Spot Interview: Third time not lucky for David McGowan


Finishing second ten years after he was in the same position to Kevin Dawson, and the third time he’s filled that position, the Merseyside rider David McGowan is still waiting for the victory

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 Third time not lucky for David McGowan (although a great ride against the odds!)

David McGowan admits with a classy field for the 2014 Edition he was a bit intimidated with some teams having big numbers in the race but as ever, once the race started and the selection was made, it all became very even and he took his chance at the end and made it count.


The finish line finally comes to David McGowan after a late attack to grab second place.

David is riding for the Metaltek team which has not had the best start to the year with one its sponsors pulling out before a pedal was turned in anger. “Hopefully Metaltek is still going to go ahead” he explained. “Sadly, Knights of Old pulled out which left it all up in the air a bit.”

“Andy Swain (Metaltek boss) does want to continue with it along with Dave Povall (former UK Youth manager) who has come on board. Together they are trying to scrape something together and continue with some sort of programme. Not quite on the level what it was with the backing we’d hoped for.”

Despite the ups and downs with the team, David came to the event in good form. “I had a good week in Majorca with all the boys two weeks ago which was a good get together to boost everyone’s morale after the disappointing news with K nights of Old. We had some good riding and banter out there and we roll on”.

Despite not having the teammate support the other big teams did, David held his own in the testing conditions. “While I was intimated by the amount of the numbers in the teams some one told me the other day ‘it just makes it much easier. Once they have a few guys in the break , and you’re in the break with them, the others guys will let it go’.”

“I just had to keep my eye on the ball and ride off the back of them and see who was doing what and hope I had the legs when the move went”.

“Simon (Wilson) went at the top with a lap to go and then I got across to him and then he went again. He drifted off the front, looked round and he just nailed it. He got a gap and was just so strong when he went. Rapha and Giordana did put up a chase but clearly Simon had the legs.”

“Just before the kicker at the finish, Handley attacked and I went with him and when he got to the top, I think Cronshaw and some one else came across and then everyone was looking at each other and seeing where the other riders were, so I just thought, ‘I’ll have this’ and went for it down the right hand side and opened up a gap.”

“The finishing straight did seem like a long way with that headwind. I’m pleased with it and its a result that gives me good motivation ahead of The Soens which is my local event. Not really an event that suits me but it has such prestige and being a scouser, it’s a lot on my shoulders to do well!”


The leading scratch group which had split from the rest in the first half of the race led here by David.


Podium for 2014, Last years winner Richard Handley (3rd), Simon Wilson (1st) and David McGowan (3rd).

Former Winners
2014: 1. Simon Wilson, 2. David McGowan 3. Richard Handley
2013: 1. Richard Handley 2. Ryan Mullen, 3. James Gullen
2012: 1. Richard Hepworth 2. David McGowan 3. Robert Hassan
2011: 1. Dean Downing, 1. Tom Murray (dead heat) 3. Tom Barras
2010: 1. Dan Craven 2. Peter Williams 3. Chris Newton
2009: 1. Rob Hayles 2. Rob Partridge 3. Mark McNally
2008: 1. Chris Newton 2. Dean Downing 3. Graham Briggs
2007: 1. Ian Stannard 2. Alex Dowsett 3. Mark McNally
2006: 1. Chris Newton 2. Kevin Dawson 3. Graham Briggs
2005: 1. Kevin Dawson 2. David McGowan, 3. Ian Wilkinson
2004: 1. Kevin Dawson 2. Jack Hill 3. Philip West
2003: 1. Gary Adamson 2. Kevin Dawson 3. Ian Wilkinson
2002: 1. Bill Nickson 2. Chris Burrows 3. Hamish Haynes
2001: Cancelled
2000: 1. Robin Sharman 2. Ian Cuthbertson 3. Hamish Haynes
1999: 1. Mark Lovatt 2. Alistair Kay 3. Neil Swithenbank


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