Photos & Result – 55th Wally Gimber Trophy


The 55th Wally Gimber Trophy hosted by the Dulwich Paragon CC was won by Jason White who added his name to an illustrious roll of honour including Bradley Wiggins

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Photos & Result – 55th Wally Gimber Trophy

Despite some short lived digs off the front, the race was controlled by the Pedal Heaven and Richardson Trek teams which meant no lasting break formed and the race ended in a bunch finish from which Jason White won the sprint.


Wally Gimber Rider Report – Tom Bowering (VC Meudon)
I wasn’t surprised to see the depth of quality at the Wally Gimber on Sunday. There were many strong teams such as Rapha Condor, Madison Genesis, Pedal Heaven, Corley, Richardson Trek RT and Catford CC Equipe Banks.

From the end of the neutralized zone, it was fast. The average speed was 30mph, max 42mph on the flat with strong attacks, and it was surprising to finish the race in 2hrs 52 minutes. I thought that was blooming fast.

Anyway, through out the bulk of the race, I just sat in the middle and moved around the group with Harry and Darrell (VC Meudon) and just let the big powers fight it out and sit and watch and learn the route, the stronger riders and calculate my next move.

I was quite confident that no break would go due to the constant attacking and dragging them back in.

I watched Catford try to dominate with them sitting on the front driving the pace, which lead to their downfall really as every other lap one rider would blow trying to shake off the less strong riders. Many riders went off the back after the first few laps, but it wasn’t surprising knowing what the speed was.

After my 4 laps ride around, I moved to about 15 wheels from the front and went with some attacks, with Jake, Lewis Atkins and a few Trek RT riders and just trying to hold my position as well as possible. Once that break was caught, I kept on going with the counter attacks in order to defend my position.

With about 3km to go, I was about 10 wheels from the front, and I surprisingly I thought I potentially could win if I played my cards right, but sadly with one km to go, a group of about 10 riders came over the top, I pushed once again to move into about 17th place.

By that time, I was on the finishing hill with about 300 meters to go, and the sprint was on.

Sadly from about 17th back you see a lot of racers give up in the sprint leaving me to weave in and out other riders which with other people doing the same led to a crash further back. However from this I managed to get 13th place, which I was chuffed with as it was such a strong field.

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1 Jason White
2 William Goulbourne Team Corley Cycles
3 Lewis Atkins Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT
4 Jamie Pine Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT
5 Jonathan Harris GS Avanti
6 Jonathan Shuster Team Corley Cycles
7 Nicholas Wilkinson Cadence Cycling Performance
8 Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT
9 Joel Natale Dulwich Paragon CC
10 Rhys Clegg PMR@Toachim House
11 Elliott Porter Rapha Condor JLT
12 William Pratt Cadence Cycling Performance
13 Thomas Bowering VC Meudon
14 Andy Betts Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
15 Symon Lewis Nuun-Sigma Sport-London Race T…
16 Mark Perry AllterrainRC
17 Ashley Cox CC Luton
18 James Local London Dynamo
19 Andy Lyons Richardsons-Trek RT
20 Andy Edwards Sigma









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