Report – Apres Whacky Races


Jeremy Brougham & Tony Gibb dead heat in the Elite race at the Apres Whacky Races at Preston Park, Brighton

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Report – Apres Whacky Races 

ApresLogoBattle Royale here this weekend in the E/1/2/3! Lack of elites but good field of 1s and 2s took to the historic Preston Park Track here at Brighton for the Apres Wacky Races

From the off, we had some good digs just to test the legs and lungs, with a few looking like they would stick but it was a canny field of older heads who weren’t going to allow it.

London Dynamos Jeremy Brougham timed an move well, hanging out alone for a while before Tony Gibb pinged across with KTM – Road – and -Trails Michael Mottram hot on his heels – this looked like it would stick and it did. Working together they lapped the rest then had a breather.

ASL360s Pete Morris was involved in most chase attempts but the pack didn’t look like it would allow it to happen. Good aggressive racing abounded though with everyone having a go at some point, people came to race their bikes…..we like that.

Winding up for the last finale, Jeremy Brougham took the initiative and went from way too far out – or did he …lap and a quarter with these boys behind, up the back straight into the wind, 10 meters out on a lined out bunch, Go On Son, Go On!!

Everyone on their feet – he’s not going to do it, he is, he bloody is…enter CSE Racings Tony Gibb, like a shadow from the east.. and what a bike throw – he’s done that before… dead heat! Cracker.. well done all!

Cat 3rds
A fast race this week with a shared work load saw the field, stretched, thinned out and before long riders dropping off. With 15 mins to go the BC Comms are now pulling out lapped riders as not to impede a sprint finish and as organisers we agree with anything which will help make safe racing and looks a good idea.

This one came down to a sprint with Zappi’s CC Ben Rowe winning clearly by 4 lengths with On The Rivets Carl Farrell, showing local knowledge 2nd and Dulwich Paragons regular Sam Evans 3rd.

Again a packed field here for the 4ths as was the 3rds and in general good race with us having the benefit of a mobile comm to give pointers and make sure riders stick to their line.

Over exuberance though in the final lap saw a coming together which brought half a dozen riders down mid pack. The finish was never in doubt though with Brighton Mitres Simon Hughes timing his drive to perfection winning with a bike length clear. We expect good things from the young prospect. Arthur Tye from Dulwich Paragon took 2nd and Team Bottechia UKs Billy Fairman in third.


1 Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo 2V
1 Tony Gibb CSE Racing 1
2 Michael Mattram KTM 2
3 Gavin Ryan london dynamo 2
4 Jason Edwards Private 2V
5 Alastair Luxford Welwyn Wheelers 3
6 George Farrell CSE Racing 2
7 Albert Ellison VC Meudon 2
8 Oliver Jedrej Dulwich ParagonCC 2
9 Pierce Cook-­‐Anderson Kingston Wheelers 3
10 Liam Walsh VC St Raphael 2
11 Joshua Parkin Team Bottechia 2
12 Henry Farrell Welwyn Whls 2
13 Peter Morris ASL360/The Health Boutique 2
14 Philip Peters CSE Racing 2
15 Darren Barclay Arctic 1
16 Toby Neave VC St Raphael 1
17 Thomas Goodyer Portsmouth North End CC 3
18 Jack Ferrell private member 2
19 steve Tribe Velosport RT 2
20 Samuel Evans Dulwich Paragon CC 3


1 Ben Rowe Zappi’s CC 3
2 carl Farrell On The Rivet VC 3
3 Samuel Evans Dulwich paragon 3
4 harvey Morcombe Fareham Wheelers CC3
5 Robert Seeley Brixton CC 3
6 Bill Hawkes Thanet RC 3
7 Stuart Harvey Team ASL 360 3
8 Jed Williamson Brighton Mitre 3
9 Will Ranoe VCGH 3
10 Timothy Harkness Maison du Velo 3
11 Rob Fuller Brighton Mitre 3V
12 Khan Follina Sorby Hinds CC 3
13 Juan Pablo Riano Perez Edwardes of Camberw3ell
14 Dominic Maxwell Worthing excelsior 3
15 Paul Horta-­‐Hopkins Handsling Racing 3
16 Simon Parker Crawley Wheelers 3
17 Martin Edmonds Brighton Mitre 3
18 James Mapley Blazing Saddles 3
19 John Phillips Brighton Mitre 3
21 joseph Andrews fareham cc 3
22 Alex Snow RNRMCA 3
23 John Powell Team ASL360 3
24 Joel Draper Brighton Mitre 3
25 Tom Lane Blazing Saddles 3
26 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee 3
27 Norman Mellors Rock N Road Cycles 3V
28 Chris Fletcher Team ASL360 3
29 Mathew Hare JMG velo 3
30 Mark Newham Worthing Excelsior 3
31 Jamie Hutchinson i-­‐Team Cyclists Club 3
32 Paul Giles Portsmouth North End3 CC
33 Mo Ahmed London Phoenix 3
34 Lizzy Brama Brighton Mitre CC 3
35 Jon Freeman Kingston Wheelers 3
36 Chris Whitehouse Twickenham CC 3
37 Andrew Costello Private 3

1 Simon Hughes Brighton Mitre 4th
2 Arthur Tye Dulwich Paragon 4th
3 Billy Fairman Team bottecchia UK 4th
4 Ben Bradley South Down Velo 4th
5 Christian Fares Blazing Saddles 4th
6 Neil Payne Sotonia CC 4th
7 Tim Godden Team bottecchia uk 4th
8 Nick Bell Blazing Saddles 4th
9 Rupert Baker London Dynamo 4th
10 robert Rollings lewes wanderers 4th
11 Nick Dumond London Dynamo 4th
12 Keving Ashford Brighton mitre CC 4th
13 Iain Hawthorn Old Portlians CC 4th
14 Jason Le Goff In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp
15 Gez Reeves Crawley Wheelers 4th
16 Adam Lenthall VC Meudon 4th
17 DOUGLAS Moxon On The Rivet 4th
18 Graham Read JMG velo 4th
19 Lizzy Campbell Bournemouth Jubilee4th
20 Edward Bull Sussex Nomads 4th
21 Tom Flint On the Rivet Velo Club4th
22 Rob Sones Crawley Wheelers 4th
23 Ben Harrison In Gear 4th
24 Geoffrey Eyre-­‐Walker VC Jubilee 4th
25 Robert Flinn Crawley Wheelers 4th

5 Rose Moncreeffe DCC E

1 Charlie Martin B + D CC D
2 Lucas Barclay Artic D
3 Luke Goodwill PPYCC D
4 Lawrence Harkness Maison Du Velo

1 Owen Giles Portsmouth North EndC
2 Joseph Martin PPYCC C
3 Billy Martin B+D CC C
4 Freya Richardson Portsmouth North EndCCC
5 Harvey Sutton PPYCC C

1 Tom Easley Crawley Wheelers A
2 Olly Nixon VO2 Development A
3 Remi Cruttenden PPYCC A
4 Kieran Janar Gt Yarmouth A
5 Ashley Evans VO2 Development A

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