Report/Results: Jock Wadley Memorial RR


The Jock Wadley Memorial RR sees the tastiest line up for a race so far in 2014 in Britain and VeloUK is there with live photos

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Jock Wadley Memorial RR


Rob Partridge wins the 2014 Jock Wadley, the biggest race of the year so far with a near Premier Calendar strength field. After being part of a break the escaped on the third lap, Partridge was dropped only 3 or 4 k out and chased back on only to find the sprinters looking at each other. So he threw in a ‘soft’ attack, was clear at the top of the hill and nailed it to the finish. 


Adam Blythe signs on as a rider in the domestic racing scene and straight away made an impact.


Seconds after this was taken, they turned onto the circuit, gas was turned on and the fastest first lap ever was recorded. The race average, over 43kph, was the fastest ever as well.


First lap and the Roy Thame Cup winner Tom Bustard and Chris Opie in his new colours were clear of the peloton by a few seconds.


A lap later, all together but lined out in the tailwind.


Early on the field wasn’t that on it as they enjoyed racing in the sunshine and breaks were hard to make stick.


But soon a break did appear led here by Adam Blythe from Rob Partridge, Yanto Barker (Raleigh), Jake Martin, and Graham Briggs. Quality!


With the big teams represented, riders in smaller teams had to try and get across and plenty were willing to give it a go.



Later on in the second half, with the break 3 minutes up the road, attacks by the big teams in the peloton started to come as they tried to split it.


Yanto Barker applies the pressure and Jake Martin has to give best.


Jon Mould in the peloton goes clear with six to go.


And another splinter group goes clear.


 Jake Martin does his best to stay clear but was eventually caught.


Dean Downing, looking to find out how his legs were, leads a chase group as the race starts to splinter.


  Jozef Metelka leads the peloton chasing the groups in front.


Conall Yates (Ingear/Trainsharp) leads the peloton in a line through the finish with a lap to go.


And finally, after a long walk, I had to have a sit down and admire the view as the peloton crosses the Reservoir

Rider reactions to come …

Full Result (thanks Tony and John)

1 Robert Partridge Velosure – Giordana RT E 03:11:14
2 Adam Blythe NFTO (UCI Team) E @4 secs
3 Graham Briggs Rapha Condor JLT E @7 secs
4 Yanto Barker Team Raleigh-GAC E s.t.
5 Jonathan Mould NFTO (UCI Team) E @51 secs
6 Kristian House Rapha Condor JLT E s.t.
7 Joseph Perrett Team Raleigh-GAC E s.t.
8 Steve Lampier Velosure – Giordana RT E @54 secs
9 Marcin Bialoblocki Velosure – Giordana RT E @57 secs
10 George Harper Velosure – Giordana RT E @1-08
11 Thomas Bustard Velosure – Giordana RT E @1-09
12 Dean Downing NFTO (UCI Team) E @1-12
13 Joshua Hunt NFTO (UCI Team) 1 @1-14
14 Alexandre Blain Team Raleigh-GAC E s.t.
15 Ben Stockdale Metaltek – Knights of Old RT 1 s.t.
16 William Goulbourne Team Corley Cycles 1 s.t.
17 Nathan Edmondson Velosure – Giordana RT 2 @1 lap
18 Owen James BH-Solidor-WAM Youth 2 s.t.
19 Andy Lyons Richardsons-Trek RT 2 @1-19
20 Mark Christian Team Raleigh-GAC E @1-26
21 Thomas Moses Rapha Condor JLT E @1-34
22 Chris Opie Rapha Condor JLT E @3-03
23 Adam Duggleby Wheelbase Altura MGD E s.t.
24 Hugh Wilson NFTO (UCI Team) E s.t.
25 Alistair Rutherford Wheelbase Altura MGD E s.t.
26 Jozef Metelka Beeline Bicycles RT 1 s.t.
27 Robert Ward Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT 2 s.t.
28 Jonathan Shuster Team Corley Cycles 1 s.t.
29 Andrew Hastings Richardsons-Trek RT E s.t.
30 Christopher Dredge Spirit Bikes Racing Team 1 s.t.
31 Jason White Private Member 1 s.t.
32 Tom Arnstein Sandy Wallace Cycles 1 s.t.
33 Robert Moore Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT 1 s.t.
34 Russell Hampton Athlonsport 1 s.t.
35 Edward Laverack Rapha Condor JLT 1 s.t.
36 Jamie Pine Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT E s.t.
37 Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT 1 s.t.
38 Owen Lake Richardsons-Trek RT 1 s.t.
39 Julian Pearson Team Hoppers Rollers 1 s.t.
40 Nick Noble BH-Solidor-WAM Youth 1 s.t.
41 Andrew Griffiths Richardsons-Trek RT 1 s.t.
42 Francis Cade Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT E s.t.
43 Alex Higham Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT 1 s.t.
44 Liam Stones Team Raleigh-GAC E s.t.
45 Tom Neale Team Corley Cycles 1 s.t.
46 Jack Waller Spirit Bikes Racing Team 1 s.t.
47 Joe Skipper Strada-Sport 2 s.t.
48 Matthew Higgins Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT 1 s.t.
49 Harry Godding Starley Primal Pro Cycling 1 s.t.
50 George Gori Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 1 s.t.
51 Mark Baines Spirit Bikes Racing Team E s.t.
52 Rob Yeatman BH-Solidor-WAM Youth 2 s.t.
53 Conall Yates In Gear/Quickvit/Train sharp 2 s.t.
54 Ashley Cox CC Luton E s.t.
55 Douglas Coleman CC Luton 1 s.t.
56 Chris Spence Casp Racing 2 s.t.
57 James Lewis NFTO (UCI Team) 1 s.t.
58 Lloyd Chapman Richardsons-Trek RT 1 s.t.
59 Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles 2 s.t.
60 George Atkins Team Raleigh-GAC E s.t.
61 Jake Martin Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT E s.t.
62 Mike Wragg Arbis – Colbert Cycles RT 1 s.t.


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