Result & Report – Massey Strongest in Women’s Team Series


Laura Massey of Epic Cycles-Scott WRT was the strongest rider up the finishing hill at the Hog Hill course to take victory in the first Women’s Team Race Series event of the 2014 season

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Result & Report – Massey Strongest in Women’s Team Series
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In what is thought to be the largest field ever in this country, 94 riders lined up in this Eagle RC organised race in sunny but windy conditions. After the first couple of laps racing went to ‘Full On’ very quickly.

Several attacks went clear but with such a strong field, they were not going to stay away and it was certainly looking that a bunch sprint would settle matters however as winner Laura said afterwards

“With such a big bunch we thought there would be some early moves as everyone was excited with the first big race of the year, so we decided to try to get into a break so with 8 laps to go a break did get away so I went with it meaning there were 5 in the break.”

“The break worked hard but getting towards the end it got a bit scrappy as it looked like the bunch might catch us, a few riders did get across, they joined us so I attacked and it as down to just 5 of us again at the front then into the last lap I attacked halfway up the finishing hill and crossed the line first”




1 Laura Massey Epic Cycles – Scott WRT
2 Mathilde Pauls Fusion Racing Team
3 Grace Garner RST Racing Team
4 Merce Pacios Pujadó Zappis Racing Team
5 Megan Barker Fusion Development Racing Team
6 Abigail Dentus Team MuleBar Girl – Sigma Sport
7 Emily Nelson Fusion Development Racing Team
8 Suzetta Guerrini Boom Cycle CC
9 Parys Edwards Boom Cycle CC
10 Dani Christmas 0
11 Emily Kay Epic Cycles – Scott WRT
12 Keira McVitty 0
13 Abby-Mae Parkinson RST Racing Team
14 Lauren OBrien RST Racing Team
15 Elizabeth Holden RST Racing Team
16 Joanna Smith
17 George Schwiening 0
18 Bethany Taylor Fusion Development Racing Team
19 Delia Beddis Les Filles Racing Team
20 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team
21 Annasley Park RST Racing Team
22 Hester Stembridge Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech
23 Laura Greenhalgh Twickenham CC
24 Ellie Campbell Fusion Development Racing Team
25 Clover Murray BC Eastern
26 Darrelle Parker Boom Cycle CC
27 Mhairi Mackenzie London Phoenix CC
28 Amy Gornall RST Racing Team
29 Paula Rutherfoord Boom Cycle CC
30 Emily Bagnall WyndyMilla
31 Rebecca Womersley WyndyMilla – Reynolds
32 Francesca Morgans-Slader Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech
33 Elanor Cadzow Bonito Squadra Corse
34 Jayne Paine 0
35 Kimberley Ashton GB
36 Anna Marie Hughes Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech
37 Alexis Barnes 0
38 Stephania Magri GB
39 Lucy Chittenden 0
40 Lucy Shaw 0
41 Anastasia Welsh RP Racing Team
42 Louise Mahe Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport
43 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team
44 Natalie Creswick Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport
45 Melissa Brand Epic Cycles – Scott WRT
46 Karla Boddy Epic Scott WRT
47 Emma Towers Twickenham CC
48 Kate Hewett Les Filles Racing Team
49 Tracy Best Zappis Racing Team
50 Sandra Mackay GB
51 Hisayo Kaneko Boom Cycle CC
52 Catherine Hills WyndyMilla
53 Jennifer Crouch London Dynamo
54 Sophia Chastell BCF Eastern
55 Rebecca Carter WyndyMilla
56 Hannah Payton WyndyMilla – Reynolds
57 Kate Baker High Wycombe Cycling Club
58 Alex Greenfield Epic Cycles – Scott WRT
59 Emily Barnes Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport
60 Bella Leach London Phoenix CC
61 Cassie McGoldrick Fusion Racing Team
62 Adel Tyson-Bloor Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport
63 Sian Botteley Squadra Donne
64 Lindsey Ackland Zappis Racing Team
65 Vikki Filsell Les Filles Racing Team
66 Maeve Savage London Dynamo
67 Clarice Chung Twickenham CC
68 Darrelle Parker Boom Cycle CC
69 Paige Milward Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech
70 Sophie Black Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech
71 Lisa Leonard Squadra Donne
72 Rachael Cottier London Phoenix CC
73 Merce Pacios Pujadó Zappis Racing Team
74 Mathilde Pauls Fusion Racing Team
75 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team
76 Amy Gornall RST Racing Team
77 Trish Keegan London Dynamo
78 Sarah Odell Boom Cycle CC
79 Aoife Doherty London Phoenix CC
80 Victoria Strila WyndyMilla
81 Sian Cahill Zappis Racing Team
82 Coralie Glaunes Les Filles Racing Team
83 Abbey Norman Lichfield City CC
84 Jessica Rhodes-Jones Twickenham CC
85 Anna Gibbney Twickenham CC
86 Nina Critchley Lichfield City CC
87 Linda Young GB
88 Isabelle Clarke Lichfield City CC


1 RST 250
2 Fusion Development 227
3 Epic Cycles Scott 225
4 Boom    179
5 Fusion Racing 171
6 Mule Bar 109
7 Zappi’s Ladies Team  106
Windymilla 104
8 Les Filles 91
9 Bike Pure 75
10 Twickenham 43
11 GB Cycles 39
12 BC Eastern 33
13 London Phoenix 30
14 Squadra Bonito
15 London Dynamo 7
16 Squadra Donna 2

MEN’s E/1/2



1 Steve Lampier Velosure – Giordana RT
2 Alex Peters Madison Genesis
3 Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT
4 Joe Giggins Richardsons-Trek RT
5 Colin Ward Essex Roads
6 Luke Hattersley Zappi Racing Team
7 Joshua Green Glendene CC
8 Felix Barker Cambridge University RT – Hunter Gibson – Chain Reaction Cycles
9 ? Pratt Cadence
10 Richard da Silva Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
11 Matthew Clements Cyclelab
12 Tony Purwell Cambridge cc
13 Robert Purcell Neon Velo CT
14 Andrew Carter Portsmouth North End CC
15 Duncan Crawler ? Cycles Racing
16 Adam Cotterell WyndyMilla – Reynolds
17 Daniel Morris Stourbridge CC


MEN’S 3/4
1 James Sale Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
2 Zak Corum-Haines VC Jubilee
3 Charles Pearson Cambridge CC
4 Will Beresford London Phoenix CC
5 Richard Poynter London Phoenix CC
6 Ian Franklin Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
7 Paul Saunders Glendene CC
8 Neal Mackintosh London Phoenix CC
9 Harrison Jones NFTO Race Club
10 Philip Hersey Eagle RC
11 Matt Bridges Strada-Sport
12 James Garrett Velo Sport Jersey
13 Daniel Maynard Welwyn Wheelers CC
14 James Davies London Dynamo
15 Matt Anderson Glendene CC
16 Ian Cullen Army Cycling Union
17 Graeme Garner Gateway Cycling
18 Andrew Holmes VOR
19 Edmund Fowles Rivivo Vibes Racing
20 Charlie Passfield Walden Jnr
21 Charles Kennedy-Scott Cycling Club Hackney
22 Alex McKerrell Vol Pev Team
23 Sean Dunlea Ciclos Uno
24 Jason Hales ?
25 Guy Ezyahou London Phoenix CC
26 Patrick Hayes Victoria/Ciclos Club
27 Edward Wootton Diss & District CC
28 Luke Stone 0
29 Peter Allen –


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