Result – Fat Lads Flat Chance Road Race


Ian Sim of Paisley Velo won the 36 mile Fat Lads Flat Chance Road Race at East Renfrewshire (Scotland)

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Result – Fat Lads Flat Chance Road Race (36 miles)

1. Ian Sim Paisley Velo 1h38m15s
2. John Farrell Ek Rc St
3. Rhys Donnelly ERC St 1st Junior
4. Andy Brown Glasgow Cycle Team St Junior
5. Campbell Ray St
6. Allan Adams Vc Glasgow South St
7. Paul Mcdonald Johnston Wheelers Cc St
8. Colin Tennent Glasgow Green Cc St
9. Steven Mcqueen Falkirk Bc St
10. Richard Provan Glasgow Courriers St
11. Ross Dymock Glasgow Green Cc St
12. Jason Smith Glasgow Green Cc St
13. Hector Lancaster Spokes Rt St
14. Lee Gardner Glasgow Green Cc St
15. Ross Clark Glasgow Ivy St
16. Jennifer Taylor Strarley Primal St 1st Woman
17. Andrew Gumely Johnston Wheelers St
18. Derek Hamilton Pro Am St
19. Cameron Fisher Glasgow Nightingale St
20. Gary Cross Falkiirk Bc St
21. Richard Mcghee Glasgow Nightingale St
22. Brian Traynor EKRC St
23. Martyn Dinsmore Glasgow Green Cc St
24. Allan Beckett VC Astar St
25. Lewis Duff Glasgow Couriers St
26. D Avid Macmillan VC Glasgow South St
27. Martin Knox Glasgow Nightingale St Junior
28. Steven Macluskie VC Glasgow South St
29. John Craig Team Thomson Cycles St
30. Calum Mitchell Spokes Rt ST
31. Colin Mcphee Johnston Wheelers Cc St
32. Neill Kemp Glasgow Nightingale Cc St
33. Terence Mcmahon Glasgow Ivy Cc St
34. Ricardo Pallisco Paisley Velo Rt St
35. Michael Burke Glasgow Ivy Cc St
36. Alistair Pell Glasgow Nightingale Cc St
37. Lewis Mulholland Glasgow Cycle Team St Junior
38. Douglas Pender Glasgow Nightingale Cc St
39. Gary Baxter Glasgow Ivy Cc St
40. Keith Laird Team Thomsons @6
41. Francis Webb ERC @7
42. Gavin Dempster Glasgow Green Cc @23
43. Fraser Knox Glasgow Cycle Team @43 Junior
44. Jason Smith Glasgow Nightingale Cc @53
45. Blair Whiteside Spokes Rt @2:36
46. Robert Drummond Glasgow Wheelers @6:28
50. Liam Howie Glasgow Nightingale @1lap


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