Preview – Women’s Team Series Rd 2


The top British women’s teams clash in Twickenham CC’s Dave Peck Memorial Ladies Race in round 2 of the Womens Team Series on Sunday 30th March

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Preview – Women’s Team Series Rd 2

Starting at 11:00am and over a distance of 53 Miles (85km), the race has its HQ at St Ann’s Heath Junior School, Sandhills Lane (GU25 4DS)

COURSE (map below)
The course: 13 laps Valley End & 5 laps Staple Hill

The race will be neutralised from the HQ car park turning left onto Sandhills Lane, left at the crossroads, up Trumpsgreen Avenue and onto Chobham Lane. Note there are roadworks outside Longcross Studio’s where the race convoy will have to stop if the lights are red. Once the light is green, the whole convoy will be escorted through the roadworks with oncoming traffic stopped by the NEG.


The race will start once the whole convoy is through the roadworks with a rolling race start. Then cross the roundabout (2nd exit) onto Chertsey Rd, 2nd exit at next roundabout continuing on Chertsey Rd. Take first sharp left (caution) into Higham Lane, then first sharp left (caution) at Valley End School into Valley End Lane.

At the end of the road, turn left onto B383 Chobham Rd and first exit onto Chertsey Rd at the roundabout to complete the Valley End circuit. After 13 laps at the top of Valley End Rd, all riders will transition to the Staple Hill circuit even if you more than a lap down. To transition, turn left onto the B383 Chobham Rd, proceed north, ride around the roundabout to exit back onto the B383 Chobham Rd. Proceed downhill (extreme caution) to take the first left onto Staple Hill.

At the end of the road turn left onto Longcross Rd and take first exit at roundabout onto B386 Chertsey Rd, then first exit at the next roundabout back onto the B383 Chobham Rd to complete the Staple Hill circuit. The race will finish on the 5th lap at the top of the Staple Hill climb. Please continue on beyond the finish, turning left onto Longcross Rd, right at the roundabout onto Chobham Lane and retrace route back to HQ. All riders will be finished once the lead peloton has crossed the finish even if you are more than a lap down.

In memory of Dave Peck
For the last two years that Twickenham CC have run the race on this course in Dave’s memory, it has been a huge success. The sun has shone, there has been exciting racing and many compliments afterwards about how much you, the riders and supporters have enjoyed the event. Organiser Lisa West knows Dave would be thrilled to see how well the event is being regarded and let’s hope he can arrange another sunny day for us in 2014!

Testament to the popularity of this race is the number of entries received the day the race opened on January 1st with 60 entries received by the end of January and over a 100 by the closing date. This year,  Lisa has managed to increase the permit to 80 riders so I could allow more of you to take part but with such a large field, I urge you all to pay heed to the rules of the road and the Commissaires instructions to ensure you all have a safe and enjoyable race.

Now in their 121st Year, Twickenham Cycling Club have a diverse and active membership who participate in many cycling disciplines. They race on the track, in time-trials, road races and at cyclo-cross. They are proud to have a Twickenham team participating in the Team Series and indeed the team are excited to be able to race against such a talented field.

Please stay after the event for the prize presentation by Dave’s brother, Andy Peck.


RIDERS (provisional, may change)
1 Karla Boddy Scott Contessa Epic Elite
2 Mel Brand Scott Contessa Epic 2nd
3 Elle Hopkins Scott Contessa Epic 2nd
4 Laura Massey Scott Contessa Epic 1st
5 Hannah Walker Scott Contessa Epic Elite
6 Molly Weaver Scott Contessa Epic 1st
7 Louise Marsden BC Eastern 3rd
8 Lucy Harper Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech 2nd J
9 Anna Marie Hughes Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech 2nd J
10 Paige Milward Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech 2nd J
11 Francesca Morgans-Slader Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech 2nd J
12 Suzetta Guerrini Boom Cycle CC 3rd
13 Hisayo Kaneko Boom Cycle CC 3rd
14 Ellie Campbell Fusion Racing Team 4th
15 Natalie Grinczer Fusion Racing Team 2nd
16 Amy Hill Fusion Racing Team 1st
17 Elizabeth Malins Fusion Racing Team 1st
18 Mathilde Pauls Fusion Racing Team 2nd
19 Gillian Taylor Fusion Racing Team 2nd
20 Megan Barker Fusion Development Racing Team 2nd J
21 Manon Lloyd Fusion Development Racing Team 2nd J
22 Emily Nelson Fusion Development Racing Team 2nd J
23 Bethany Taylor Fusion Development Racing Team 2nd J
24 Sandra Mackay GB 3rd
25 Nicola Soden GB 2nd
26 Delia Beddis Les Filles Racing Team 2nd
27 Nikki Engelbach Les Filles Racing Team 2nd
28 Coralie Glaunes Les Filles Racing Team 3rd J
29 Kate Hewett Les Filles Racing Team 2nd
30 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team 2nd
31 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team 2nd
32 Jennifer Crouch London Dynamo 3rd
33 Tracy Corbett London Dynamo 2nd
34 Jayne Paine London Dynamo 2nd
35 Donna Quinnell London Dynamo 3rd
36 Claire Richardson London Dynamo 3rd
37 Maeve Savage London Dynamo 3rd
38 Rachael Cottier London Phoenix CC 2nd
39 Michelle Forster London Phoenix CC 2nd
40 Bella Leach London Phoenix CC 2nd
41 Mhairi Mackenzie London Phoenix CC 2nd
42 Michelle Sellars London Phoenix CC 2nd
43 Laura Cheesman RP Racing Team 2nd J
44 Sasha Quarrington RP Racing Team 4th J
45 Anastasia Welsh RP Racing Team 3rd J
46 Grace Garner RST Racing Team 2nd J
47 Amy Gornall RST Racing Team 2nd J
48 Elizabeth Holden RST Racing Team 2nd J
49 Lauren O’Brien RST Racing Team 2nd J
50 Annasley Park RST Racing Team 2nd J
51 Abby-Mae Parkinson RST Racing Team 2nd J
52 Sarah Bell Squadra Donne – Shutt VR 2nd
53 Lauren Brown Team Jadan 2nd
54 Emily Barnes Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport 2nd
55 Clemence Copie Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport 1st
56 Natalie Creswick Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport 1st
57 Abigail Dentus Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport 2nd J
58 Wiesia Kuczaj Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport 3rd
59 Louise Mahe Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport 2nd
60 Sam Burman Team WNT 3rd
61 Sophie Lankford Team WNT 3rd
62 Elisa McDonagh Team WNT 3rd
63 Clarice Chung Twickenham CC 4th
64 Lowri Devey Twickenham CC 1st
65 Laura Greenhalgh Twickenham CC 2nd
66 Jessica Rhodes-Jones Twickenham CC 4th
67 Chrissie Stephenson Twickenham CC 4th
68 Emma Towers Twickenham CC 2nd
69 Emma Sainsbury-Munn VC St Raphael 2nd
70 Bryony Board Velosport – Pasta Montegrappa 2nd J
71 Emily Mellor Velosport – Pasta Montegrappa 2nd J
72 Anna Ralton Velosport – Pasta Montegrappa 2nd
73 Emily Bagnall WyndyMilla 2nd
74 Rebecca Carter WyndyMilla 2nd
75 Elizabeth Dunne WyndyMilla 4th
76 Catherine Hills WyndyMilla 2nd
77 Rachel Przybylski WyndyMilla 2nd
78 Victoria Strila WyndyMilla 2nd
79 Sian Cahill Zappi’s Racing Team 3rd
80 Lindsey Ackland Zappi’s Racing Team 3rd

The reserve list is:
81 Rose Osborne High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
82 Sarah Odell Boom Cycle CC 3rd
83 Parys Edwards Boom Cycle CC 3rd
84 Dani Christmas Speg – Project 51 2nd
85 Chloe Weller GB 4th
86 Erica Auger BC Eastern 2nd
87 Flora Gillies Speg – Project 51 2nd J
88 Annabel Sill Team Jadan 2nd
89 Tracy Best Zappi’s Racing Team 4th


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