How to Video: The Tuck Position Descending


GCN look at how professional racing cyclists adopt many different positions so that they can descend as quickly as possible.

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You will have seen professional cyclists attempting to get as low as possible so that they are as aerodynamic and as fast as possible when they descend. Whilst GCN certainly doesn’t recommend trying these positions on the open road, we decided to find out just how effective they are.

GCN  tried three different positions and compared time over an 800 meter stretch of road. GCN used a standard aero position – one that you might adopt if you were descending – on the drops and in the saddle. Then GCN  adopted the ‘tuck’ that many riders adopt in search of speed.

Hands on the tops and seated on the top tube – don’t try this one… Finally, we tried the ‘Human Saddlebag’. This is the position that the late Marco Pantani used for descending – arms stretched and backside off the saddle.

VIDEO – Watch to find out which position is the fastest!


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