Report – Tour of the Reservoir Day 2


Day 2 of the Tour of Reservoir and VeloUK is here! Updates as and when we can …

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Report – Tour of the Reservoir Day 2
Preview here – click to view | Thanks to Graham Harper for helping me get these images and having me lay across the back of bike to turn around enough to see behind me!



The second stage of the Tour of Reservoir was a action packed event. Won by a two up break, the race was certainly one of two halves or so. A break of five dominated much of the race and then a stoppage because of an accident to Peter Williams (Haribo Beacon) and after that, the finale was full gas and then some!


The top three on stage 2 – Ian Wilkinson, Evan Oliphant and Jon Mould

On a rolling circuit with a howling wind but dry, the race saw a break of five escape and dominate three quarters of the race. In that break were Mark Christian (Raleigh), Rob Partridge (Velosure Giordana), Josh Hunt (NFTO Pro Cycling), Dexter Gardias (Metaltek) &  Gruffud Lewis (Pedal Heaven). A group of four including Tom Barras were chasing but not able to get to the leading quintet.

Madison –Genesis controlled the race behind and revealed later that they would have been happy for the break to stay away as none were a threat to the overall and they had no need to try and win everything. A high speed crash by Peter Williams though saw the race stopped. Peter hit a man hole or dip in the road at high speed and his hands slipped from the bars and he went crashing to the ground.


The peloton are brought to a halt whilst the road ahead was closed due to the crash of Pete Williams.

His helmet, according to reports from riders close to him at the time, took the impact but came away from his head while Peter was still sliding on the ground. He was knocked unconscious and an air ambulance was called which meant the road was to be closed. Peter thankfully came round and walked into the normal ambulance and off he went to hospital.

What was clear was the fear everyone in the race felt. A well liked long time pro, many spoke highly of Pete and their concern for his health. Thankfully I learnt he was being released from hospital the same evening of the crash.


 A teammate at Haribo Beacon of Pete Williams, James Sampson, talks to a commisaire when the race is stopped

Once the race got underway, with the break given their original lead, the peloton was let loose and by jesus did they motor. Whilst Madison Genesis may not have been in a hurry to catch the break, the men in black (Rapha Condor JLT) were and we had the sight of double Olympic Champion Ed Clancy going full gas on the front of the peloton with his teammates.

The race was split to pieces and some riders never even got going after the stoppage so quick were they on it. They had three laps left of the race and they wasted no time in bringing the five leaders back. Once they did, the race was on between what was a real selection of the top riders in the race.


The race leaves Blanchland with NFTO making sure they have riders at the front.

Raleigh had a go with two of their French riders clear for a short spell and Tom Moses (RCJ) showed what a talent he is for holding the chase behind at bay for a long time in a move similar to one by Alex Peters the year before.

Madison Genesis, defending Peter’s place at the top of the GC, were left to do the work whilst attacks came and went. With the wind blowing a gale, I wasn’t expecting anything until late on the final lap and so it came as a little before he did the same thing the year before, Evan Oliphant (Raleigh) jumped clear and Jon Mould was straight on it.

Madison Genesis went into their team time trial mode on the front while Oliphant and Mould raced full gas to the line. The Raleigh rider didn’t want to play cat and a mouse as the chase behind was close and so went early in the sprint and then kicked again to beat Jon Mould to the line to win the second stage of Reservoir for the second time in two years.


First attack and its Metaltek’s Ben Stockdale.

Behind, the group was strung out. Ian Wilkinson (Raleigh) won a close fought battle with Russell Downing (NFTO Pro Cycling) and then Alex Peters and Peter Hawkins crossed the line and clinched their overall 1-2 in the race, the biggest win yet for the young Madison Genesis rider.


Yanto Barker of Raleigh, third overall, has a dig with Ed Clancy


Local James Moss has a good for his team Velosure Giordana


A break has a gap but doesn’t stay clear.


Raleigh send two of their Frenchmen, Morgan Kniesky and Mathieu Boulo up the road.


James Lowsley-Williams leads a break clear but whilst the rest go on to stay clear for a long time, James went back to the peloton.


The five up break with Mark Christian of Raleigh who I’m told won most of the primes


There was no rush to bring them back from the race leaders at Madison Genesis.


The four chasers who got a good gap on the peloton but were not able to bridge to the front of the race.


Metaltek team manager Dave Povall has a word with his rider in the break.


The break comes to a halt as the road is closed ahead.


When the race resumed, the men in black were on a mission and Ed Clancy is full gas across the Reservoir lining the peloton out.


A crash in the front group with two Velosure Giordana riders including Matt Cronhaw and a Starley Primal rider. It was the end of the race for Matt.


The break is caught …


Tom Moses on the right makes his attack with one and half laps to go.


For the second time in the race, this talented youngster Tom Moses goes on a long solo break.


Madison Genesis lead the chase.


Raleigh’s French rider Mathieu Boulo goes off in pursuit of Moses


Jon Mould on the attack as well for NFTO Pro Cycling …


And then a new talent in NFTO Pro Cycling Sam Williams has a dig.


Race leader Alex Peters goes to the front to show his rivals his legs are in great shape.


Evan Oliphant makes his attack with Jon Mould on his wheel.


They quickly opened up a gap, with Jon Mould of NFTO Pro Cycling on the front full gas.


Evan Oliphant sprints to another victory in the Tour of Reservoir

Evan Oliphant: “It was a long day again and very similar to last year. Teams had to ride and everyone is heavy legged. Ian (Wilkinson) was our rider for the sprint but said I may as well have a go again and told him I’ll try and attack on the steep bit and see what happens.”

“If it didn’t work, I was going to help Wilko. Jon Mould came with me though and we shared the work. At the end, I could see the chasers and was in two minds, do I go now or do I wait. So I went probably earlier than I wanted to. Yesterday, I tried to come around Adam Blythe who’d back off then accelerated again, so I did that and it worked perfect.”

“I had joked with the team this morning I was going to hit them in the same place.”

“Yesterday, I started a bit far back and was having to ride across the groups and I thought we’d get back to the front but then the gap came over and it was then about today.”

“The objective for the team this morning was to protect Yanto’s third and go for the stage win and we got that as well as third on the stage too so Raleigh will be happy with that I think.”


Photo finish for third between Russell Downing of NFTO Pro Cycling and Ian Wilkinson with the Raleigh rider getting the verdict. One each in Reservoir (Downing beat Wilkinson the day before in a similiar battle).


The top three overall, Yanto Barker, Alex Peters and Peter Hawkins

Jon Mould (NFTO Pro Cycling): “Josh got in that early move of five before the race was stopped and on the restart, it came back very quickly and it was race on. Rapha really took it on and split the race to bits so it was a good move for them.”

“We then started attacking before Moses attacked and Madison were chasing hard and we had a plan that Rus would go for the sprint and I’d cover moves at the end.”

“Evan then attacked before the feedzone and I went with him and that was it then, us two all the way to the finish. I got a bit stuck on the front with 500 to go probably, and I think he knew that finish quite well!”

“I made sure I wasn’t giving him any shelter and we both started sprinting but on that hill he was just two strong. I got on his wheel hoping to get round him but as soon as I hot that headwind, it was a different story. A good result.”

“Asked if it was possible to get any shelter in the wheels, Jon replied “No, not really. You had to be at the front as much as possible and there was always a big fight to be behind Madison so you had to look after yourself on a hard day out as it usually is round here.”

Stage 2

1. Evan Oliphant (Raleigh), 4.53.10
2. Jon Mould, NFTO Pro Cycling st
3. Ian Wilkinson, Raleigh @ 7 seconds
4. Russell Downing NFTO Pro Cycling
5. Alex Peters, Madison Genesis @ 9 secs
6. Peter Hawkins, Madison Genesis
7. Graham Briggs Rapha Condor JLT.
8. Yanto Barker, Raleigh @ 11 seconds
9. Steve Lampier, Velosure Giordana @ 16 secs
10. Sam Williams NFTO Pro Cycling @ 18 secs
11. David Clarke, KTM st
12. Richard Hepworth, Velosure Giordana
13. Marcin Bioloblocki, Velosure Giordana
14. Ben Stockdale, Metaltek
15. Rob Partridge, Velosure Giordana
16. rider with two different numbers @ 23 secs
17. Russell Hampton, AthlonSport/Bioracer
18. Dan Fleeman, Metaltek @ 32
19. Will Bjergfelt, Metaltek
20. Mike Northey, Madison Genesis
21. Thomas Stewart, Madison Genesis
22. Morgan Kniesky, Raleigh @ 39
23. Tom Moses, Rapha Condor JLT @ 46
24. Adam Blythe, NFTO Pro Cycling 49
25. Dillon Byrne, NFTO Pro Cycling

1. Alex Peters, Madison Genesis
2. Peter Hawkins, Madison Genesis
3. Yanto Barker, Raleigh
4. Marcin Bialoblocki, Velosure Giordana
5. Tom Moses, Rapha Condor JLT
6. Graham Briggs, Rapha Condor JLT
7. Steve Lampier, Velosure Giordana
8. Mathieu Boulo, Raleigh
9. Mike Northey, Madison Genesis
10. Evan Oliphant, Raleigh
11. Ian Wilkinson, Raleigh
12. Sam Williams, NFTO Pro Cycling
13. Rob Partridge, Velosure Giordana
14. David Clarke, KTM
15. Adam Blythe, NFTO Pro Cycling
16. James Gullen, Velosure Giordana
17. Dan Fleeman, Metaltek.
18. Tom Stewart, Madison Genesis
19. Morgan Kneisky, Raleigh
20. Andy Tennant, Madison Genesis
21. Conor Ryan, BH Solidor
22. James Lowsley-Williams, NFTO Pro Cycling
23. Jon Mould, NFTO Pro Cycling
24. Russell Downing, NFTO Pro Cycling
25. Ben Stockdale, Metaltek

26. Russell Falder, Cycling Holiday Spain
27. Russell Hampton, AthlonSport Bioracer
28. Will Bergfelt, Metaltek
29. Gruffud Lewis, Pedal Heaven
30. Dillon Bryne, Champion systems
31. Andrew Hawdon, KTM
32. Will Fox, Starley Primal,
33. Alex Coutts, Edinburgh RC
34. Mitchell Webber, Pedal Heaven
35. Liam Holohan, Madison Genesis
36. Sebastian Baylis, Champion Systems
37. Dale Appleby, NFTO Pro Cycling
38. Jake Scott, Haribo Beacon
39. Joshua Hunt, NFTO Pro Cycling
40. Robert Moore, Pedal Heaven
41. George Ryman, Starley Primal
42. Gary Hand, KTM
43. Mark Bains, Spirit Bikes
44. Christoper Dredge, Spirit Bikes
45. Jacob Tipper, KTM
46. James King, Haribo Beacon
47. Lloyd Champman, Richardsons Trek
48. David Lines, Starley Primal
49. Simon Wilson, Wheelbase Altura
50. Ryan Bevis, NFTO Pro Cycling
51. Nathan Edmondson, Velosure Giordana
52. Matthew Kipling, Velo29
53. Henry Latimer, Catford CC
54. Perry Bowater, Starley Primal
55. Joe Giggins, Richardsons Trek
56. Ben Kellett, Champion Systems
57. Steven Lawley, The Racers
58. Felix Barker, Cambridge CC

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