Result – Sleaford Wheelers CC Charity 10


Andy Broxholme of Lincoln Whs CC wins the Sleaford Wheelers CC (Charity) 10 mile Time Trial in Aid of Cancer Research UK on Saturday 19th

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Result – Sleaford Wheelers CC Charity 10 

1st Andy Broxholme Lincoln Whs CC 21:01
2nd Peter Cocker Pedal Pushers RT 21:14
3rd Shaun Eden Mapperley CC 21:46
4th Ian Russell Arrow Cycles 22:05
5th Jim Boyle Cherry Valley RT 22:08
6th Michael Dodson Bolsover & District CC 22:13
7th George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers CC 22:21
8th Robert Morris Mapperley CC 22:24
9th Bill Seddon Bolsover & District CC 22:29
Eq Carl Dyson Achieve-Skinnergate Racing 22:29
11th Richard Hamblin Sleaford Wheelers CC 22:33
12th Neil Palmer Spalding CC 22:35
13th Michiel Vaal Rockingham Forest Whs 22:44
14th Will Bamber VC Norwich 22:45
Eq Alistair Golby Witham Wheelers 22:45
16th Andy Smith North Notts Olympic CC 22:53
17th Stephen Robinson North Notts Olympic CC 22:55
18th Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers CC 22:58
19th Chris Ward Spalding CC 23:03
20th David Butler Lincoln Whs CC 23:06
21st Darren Smith Boston Whs 23:10
22nd Adrian Marshall Boston Whs 23:16
Eq Simon Cooper Nottingham Clarion CC 23:16
24th Sean Hunt Lincoln Whs CC 23:18
25th John Pilgrim Witham Wheelers 23:24
26th Jon Beere Witham Wheelers 23:28
27th Gary Symons Witham Wheelers 23:45
28th Ryan Thomas Alford Whs 23:51
29th Josh Asquith Arrow Cycles 23:54
30th John Gadie Barton Whs 24:04:00
31st Simon Griffiths Alford Whs 24:09:00
32nd James Westwood Witham Wheelers 24:12:00
33rd Tom Sharpe VC Norwich 24:18:00
34th Malc Jacklin Fenland Clarion CC 24:21:00
35th Andy Newham Lincoln Whs CC 24:23:00
Eq Martin Hedley Witham Wheelers 24:23:00
37th Graham McAndrew Witham Wheelers 24:30:00
38th Martin Cullen VC Lincoln 24:31:00
39th Derek Roe Team Swift 24:32:00
40th Gary Kondor Sherwood Pines CRT 24:33:00
41st Adam Newns Royal Navy & RM CA 24:34:00
42nd Jake Clare Fenland Road Club 24:45:00
43rd Carl Wilkinson Alford Whs 24:52:00
44th Simon Cocker Witham Wheelers 24:56:00
Eq Paul Brownless Trent Valley Road Club 24:56:00
46th Nicholas Chapman Boston Whs 24:57:00
47th Richard Horton Sleaford Wheelers CC 24:57:00
48th Neil Sentance Pedal Pushers RT 24:59:00
49th Peter Nix Rockingham Forest Whs 25:01:00
50th Jennifer McAndrew Witham Wheelers 25:11:00
51st Ian Fensom Fenland Road Club 25:12:00
52nd Paul Griffiths Alford Whs 25:16:00
Eq Michael Hespley Sleaford Wheelers CC 25:16:00
54th Maciej Rakowski Witham Wheelers 25:21:00
55th Stuart McKellar Sleaford Wheelers CC 25:23:00
56th Helen Eborall Born to Bike 25:25:00
Eq Clare Ella Cherry Valley RT 25:25:00
58th Paul Ripley Alford Whs 25:27:00
59th Steve Jackson Trent Valley Road Club 25:34:00
Eq Ian Burdis Bolsover & District CC 25:34:00
61st Jonathan Starbuck RAF CA 25:38:00
62nd Robert Waterhouse Birdwell Whs 25:43:00
63rd Theo Jefferies Ashley Touring CC 25:49:00
Eq Mike Williams Team Swift 25:49:00
65th Ian Galpin Witham Wheelers 25:52:00
66th Anthony Hardenberg Witham Wheelers 25:53:00
Eq Simon Wright Spalding CC 25:53:00
68th Oliver Fensom Fenland Road Club 25:54:00
69th Paul Fairey Witham Wheelers 26:08:00
70th Andrew Vaughan City Road Club (Hull) 26:17:00
71st Martin Lister Witham Wheelers 26:32:00
72nd Micky Pell Alford Whs 26:33:00
73rd Dave Ashley Sleaford Wheelers CC 26:35:00
Eq Sarah Dowling Greenwich Tritons Tri Club 26:35:00
75th Rod Oglesby Lincoln Whs CC 26:40:00
76th John Woolley Lincoln Whs CC 26:41:00
77th Ian Scott Boston Whs 26:50:00
78th Brendon Thomas Alford Whs 25:52:00
79th Jim Davey London Fire Brigade CC 27:01:00
80th David Herd Witham Wheelers 27:07:00
81st Chris Close Sleaford Wheelers CC 27:16:00
82nd Peter Flint Boston Whs 27:17:00
83rd Dave Pike Sleaford Wheelers CC 27:40:00
84th Madeline Smith Bolsover & District CC 27:43:00
85th Bryan Fenwick Melton Olympic CC 27:56:00
86th Mike Garvey VTTA (North Midlands) 28:04:00
87th Amanda Jackson Trent Valley Road Club 28:09:00
88th Peter Holland Lincoln Whs CC 28:35:00
89th Adrian Golby Witham Wheelers 28:40:00
90th Richard Clare Sleaford Wheelers CC 28:41:00
91st Dave Johnson Bolsover & District CC 28:47:00
92nd John Scott Sleaford Wheelers CC 29:24:00
93rd Wayne Cartlidge Bolsover & District CC 29:30:00
94th Robert McAndrew Witham Wheelers 30:05:00
95th Richard Thorpe Bolsover & District CC 30:36:00
96th Zoe Hibbard Bolsover & District CC 30:47:00
97th Stuart Bell Lincoln Whs CC 30:54:00
98th Adrian Thurston Spalding CC 33:32:00
99th Amanda Davies Bolsover & District CC 37:53:00


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