Result – CDNW UCLanSport Crits 3


Dillon Byrne  & David Allonby  winners at round 3 of the CDNW UCLanSport Crits in the North West (April 24)

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Result – CDNW UCLanSport Crits 3
(thanks Anna & team)

E/1/2/3 result
1 Dillon Byrne Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear Racing Team
2 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle
3 Zack Williamson Clay Cross Road Team
4 Mark McGavock Southport CC
5 Ellis Kirkbride Border City Wheelers CC
6 Richard Haughton Team Hoppers Rollers
7 Oliver Payton Ph – MAS Cycling
8 Robert Shirley Private Member
9 George Nolon Green Jersey RT
10 Jerrod Hartley Horwich Cycling Club

1 David Allonby Private Member
2 Hamish Graham Green Jersey RT
3 Max Spedding Ph – MAS Cycling
4 John Didsbury Summit Cycles
5 David Reece Liverpool Mercury Dolan Cycling Club
6 Adam Hall Salt Ayre Cog Set
7 Adam Hartley Velocity WD-40
8 Harris Redgrove Sportcity Velo
9 Aaron Tonks Ribble Valley CRC
10 Stephen Hilton The Endurance Store
11 Richard Flynn Green Jersey RT
12 Matt Hallam PM
13 Andy Unsworth Blackpool Youth Cycling Association
14 Karl Smith Private Member
15 Bill Cooper Red Rose Olympic Cycling Club
16 Martin Lefley Bella in Sella
17 Peter Hollis Team Hoppers Rollers
18 Neil Kenny PM
19 Peter Murray The Endurance Store
20 Sean Greenwood Rossendale RC
21 Martin Pate North Lancashire Road Club
22 Paul Stables Preston Cycling Club
23 Declan Hudson Liverpool Century Road Club
24 Simon Hopkinson Wigan Wheelers
25 Alexander Reed Salt Ayre Cog Set
26 Mark Seddon Private Member
27 Gabrielle Duckworth Salt Ayre Cog Set
28 Madeleine Scott Southport CC
29 Dean Webster Clitheroe Bike Club
30 Peter Holland Here Come the Belgians
31 Harrison Simms Cycle Sport Pendle


1 Alistair Leivers Blackpool Youth Cycling Association
2 Jordan Stanworth Bolton Hot Wheels
3 Tom Clarke Red Rose Olympic Cycling Club
4 Lewis Hartley Velocity WD-40
5 Chris Heaton Sportcity Velo
6 Ben Dobson Lancashire Road Club
7 Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle
8 Jonathan Wong Salt Ayre Cogset
9 George Wharton Salt Ayre Cogset
10 Liam Shaw Bolton Hot Wheels
11 Ben Huddart Lancashire Road Club
12 Louis Halleron-Place Cycle Sport Pendle
13 Harry Pate Cycle Sport Pendle
14 Benjamin Horrobin Bolton Hot Wheels
15 Harry French Cycle Sport Pendle
16 Jacob Rae Salt Ayre Cogset
17 Joseph Clough Ribble Valley Juniors
18 Elliot Reed Salt Ayre Cogset
19 Rosie Walsh Southport CC
20 Chad Rawsterne Bolton Hot Wheels
21 Charlotte Gibson Sportcity Velo
22 Amber Towns Northwest Triathlon Academy
1 Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle
2 Halley Woods Eastlands Velo
3 Eve Martin Ribble Valley Juniors
4 Charlie Page Green Jersey RT
5 Corrine Side Bolton Hot Wheels
6 Alec Stewart Weaver Valley CC
7 James Noonan Preston Wheelers
8 Georgia Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle

1 Junior Jackson Mossley CRT
2 Maisy Vasic Eastlands Velo
3 Andrew Lemm Blackpool Youth Cycling Association
4 Addam Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels
5 John Roberts Salt Ayre Cogset
6 Jocasta Minton Bolton Hot Wheels
7 Connor Clarkson Cycle Sport Pendle
8 Daniel Vincent Cycle Sport Pendle
9 Melissa Boylin Bolton Hot Wheels
10 Shannon Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle
11 Thomas Lees Red Rose Olympic Cycling Club
12 Carys Field Ribble Valley Juniors
13 Jack Clayton Cycle Sport Pendle
14 Justin Srivastava Red Rose Olympic Cycling Club
15 Caitlin Welsh Cycle Sport Pendle
16 Ciara Gostling Cycle Sport Pendle


1 James Higham
2 Tyler Lloyd
3 Ethan Cuerden
4 Deetry Jarrett
5 Spencer Unsworth
6 Erin Corrigna
7 Ethan Grimshaw
8 Nancye Roberts
9 Saul Ashton
10 Evan Welsh
11 Arwwen Minton

1 Trayden Jarrett
2 Riley Saint-Simmons
3 Felix Cuerden
4 Esther Wong
5 Jake Holland
6 Ephraim Ashworth



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