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Big entry for the second of the Mid Devon CC’s Springtime Pursuits on Saturday, February 22nd headed up by RAS winner Marcin Bialoblocki 

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Springtime Pursuits 2- Event Details

— Men’s 4th Category race starts at 10.30.
– Women’s race starts at 10.36
– Men’s E/1/2/3 race starts at 14.30 hours

Event Headquarters – Halwill Junction Village Hall, Higher Station Road, Halwill Junction, EX21 5XR
Separate changing room for women is in the Jubilee Suite of the village hall
Showers available courtesy of Halwill Junction Football Club

SIGNING ON commences at 09.00 hours for the Morning Races & 13.00 for E/1/2/3 Races

Leave HQ and go right. In 80 yards go left into Beeching Close and line up in your respective groups ready to start.
Start in Beeching Close adjacent to the junction. Immediately turn left into Higher Station Road.
Continue on unclassified road towards Chilla. At Graddon Cross where road goes left for Chilla bear right (M2). At Beara Cross and junction with the A3072 turn left (M2). Pass Brandis Corner and at Dunsland Cross go left on to A3079 (M2). Continue to Halwill Junction and roundabout. Turn left into Higher Station Road and then in 60 yards bear left again to complete one circuit of 18 kms.
Repeat for 2 more circuits a total distance of 53 kms (33 miles)
Finish and prime point level with the bus stop on the RH side and just before the junction with Stags Wood Drive

Course details as for the Men’s Race. At the end of the first lap repeat for 1 more circuit a total distance of 35 kms (22 miles)
*Your changing room is the Halwill Junction Baptist Church so you can use their car park then walk/cycle around the corner to sign on and collect your race number. Your pre-race briefing will be in the Village Hall

Other Mid-Devon Cycling Club’s Road Race Promotions 2014
There will be no “Entry on the Line” for the Springtime Pursuits, The Avon Valley Road Race or the Totnes-Vire Stage Race.

The Springtime Pursuit races have a closing time of 18.00 hours and 7 days before each race.

Sat 10th May Totnes-Vire Stage Race (National B) = Stage 1 – 105 km RR – Start 14.00 hours, South Brent Circuit of South Brent, Avonwick, Venton x 6
Sun 11th May Stage 2 – 5km TT Start at 09.00 hours from Kingsbridge Stage 3 – 120 km. RR – Start at 12.00 hours from Kingsbridge to Stumpy Post, Morleigh, Gara Bridge, Loddiswell x 5
Entry Fee £30.00 (preference to teams of 4 or 5)

Sun 11th May Avon Valley Road Race (Regional A) = 72 km RR – Start 12.05 HQ and circuit as Stage 3 of the Totnes-Vire Race x 3
Ken Robertson, 9, Barnfield Road, PAIGNTON, TQ3 2JT – Entry Fee £16.00


Start at 10.38
1 Josephine Gilbert One and All Cycling
2 Anna Marshall Private Member
3 Nichola Rorke Exeter Wheelers
4 Penny Colloff One and All Cycling
5 Sharn Hooper Private Member
6 Gabrielle Saunderson Private Member

Start at 10.40
7 Heather Booth Rutrainingtoday CC
8 Claire Elworthy Exeter Wheelers
9 Sorrelle Johnston Rutrainingtoday CC
10 Wiebke Rietz 1st Chard Whls
11 Becky Smith Taw Velo
12 Hester Stembridge Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech
13 Kim Anscombe Bristol RC
14 Jessica Hill Cardiff Ajax CC
15 Alison Hooper Mid Devon CC
16 Nicola Noble Private Member
17 Stephanie Post Cardiff Ajax CC
18 Alexandra Sheehan Merlin Cycles

Start at 10.41
19 Ellie Campbell Abergavenny Road Club
20 Anneliese Heard Starley Primal Pro Cycling
21 Mary McFadzean Cycle Sport Dynamo
22 Mathilde Pauls Twickenham CC
23 Natalie Grinczer Fusion Racing Team
25 Bethany Taylor Fusion Development Racing Team
26 Miriam Whitehurst VC St Raphael – Waite Contracts/Paul Hewitt Bikes


Start at 10.30
1 Tom Dunn Mid Devon CC
2 Mark Jones Mid Devon CC
3 Alex Lock Mid Devon CC
4 Simon Mayo Mid Devon CC
5 Sean Taylor Mid Devon CC
6 Nicholas Weddall Mid Devon CC
7 Ian Dunlop Mid Devon CC
8 Edward Sutton =”Wightlink
9 Benjamin Timberlake Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
10 Geoffrey Desmond Bristol RC
11 Isaac Alcaide Bristol RC
12 William Goss Bristol RC
13 Owen Prior Exeter Wheelers
14 Stuart Ross Exeter Wheelers
15 Mark Williamson Exeter Wheelers
16 Simon Wilkins Penzance Wheelers
17 Andy Everett Plymouth Corinthian CC
18 Jeremy Isaac Port Talbot Wheelers
19 Darren Orchard Portsmouth North End CC
20 Elliott Johnston Private Member
21 Ian Moon Private Member
22 Samuel Nicholson Private Member
23 Gareth Bushnell Private Member
24 Julian Pitocco Private Member
25 Paul Stowell Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain
26 Mark Pierce Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
27 Martyn Leach Taw Velo
28 Clark Anderson Thames Velo

Start at 10.32
29 Ian Dunlop Mid Devon CC
30 Ed Parker Mid Devon CC
31 Karl Allen-Dobson Mid Devon CC
32 Hamish Belding Cardiff Ajax CC
33 Chris Danby Exe Velo Cycling Club
34 Joe Godwin Exeter Wheelers
35 Jon Hare Exeter Wheelers
36 Danny Shaw Exeter Wheelers
37 Matthew Vahiboglu Exeter Wheelers
38 Christopher Annear One and All Cycling
39 James Cartlidge Plymouth Corinthian CC
40 Andrew Banfield Plymouth Corinthian CC
41 Alexander Holt Plymouth Corinthian CC
42 Michael Hall Port Talbot Wheelers
43 Jeremy Isaac Port Talbot Wheelers
44 Owain Winfield Private Member
45 Elbry Sandland Revo Racing
46 Stewart Cox Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
47 Dean Hance Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
48 Daniel Wellings Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain
49 Lee Adams Tavistock Wheelers Road CC
50 Ben Kerwin Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
51 Jonathan Crouch Taw Velo
52 Norman Harris Taw Velo
53 Nathan Dadswell-Boyton Taw Velo
54 Ben Lockett Yeovil CC
55 Gary Bees YOGi Cycling
56 Joel Dunn YOGi Cycling

Start at 10.36
57 James Davey Mid Devon CC
58 Mark Foale Mid Devon CC
59 Mike Gratton Mid Devon CC
60 Connor Cranfield Cycle Sport South Hams
61 Alex McGrath Exeter Wheelers
62 Ivan Jordan Exeter Wheelers
63 Jason Want Penzance Wheelers
64 Nigel Dalton Private Member
65 Oliver Yates Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
66 Mark Greedy Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain
67 Pete Dawe Southfork
68 Graham Collins Tanks Direct Cycling
69 Philip Collings Tavistock Wheelers Road CC

Start at 14.30 hours
1 Ian Deakin Mid Devon CC
2 Kenny Parker Mid Devon CC
3 David Dickens Mid Devon CC
4 Ashton Spence Mid Devon CC
5 Sean Hogg 1st Chard Whls
6 Noah Godman Bristol RC
7 Christopher Fairclough Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
8 Alan Sanders Cycle Sport South Hams
9 Sam Birkinshaw Exeter Wheelers
10 Jack Ibbotson Exeter Wheelers
11 Craig Maude Falco Racing
12 Samuel Adams One and All Cycling
13 Stephane Pang Onit Sports
14 Calum Challenger Onit Sports
15 Harry Luxton Rutrainingtoday CC
16 George Clews Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain
17 Ryan Vale Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain
18 Jack Billyard Swindon RC
19 George Humby University of Exeter Cycling Club
20 Sam Barker University of Exeter Cycling Club
21 Martyn Lewis
22 Andrew Ellis

Start at 14.32 hours
23 Richard Fowlds Mid Devon CC
24 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC
25 William Hornby Cycle Sport South Hams
26 Sean Faulkner Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue
27 Nicholas Helsing Exeter Wheelers
28 Stanley Thompson Falco Racing
29 Joseph Home Fietsen Tempo
30 Michael Hooper One and All Cycling
31 Nick Harwood Revo Racing
32 Ken Holder Rutrainingtoday CC
33 Mark Gibbs Tanks Direct Cycling
34 Theo Brumhead University of Exeter Cycling Club
35 Alexander Todd University of Exeter Cycling Club
36 Andrew Gaylard Yeovil CC

Start at 14.34 hours
37 Jason Poore Mid Devon CC
38 Ricky Parsons Mid Devon CC
39 Andrew Parker Mid Devon CC
40 Harry Loader Mid Devon CC
41 Julian Green Cycle Sport South Hams
42 Paul Leicester Exe Velo Cycling Club
43 Matthew Slater Exe Velo Cycling Club
44 Kris Jasper Falco Racing
45 Ashley Gower Falco Racing
46 Kris Jasper Falco Racing
47 Ross Flashman Mondraker UK
48 Miles Earl Rutrainingtoday CC
49 Myles Gerrard Tanks Direct Cycling
50 Mark Wiffen Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
51 Daniel Strong Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
52 Paul Cann Team Planet Bikes
53 Jeff Stevenson Tiotflab

Start at 14.36 hours
54 Andrew Hitchens Mid Devon CC
55 Jason Kettle Mid Devon CC
56 George Fowler 1st Chard Whls
57 Robert Hogg 1st Chard Whls
58 Jack Mattock BH-Solidor-WAM Youth
59 Richard Harris Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
60 Steven Whitehurst Falco Racing
61 Sol Warwick Falco Racing
62 Ian Cullen Mid Devon CC
63 Luc Hesdon One and All Cycling
64 Duncan Heywood One and All Cycling
65 Jacob Board Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain
66 Charlie Revell Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain
67 Scott Gurnett Tanks Direct Cycling
68 John Hollier Team Tor 2000
69 Sean Frost Yeovil CC

Start at 14.37.30 hours
70 Conor Ryan BH-Solidor-WAM Youth
71 Pete Vincent Bikeshed – UEX
72 Alexander Murison Bikeshed – UEX
73 Robbie Westwood Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
74 Jim Avens Falco Racing
75 James Porter Juice Lubes Racing
76 Dexter Hurlock Mondraker UK
77 Joseph Wiltshire NFTO Race Club
78 Thomas Baylis Team Haribo – Beacon
79 William Harrison Team Planet Bikes
80 Marcin Bialoblocki Velosure – Giordana RT

81 Andrew Wellings Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain
82 Ian Jeffery Yeovil CC
83 Jonathan Jones University of Exeter Cycling Club
84 Ian Robson Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue



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