Report-Results – Photos from Darley Moor Circuit Races


Dean Downing wins the Elite race at the Darley Moor Circuit races on Saturday with a very aggressive race in his last season as a professional

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Report-Results – Photos from Darley Moor Circuit Races


The E/1/2 race was brilliant explains Sally Maier (who took the pics here as well), co organiser of the event. “It’s the best race I’ve watched in months” says Sally. Dean Downing of NFTO won matching the win by his brother Russell the other week.

There was a break away of three early on which the wily and experienced professional Dean let go and sat nice and comfy at the back of peloton for more than half the race.


He then he decided it was time to go to work and chase it and took with him a small bunch. With 1 lap to go, the three were still away but were caught on the last lap as the bunch kick gained momentum with Deano winning.

The race explained Sally was fast from the start with several riders dropped on the second lap then others on almost ever other lap. Once dropped, no-one got back on and they either dropped out or got lapped several times Only 17 riders were not lapped and there were 19 riders finishing.






1. Dean Downing, NFTO
2. Adam Kenway
3. Dave Shackleton
4. Jacob Tipper
5. Keirin Frend An Post
6. Howard Picard
7. Dan Fleeman, Metaltek
8. Perry Bowater,
9. Jacob Scott
10. Marcus Partridge
11. Matt Gee
12. Harry Browning
13. Ryan Davis
14. John Gildea
15. Lee Baldwin
16. Dave Clarke, KTM
17. Paul Sgarson

Regional B
1. Ollie Peckover
2. Stuart Murfin
3. Chris Limberger
4. Matt Barrett
5. Josh Waites
6. Rick Lister
7. Tom House
8. Mark Willett
9. Thomas Sutton
10. Matthew Smith

Under 16
1. Tom Chandler
2. Josh Waters
3. Kieron Howorth

Under 14
1. Tom Dosset
2. Toby Barnes
3. Max Selles

Under 12
1. Daniel Barnes
2. Joshua Giddings
3. Edward Woodward

Under 10
1. Aaron Mansell
2. Louis Swindell
3. Sam Gould

Under 8
1. Ben Mellor
2. Tom Woolf
3. Oscar Atkinson


Under 16
1. Madeleine Gammons
2. Lauren Sleigh

Under 14
1. Isbael Darvill
2. Xan Crees
3. Olivia Stone

Under 12
1. Libby Smith

Under 10
1. Holly Hoy
2. Harriet Limb
3. Steph Kingston


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