before being joined by Simon Brooks with Starley Primals Jamie Caldwell clearly being the marked man. The lead group of nine lapped the bunch and had a breather. Apart from Mr Brooks who seems to relish the burn….oh and then he lapped again. The bunch was lead out by Brighton Mitres Ian Robins, Matthew Hutt from Abellio SFA again! taking second with BRC s Jonnie Blackman in third.

The thirds was also an aggressive affair with the London Dynamo boys Dan Thut, Simon Barnes and Jeremy Brougham again involved in everything along with Brighton Mitres Morgan Lewis made for involved racing.

However it all came back for the last few laps with Rob Fuller taking it on and stringing it out, Nile took it on from around the bend and showed his track knowledge, bike positioning and leg speed (on junior gearing) to hold on for the win from Dynamos Simon Barnes and Mitres Morgan Lewis.

Local Ian Monaghan, Brighton Mitre, went from the off hanging out for 20 minutes in a solo effort winning much praise and sore legs. Pulled back he rightly sat in and waited for the last lap where he went from 20th to 1st winning by a couple of lengths. Nice one.

Young Matt Webber raced for the first time this season taking the honours from Georg Mew Jenson LVYCC and Wyndymillas Chris Jenkinson. We’re are having a good mix here in this age cat with LVYCC making a 150 mile weekly round trip. Good, safe, fast racing for all.

Young Jack Webb from Chard Wheeler wins again! This time from a determined Crawley Wheelers Finley Dou.


1.Jack Webb Chard Wheelers
2.Finley Dou Crawley Wheelers
1.Matt Webber Catford Cc Equipe Banks
2.Georg Mew Jenson Lvycc
3.Chris Jenkinson Wyndymilla
4.Patrick Manning Gycc
5.Isaac Wright Ppycc
6.Callum Clark Southborough District Wheelers
7.James Ambrose Paish Lvycc
8.Matthew Sheperd Lvycc
9.Torin Henderson Southborough District Wheelers
10.Ashley Evans Dorking Cc
11.Anna Carter Lee Valley Ycc
12.Gabriel De Gouveia Pm
13.Stan Abbott – Stacey Ppycc
1.Ian Monaghan Brighton Mitre
2.Jon Spears Pm
3.Ian Tosh 4th Velo
4.Jason Burkenshaw Blazing Saddles
5.Mark Bennett Kinston Wheelers
6.Robert Mosely Thames Velo
7.Sebastion Dorjon Crawley Wheelers
8.Clark Anderson Thames Velo
9.Alex Beyfus Sussex Nomads
10.Tom Stringer Cowley Road Condors
11.Mark Davison London Dynamo
12.Javier Arias Gonzales
13.Jack Heather Team Bottecchia Uk
14.Paul Archer Sussex Nomads
15.Steve Allen Dulwich Paragon
16.Richard Dartnell Kingston Wheelers
17.Paul Adams Thames Velo
18.Phil Mosley Thames Velo
19.Nathan Sweeney London Dynamo
20.Gez Reeves Crawley Wheelers
1.Nile Jones I Team Cc
2.Simon Barnes London Dynamo
3.Morgan Lewis Brighton Mitre
4.Mark Newnham Wothing Excelsior
5.Joe Henstridge Sram Cc
6.Dan Thut London Dynamo
7.Matthew Webber Catford Cc Equipe Banks
8.Matt Reid Sussex Nomads
9.Philip Aubert Velosport Rt
10.Joe Mcconnel Sorby Hinds Cc
11.Greg Moss Dulwich Paragon
12.Viktor Kazinec Dulwich
13.Sean Mcauliffe Redhill Cc
14.Kieran Barber Redhill Cc
15. Sam Evans Dulwich
16.Simon Potter Wyndymilla
17.Keth Henderson Southborough
18.James Vanieres Sothdown Velo
19.Elliot Lipski Vc Elan
20.Zak Corum – Haines Vc Jubliee
21.Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo
22.Rob Fuller Brighton Mitre


1.Simon Brooks Vc St Raphael
2.Matthew Hull Abellio Sfa Racing
3.Jamie Blackman Brc
4.Ian Robins Brighton Mitre
5.James Mickelburgh London Dynamo
6.Stuart Adair Pm
7.Jamie Caldwell Starley Primal
8.Tom Morris Portsmouth North End
9.Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo
10.Brian Hennessey Redhill Cc
11.Sean Mcauliffe Redhill Cc
12.Greg Moss Dulwich Paragon
13.Sam Evans Dulwich
14.Dan Thut London Dynamo
15.Simon Barnes London Dynamo






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