Q & A: Doug Dewey in France


Dave Rayner funded rider, Doug Dewey is already a winner in 2014 and has two goals, to have fun and turn professional!

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Doug Dewey in France

Here is a Q & A with Doug we did yesterday…

Q: What was the story of your racing on the weekend?
Doug: It was actually a bit of a disaster for me. After a very slow start, I was obsessing over being well positioned for when the race exploded and neglected to drink enough in the warmer climate down south (Marseille). It was a very foolish error, and I was spent went the action started. Yesterday (Monday) was much more successful though and I got second in the bunch sprint at GP d’Aix (an Elite National) to take 15th after a fast day.

Q: How is the new team?
Doug: The team (Nantes 44) is great, very supportive and welcoming and the directeurs knowledgeable. I’ve integrated pretty well now and being able to speak French has helped a lot with that this year. The team is much more focussed on success as a unit and working together is much more necessary at this level. We get briefed and de-briefed every race and everyone gives input. I’m living in Nantes which is a great city too, I love it.


Q: A win already in France — how did you come to win the race solo?
Doug: I attacked with a Vendee U (Europcar feeder team) rider at 10km out and we worked well together. I then gave him the slip with a kilometre to go. The bunch were no more than 10 seconds behind the whole time.

Q:In a French team, is the language always French or do they speak some English
Doug: Always French.

Q: When did you arrive in France to start the new challenge with Nantes?
Doug: 23rd of January when we did a training weekend in Nantes. Then we drove down to Spain for a week’s training and to start racing down south on the 8th of February.

Q: Do you get a bike and if so what is it, how many do you get and who has to look after it!
Doug: Yes I do, although I’m still waiting on mine as I’m the only rider who’s riding a 58, which is apparently freakishly large. The company is Q-bikes and it’ll have Di2. We have a great mechanic, Vincent, but it’s my responsibility.

Q: Are you living in a flat on your own or is it the usual communal house?
Doug: I’m living with a Greek rider, Polychronis, who also rides for Nantes and we’re in a lady’s house. It’s completely separate to her place though and we have our own rooms and kitchen. It’s good.

Q: How often are you racing?
Doug: Every weekend, minimum. It’s a full time job.

Q: What’s the area like for training – do you feel safer on French roads or is it on par when training in Britain?
Doug: It’s pretty flat around here in general, although it’s always fun trying to ride to the sea, or cruising around town. It can be seriously windy too, which I quite enjoy. It’s definitely safer over here in France, people respect cyclists and give space accordingly.

Q: What was the training programme for the final month before heading off over the water
Doug: That is, naturally, top secret! But I can tell you I was doing some long rides and longer efforts during these rides to become more robust. I was pretty fragile last year. I did some solid gym work and of course, the turbo was ever-present!

Q: How important is the Dave Rayner Fund to riders like yourself?
Doug: Imperative. I can’t thank them enough, and I know that all the guys on the fund would echo me on that one. It’s an awesome operation they run.

Q: Finally, what is the big goal in 2014 or is it just to win races and get noticed?
Doug: Nothing too major: just turn professional! Win as many races as possible in the meantime, and enjoy it.

Thanks to Doug for that. You can catch his Blog here … http://douglasdewey.blogspot.co.uk/


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