Result – Cornish series race 2


Alex Maison, Miles Earl, Lee Adams & Nicola Noble among the many winners at week 2 of the Cornish Series

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Result – Cornish series race 2

Race 2 of the Cornish series races at Perranporth was a races in a bitter wind from the north, but it did not stop a fantastic days racing taking place.

The E/1/2/3 race was dominated by Bike shed UEX who brought a strong team with them. Alex Mansion broke clear midway through the race and built a clear lead. He was chased by his own team mates, Peter Medhurst and Oscar Hutchins.

Ricky Parsons of Mid Devon set off on pursuit of the three of them and battled on for a number of laps until a mechanical failure caused him to crash. Mansion, Medhurst and Hutchins made it 1,2,3 for Bikeshed UEX with only Sol Warwick Falco racing slipping in to forth breaking the strangle hold they had, as Andrew Feathers Bikeshed UEX came fifth.

Race 2 of the Cornish series also saw the second round of the SW youth series. This brought a much larger and stronger field for local riders to compete against in the under 14/16 categories for both girls and boys. A hard fought race eventually saw Charlie Meredith Mid Devon triumph in the boys race and Emily Attfield 1st Chard Wheelers repeating her success at Illton.

Yellow jerseys were retained by Ryan White and Emily Attfield both of 1st Chard Wheelers. A full days racing saw Miles Earl RUtraining CC win the cat ¾ race which was graced by the presence of Mr Andrew Parker Mid Devon (of BC fame)no less! Who was a very creditable 2nd! The cat 4 race was won by Lee Adams Tavistock Wheeler and Nicloa Noble of Plymouth University triumphed in the women’s race.

In the under 12,under 10 and under 8 races there were winds for Agnis Hamill, Eleanor Ley, Hollie Morrish in the girls and Toby Peters, William Morrish and Joe Winfield in the boys.

Big thank you must go to Perranporth Flying Club and their pilots who are making this all possible by restricting their take off, landings and refuelling for us..

1 Alex Maison
2 Peter Medhurst
3 Oscar Hutchins
4 Sol Warwick
5 Andrew Feathers
6 Duncan Haywood
7 Kris Jasper
8 Scott Tomkinson
9 James Davey
10 Owen Owen

Category 3/4
1 Miles Earl
2 Andrew Parker
3 Harry Luxton
4 David Rouse
5 Gareth Thyer
6 Graham Roberts
7 Kenny Parker
8 Matt Newman
9 Ashley Gower
10 Richard Pascoe

Category 4
1 Lee Adams
2 Lee Grunnell
3 Chris Annear
4 Andy Agnew
5 Andy Everett
6 Mark Pierce
7 Micheal Poole
8 Joe Brindley
9 Adam Mayes
10 Gary Walsh

1 Nicola Noble
2 Hester Stubridge
3 Kerry Paul
4 Penny Colloff
5 Kym Accleton
Cornish Series SW Youth series

Girls under 14/16
1. Emily Attfield
2. Lauren Dolan
3. Ruby Bond
4. Rosa Serrett
5. Eloise Cresswell
6. Jasmine Gray
7. Neve Upton
8. Millie Revel
9. Alana Wicketts
10. Jessica Morrish
1. Charlie Meredith
2. Elliott Redfern
3. Seb Dickens
4. Ryan White
5. Evan Rouse
6. Joe Saunders
7. Alfie Peters
8. Ben Havey
9. Jorden Watson
10. Robert Woody

Category ‘A’ (Under 16) Boys
1 Charlie Meredith
2 Elliott Redfern
3 Seb Dickens

Category ‘B’ (Under 14) Boys
1 Evan Rouse
2 Alfie Peters

Category ‘C’ (Under 12) Boys
1 Toby Peters
2 Evan Richards
3 Sid Baldaro

Category ‘D’ (Under 10) Boys
1 William Morrish
2 Max Taylor
3 Carn Edwards

Category ‘E’ (Under 8) Boys
1 Joe Winfield
2 Ruben Stacy
3 Ed Selwood


Category ‘A’ (Under 16) / Girls
1 Emily Attfield
2 Lauran Dolan
3 Ruby Bond

Category ‘B’ (Under 14) / Girls
1 Neve Upton
2 Millie Revel
3 Jessica Morrish

Category ‘C’ (Under 12) / Girls
1 Agnis Hamill

Category ‘D’ (Under 10) / Girls
1 Eleanor Ley
2 Abby Martyn
3 Becky Maynard

Youth – Category ‘E’ (Under 8)
1 Hollie Morrish



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