Interview: Clayton Spring Classic Winner Simon Wilson


A prolific winner over the years, Simon Wilson had one of his biggest victories in the Clayton Spring Classic on Sunday

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Clayton Spring Classic Winner Simon Wilson

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Back in 2005, Simon Wilson started to make his name in cycling with a win in the Tour of the Wrekin and over the subsequent years, the victories have started to mount up. At least six in 2006 and then wins each and every year since then. Thirteen wins at least in 2013 shows that he knows how to win a bike race. 


Wins and podiums in events from National B events down for a rider who has raced at the highest level in Britain in Prems and such like. Simon’s performance on Sunday was, as the cliche goes, top drawer.

Teams like Rapha and Giordana had the numbers, and talent, as did Madison Genesis but Simon simply rode away from them at the end of a very tough 55 miles in gale force winds. Any rider will know that solo wins are not easy especially when the best riders in Britain are racing but Simon put his head down with three miles to go on the four mile circuit and despite a chase behind, stayed away to win by 16 seconds.

“It’s a big race and pretty local for me as I’m only eight miles away” Simon said afterwards. “I’m on these roads all the time so really pleased to win it. Been fifth twice and have wanted to win it for a while.”

Simon explained how early on that teammate Tom Barras chipped off with a break and that he was marking the moves behind trying to get across. “I managed to get across with a couple of others and then it split again straight away” the race winner told VeloUK. “At the top of the circuit, a couple were coming across and the group I was in eased up and I chanced my arm by going alone and stayed away. Jobs a good’in really.”

“I think they were a bit hesitant as there was another group (with Handley etc) coming across and I didn’t really want that to get across as I could see a couple of Genesis lads in there. It was good for us (Tom Barras the other) having two from the team up there. We were in a stronger position than some of the big teams.”

“The wind made it hard but I’m really pleased. It’s the first race for Wheelbase and first win. It was nice to get a few scalps especially when you are working full time and really pleased to win this, a big race.”

Former Winners
2014: 1. Simon Wilson, 2. David McGowan 3. Richard Handley
2013: 1. Richard Handley 2. Ryan Mullen, 3. James Gullen
2012: 1. Richard Hepworth 2. David McGowan 3. Robert Hassan
2011: 1. Dean Downing, 1. Tom Murray (dead heat) 3. Tom Barras
2010: 1. Dan Craven 2. Peter Williams 3. Chris Newton
2009: 1. Rob Hayles 2. Rob Partridge 3. Mark McNally
2008: 1. Chris Newton 2. Dean Downing 3. Graham Briggs
2007: 1. Ian Stannard 2. Alex Dowsett 3. Mark McNally
2006: 1. Chris Newton 2. Kevin Dawson 3. Graham Briggs
2005: 1. Kevin Dawson 2. David McGowan, 3. Ian Wilkinson
2004: 1. Kevin Dawson 2. Jack Hill 3. Philip West
2003: 1. Gary Adamson 2. Kevin Dawson 3. Ian Wilkinson
2002: 1. Bill Nickson 2. Chris Burrows 3. Hamish Haynes
2001: Cancelled
2000: 1. Robin Sharman 2. Ian Cuthbertson 3. Hamish Haynes
1999: 1. Mark Lovatt 2. Alistair Kay 3. Neil Swithenbank




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