Results & Report for Bristol RC Winter Circuits


Iain Palmer, Jake Hollins & Georgina Snowdon-Brett winners at the Bristol RC Winter Circuits in Bath (Odd Downs circuit)

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Results & Report for Bristol RC Winter Circuits - Thanks to Geoff Ripley

Go-Race Women

Just 8 women took to the start line in strong winds and heavy rain for the first race, to battle not only each other but also the conditions. The race split in half early on but the two groups of four then worked well together doing their best to take turns on the front facing at one point stinging rain and sleet. Both groups contested their own sprints for the line. The race was won by a capable Georgina Snowdon-Brett (Uni of Bristol CC).

1. Georgina Snowdon-Brett – Uni of Bristol CC
2. Phoebe Heveron Uni Cardiff Marmots
3. Katie Thilthorpe Ride 24/7
4. Joanne Jago Performance Cycles
5. Kate Mactear Uni of Bristol CC
6. Harriet Somers VC Meudon
7. Georgina Panchaud Uni of Bristol CC
8. Harriet Simpole-Clarke Uni of Bristol CC

4th Cat
The sun came out as the wind seemed to pick up, causing the race to stretch out and then tear apart as groups formed behind four leaders, one of whom was last week’s race organiser Stuart Gourley of Radeon Cycle Coaching. Together with team mates Lee Davies and Andrew Callow of VC Bristol and Jake Hollins the quartet stuck their heads down and pulled out a lead over the chasers which they kept until the end. Jake Hollins took the sprint ahead of Stuart Gourley with Lee Davies in third.

1 Jake Hollins
2 Stuart Gourley Radeon Cycle Coaching
3 Lee Davies VC Bristol-Webbs of Warmley
4 Andrew Callow VC Bristol-Webbs of Warmley
5 Chris Molloy Bath Uni CC
6 Rhys Williams
7 Charles Ormerod Uni of Bristol CC
8 Tom Byers Bath Uni CC
9 Joel Bragg Bath CC
10 Daniel Gough Swansea Uni Cycling Team
11 Dave Mollison Monmouthshire Wheelers
12 Phil Thompson VC Walcot
13 Isaac Alcaide Bristol RC
14 Michael Gallagher Uni of Bristol CC
15 Theo Flack Uni of Bristol CC
16 Andrew Kirby Uni of Bristol CC
17 Alastair Stephenson Uni of Bristol CC
18 Peter Barlow Swansea Uni Cycling Team
19 Matthew Dale VC Bristol-Webbs of Warmley
20 Thomas Logan Ride 24/7
21 Rob Handley Bristol RC
22 Thomas Weir Cycle Club Ashwell
23 Felix Wilkinson Ride 23/7
24 Michael Porter Radeon Cycle Coaching
25 Tom Mowbray Uni of Bristol CC
26 Stefan Barnett VC Walcot
27 Jeremy Ash Bath CC
28 Tom Maisey

2/3 Cats
The final men’s race saw Iain Palmer from Twickenham CC keen to make sure he made the most of his long trip down to Bath. Trying the same tactic as his predecessors he charged off the front from the start. This time though the bunch reeled him back, although again the wind played its part with splits forming on the more exposed sections of the circuit.The main field split into two with several riders dropped leaving a front group of 11.

The chasers regained contact leaving the race all together. With around 4 laps to go, Iain Palmer our earlier escapee once again attacked alone. He pulled out an advantage of around 15 seconds and held it until the finish. Three riders set off in pursuit with Lee Comerford (London Dynamo) taking the sprint for second from Matthew Franklin (Bristol RC) and Duncan Lancashire (Andover Wheelers).

1. Iain Palmer Twickenham CC
2. Lee Comerford London Dynamo
3. Matthew Franklin Bristol RC
4. Duncan Lancashire Andover Wheelers
5. Paul Jones NFTO
6. Cameron Toms Uni of Bristol CC
7. Luke Nolan Westbury Wheelers
8. Craig Wallduck Dream Cycling
9. Gareth Turner Autostrasse Porsche RT
10. Paul Merryweather Bristol RC
11. Ross Evans Radeon Cycle Coaching
12. William Fleming Velo Club Venta
13. Steven Cottington Cadence RT
14. Adrian Lawson Cadence RT
15. Sean Polden Bristol RC
16. Ryan Witchell Uni of Bristol CC
17. Brian Glynn Bath Uni CC
18. Nick Creed Somer Valley CC
19. Christopher Crowther Army Cycling Union



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