Report: Mountbatten Circuit Races


Day of action at the Mountbatten Circuit Races sees Jo Tindley and Charlie Leech among the winners

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Mountbatten Circuit Races - Sunday 9th March
from Graham Robins

Note: A serious crash in the Elite event saw PC Richard Phillips-Schofield, 33, lose his life. Details here -  Our thoughts with his family and friends. A tragic loss.


The women’s race was a 50minute + 3 lap race around the Mountbatten track on the south coast in Portsmouth. The excellent weather brought out a very good entry of 29 riders.

Once the race got under way the first couple of laps were run at a sedate pace and then eventual winner Jo Tindley (Matrix-Vulpine) started to stretch her legs and soon built up a lead approaching ten seconds. She was soon joined by Tracy Corbett (London Dynamo), but as Jo pushed on Bonnie van Wilgenberg (Zappi’s Racing Team) started to go across to them and Tracy went the other way back to the bunch.

Tindley all alone on the front eased up and allowed the bunch back, but again she attacked, this time the gap grew quickly and as the bunch reacted it was Sian Cahill, Tracy Best along with Bonnie(Zappi’s Racing Team) who took up the chase. As Jo plugged away on the front Eva Barnes (VC St Raphael) joined the Zappi train.


Once again Jo decided to desist with the loan break eased up and was brought back to the bunch. The race then settled down at the half distance until once again Jo worked her way through the field, but his time Ruby Chappell (Behind the Bikeshed) clipped of with her but Jo’s pace soon saw Ruby dispatched backwards to the chasing bunch.

At the 30min mark Jo again slipped back to the safety of the bunch and remained there until the bell where upon she eased to the front and easily took the sprint for the win.


Third Cats
The third cat race was oversubscribed and there riders waiting around for spaces, but none of the reserves got in and were left to stand and watch the race.

The race gets underway with 10 minutes of ‘riding’ before Jed Webber (Andover Wheelers) and Steve Walking (VC St Raphael) are clear, they are joined by James Ebdon (Wightlink LCM Systems), Andrew Gough (PM) and George Stainton-Ellis (Team Dassi).


This group of five soon became nine as Thomas Goodyer (PNECC), George Moore (i-team CC), Harry Veale ( and Charlie Leech (Southampton Uni RC) all took turns and get across. The group worked well and soon built up a large gap of 20secs or about half a lap.

With just over ten minutes of racing left Steve Walking put his Time Trail experience to good use and built up a lead which he managed to hold onto the very last lap, in fact he held the lead to the line where he was beaten by a wheel length by Charlie Leech. Steve just didn’t have it on that last lap but they did have clear track back to third place George Stainton-Ellis.


Provisional Results

Women 50mins+3laps
1st Jo Tindley Matrix-Vulpine
2nd Ruby Chappell Behind The Bikeshed
3rd Lindsey Ackland Zappi’s RT
4th Lili McLean Andover Wheelers
5th Hannah Cannell VC Londres

3rd Cat Race 50mins +3laps
1st Charlie Leech Southampton Uni RT
2nd Steve Walking VC St Raphael
3rd George Stainton-Ellis
4th Harry Veale
5th James Ebdon Wightlink LCM Systems

The fourth cat racing was split into two races odds and evens and no results were available to me at the finish. The E/1/2 Race finished in a bad crash on the final lap and the race was stopped and no result was recorded.


U8 Boys and Girls
1st Rose-Marie MONCRIEFFE Performance Cycle Coaching
2nd Ashton KING Palmer Park Velo RT/awcycles
3rd Bobbie O’BRIEN Hillingdon Slipstreamers
4th Lily THOMPSON Andover Wheelers
5th Emily LABROOY Andover Wheelers
6th Evelyn MILLS Andover Wheelers
7th Daisy PATTINSON Solent Pirates

U10 Boys and Girls
1st Joe O’BRIEN Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2nd Charlie MARTIN Barking & Dagenham Cycling Club
3rd Caelan MILLER East London Velo
4th Jack CROMIE i-team Cyclist’s Club
5th Adam POTTER i-team Cyclist’s Club
6th Jamie WHITCHER Solent Pirates
7th Jack GRABHAM Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
8th Callum ROBINS Solent Pirates
9th Harry CLARKE Palmer Park Velo RT/awcycles
10th William GADD Poole Wheelers CC
11th Megan FARRER i-team Cyclist’s Club
12th Marshall THOMPSON Andover Wheelers

U12 Boys and Girls
1st Billy MARTIN Barking & Dagenham Cycling Club
2nd Owen GILES Portsmouth North End CC
3rd Klaidas LAZICKAS Barking & Dagenham Cycling Club
4th Mitchell LACEY Barking & Dagenham Cycling Club
5th Matthew DAY Fareham Wheelers CC
6th Isabella ESCALERA Hillingdon Slipstreamers
7th Max EDGINGTON Solent Pirates
8th Jude BEATON i-team Cyclist Club / In tandem / KSL
9th Freya RICHARDSON Portsmouth North End CC
10th Freddie HORNER Behind The Bikeshed
11th Max MULLEN Solent Pirates
12th Poppy PATTINSON Oakwood Racers
13th Amy CANTELO Solent Pirates

U14 Boys
1st Alistair FIELDING Poole Wheelers CC
2nd Liam HANKS Barking & Dagenham Cycling Club
3rd Liam HARRIS Palmer Park Velo RT/awcycles
4th Vaughan MARRIS Fareham Wheelers CC
5th Sam CLARK i-team Cyclist’s Club
6th William COOPER i-team Cyclist’s Club
7th Alex HALL Andover Wheelers
8th Thomas CLARKE Palmer Park Velo RT/awcycles
9th Damon KING Palmer Park Velo RT/awcycles
10th Max O’CONNOR British Cycling Private Member – Central

U14 /U16 Girls
1st Caitlin PETERS Fareham Wheelers CC
2nd Emma CLARKE Palmer Park Velo RT/awcycles
3rd Kara PERRYMAN Solent Pirates
4th Isla RUSH WyndyMilla
5th Mercy WEBB Medway Velo Club
6th Saran MULLEN Solent Pirates
7th Lucy GADD Poole Wheelers CC
8th Ella FREEMAN Solent Pirates
9th Amy PERRYMAN Solent Pirates
10th Molly KONCHESLEY Barking & Dagenham Cycling Club

U16 Boys
1st Jamie HUTCHINSON i-team Cyclist’s Club
2nd Tom REID New Forest CC
3rd James BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
4th Alex CROSS Oakley Pedalers
5th Joseph LINEHAN Palmer Park Velo RT/awcycles
6th Thamana NEL i-team Cyclist’s Club
7th Lewis MARTIN Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
8th William CROFTS Performance Cycles – CMI
9th Charlie COOPER i-team Cyclist’s Club
10th Tom EASLEY Crawley Wheelers
11th Alex COLLINS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
12th Joe CLARK i-team Cyclist’s Club
13th Aaron SMITH Southdown Velo / Hunters Springs
14th Edward ROLLITT Velo Club Venta
15th Nick MARTIN East Grinstead CC
16th Kyle HENDERSON Oakley Pedalers
17th Jack NOBLE i-team Cyclist’s Club
18th Jack MARSHALL Barking & Dagenham Cycling Club

4 /J4 Race 1~Odd Numbers
1st Daniel BIGHAM
2nd Matthew LINHAM Portsmouth North End CC
3rd Martin ROWLAND Poole Whls CC
4th Edward SUTTON Wightlink LCM Systems Cycle RT
5th Alex SNOW Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
6th Liam KEYNES British Cycling Private Member – South East
7th Matthew ALLSOPP Wightlink LCM Systems Cycle RT
8th Harry STALEY Portsmouth North End CC
9th Jason HALES British Cycling Private Member – Central
10th Rob HARDYMAN North Hampshire RC
11th Tom MAISEY Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
12th Mark O’CONNOR Odiham Cycling Club
13th Phil WILKS Hargroves Cycles CC
14th George JOHNSON Southampton University RC
15th Leigh BASTABLE BC PM – Central
16th David HICKS Farnborough & Camberley CC
17th Scott MICHAELS Southampton University RC
18th Joe WHITE Southampton University RC
19th Neil HORNER Behind The Bikeshed
20th Rupert BAKER London Dynamo
21st Christopher BROOKS Southampton University RC
22nd Ian HAYDEN Wightlink LCM Systems Cycle RT
23rd Kerry SCOTSON VC Godalming & Haslemere

4 /J4 Race 1~Even Numbers
1st Patrick BROWN British Cycling Private Member – Central
2nd Guk XON
3rd Matthew POSNER Southampton University RC
4th Will RANOE VC Godalming & Haslemere
5th Ben WILLIAMS I-Team Cyclists’ Club
6th Ryan WESTON Poole Wheelers CC
7th Lee HENDERSON British Cycling Private Member – South
8th Keith HICKS
9th Darren ORCHARD Portsmouth North End CC
10th Linfeng WANG Portsmouth North End CC
11th Adam LENTHALL VC Meudon
12th Mark STALLARD British Cycling Private Member – South
13th Harry BUTT Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
14th Adrian LUFF Hargroves Cycles CC
15th Benjamin MILLS Southdown Velo
16th Keith GANDY VC Meudon
17th William FOURIE I-Team Cyclists’ Club
18th Matthew EVANS Wightlink LCM Systems Cycle RT
19th Michael LAYLAND Southampton University RC
20th Aidan HINDLE Southampton University RC
21st Christopher BARRITT Southampton University RC
22nd Alan BARBARY Southdown Velo
23rd James THOMAS Southampton University RC
24th Martin SANDERS Wightlink LCM Systems Cycle RT
25th Alvaro MARI-THOMPSON Dulwich Paragon CC
26th Simon JODRELL Odiham Cycling Club
27th William MONTEITH Southampton University RC
28th Julian SHEPPARD New Forest CC
29th Matthew O’CONNOR Odiham Cycling Club

1st Jo TINDLEY Matrix -UUIPine
2nd Ruby CHAPPELL Behind The Bikeshed
3rd Lindsay ACKLAND Zappi’s Race Team
4th Lili McLEAN Andover Wheelers
5th Hannah CANNELL VC Londres
6th Eva BARNES VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
7th Bonnie van WILGENBURG Zappi Ladies Team
8th Jennifer GODDARD Hargroves Cycles CC
9th Emily LYONS Zappi Ladies Team
10th Catherine HILLS Wyndamilla
11th Siân CAHILL Zappi Ladies Team
12th Nikki Wheeler Team Wiggle
13th Ashia FENWICK Poole Whls CC
14th Tracey BEST Zappi’s Racing Team
15th Maeve SAVAGE London Dynamo
16th Julia HESSELBERG Performance Cycles
17th Tracy CORBETT London Dynamo
18th Lucy MANNING Dulwich Paragon CC
19th Nasima SIDDIQUI WyndyMilla
20th Lise RICHARDS WyndyMilla
21st Charlotte SAMPSON Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
22nd Elizabeth CAMPBELL Bournemouth Jubilee Whls
23rd Lucia BRUTON British Cycling Private Member – South East

3 / J3
1st Charlie LEECH Southampton University RC
2nd Steve WALKLING VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
3rd James EBDON Wightlink-LCM Systems RT
4th George STAINTON-ELLIS Team Dassi
5th Harry VEALE i-team Cyclist’s Club
6th Andrew GOUGH British Cycling Private Member – South
7th George MOORE i-team Cyclist’s Club
8th Thomas GOODYER Portsmouth North End CC
9th Jed WEBBER Andover Wheelers
10th Nathan HEREWARD VC Meudon
11th James VANIERIS Southdown Velo / Hunters Springs
12th Andy SAYNER i-team Cyclist’s Club / KSL / in Tandem
13th Jamie HUTCHINSON i-team Cyclist’s Club
14th Shaun SMART Southdown Velo / Hunters Springs
15th Harry HAILWOOD Fareham Wheelers CC
16th David HOOPER MJS Racing
17th Paul MARSHALL Southdown Velo / Hunters Springs
18th Andrew KNIGHT Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
19th Mark VALENTINE Poole Wheelers CC
20th Russ DAVIES VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
21st Paul GILES Portsmouth North End CC
22nd Harvey MORCOMBE Fareham Wheelers CC
23rd Norman MELLORS Rock n Road Cycles
24th Kevin FOSTER Wightlink-LCM Systems RT
25th simon HALL Andover Wheelers
26th Jerry LAMBERT Rock n Road Cycles
27th Mark WARRINGTON Southdown Velo / Hunters Springs
28th Tom STOCKER Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers CC
29th Hamish WALKER Hampshire Road Club
30th Nile JONES VC Meudon
31st Mike ANDERSON VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
32nd William Griffiths Ride 24/7
33rd Chris MEEUS Southdown Velo / Hunters Springs
34th Christopher MCGOVERN Team Novo Nordisk
35th Sam BAKER Wightlink-LCM Systems RT
36th Ian WRIGHTSON Team Dassi
37th Andy DANIELS Zappi’s Cycling Club
38th Alan COLLINS Portsmouth North End CC
39th James LEECH London Dynamo
40th Antony GRABHAM Fareham Wheelers CC
41st Albert BAKER Behind The Bikeshed



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