Results- NCRA Handicap RR


Mike Lear of VC Rutland was the winner of the NCRA Handicap Road race on Saturday, March 22

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Results- NCRA Handicap RR

1. Mike Lear VC Rutland 1 hour 6mins 25 secs
2. Tom Scott-Collins Numplumz st
3. Alex O’Meara Welland Valley CC st
4. Martin Atkinson Kings Cliffe Flyers st
5. Graham Wright Peterborough CC st
6. Tim Pennell St.Neots CC st
7. Mick Smith Welland Valley CC st
8. Andrew Minns 45 RC st
9. James Stokes Kettering CC st
10. Dave Clow Peterborough CC st
11. Sam Widdess Fenland Clarion st
12. George Fox 45RC st
13. David Baxter St.Ives CC st
14. Calv Hobday 45RC @5secs
15. Steve Giles Numplumz @15 secs
16. Vic Barnett Welland Valley CC @20secs
17. James Moore Welland Valley CC @1min 25secs
18. Dave Langlands Fenland Clarion st
19. Steve Wood Peterborough CC st
20. Bart Kieres Bourne Wheelers st
21. Kev Hardwick Arbis RT st
22. Andy Barnard Bourne Wheelers st
23. Jason Burrill Bourne Wheelers st
24. Joe Clarke Fenland Clarion st
25. Alan Armstrong St.Neots CC st
26. John Ellis Welland Valley CC st
27. Ryan Henry Numplumz @ 1min 40secs
28. Matthew Burton VC Rutland @2min 20secs
31. Paul Simpson Arbis RT @3mins 20secs
32. Ben Spiers Rockingham Forest Wheelers @3min 40sec
33. Phil Garlick 45RC @4min 30sec
34. Nick Smith Peterborough CC @4min 40sec
35. George Baker Kins Cliffe Flyers @ 4min 45sec
36. Roz Giles Numplumz @ 5min 30sec
37. Prez Jasnikowski Bourne Wheelers @6min 40sec
38. Richard Ostler St.Neots CC st
39. Jennifer McAndrew Witham Wheelers st
40. Peter Nix Rockingham Forest Wheelers st
41. Mark Weathersby Kettering CC @7min 30sec
42. Alec Rankin St.Ives @8min 30sec

Prize Winners
1st Junior Mike Lear VC Rutland
2nd Junior George Baker Kins Cliffe Flyers

1st Woman Roz Giles Numplumz
2nd Woman Jennifer McAndrew Witham Wheelers

1st 4th Cat Tom Scott-Collins Numplumz
2nd 4th Cat Alex O’Meara Welland Valley CC (In his first ever RR)

1st 3rd Cat Martin Atkinson Kings Cliffe Flyers
2nd 3rd Cat Mick Smith Welland Valley CC

1st 2nd Cat Jason Burrill Bourne Wheelers
2nd 2nd Cat Joe Clarke Fenland Clarion



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