Result – Aberdeen District Evening Road Race 1


Dave Anderson of Granite City RT winner in the first of the Aberdeen District Evening Road Race Series

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Result – Aberdeen District Evening Road Race 1

1 Dave Anderson Granite City RT 33mls in 01:14:30
2 Kenny Riddle Moray Firth CC st
3 Simon van Bellen Aberdeen Whs CC st
4 M Lonie Unattached at 00:00:24
5 K White Deeside Th CC st
6 C Smith [DM] Granite City RT st
7 D Widdison Moray Firth CC st
8 A Watt Granite City RT st
9 J Weale Aberdeen Whs CC st
10 S Delaney Deeside Th CC st
11 P Allan Velocity 44 st
12 S Hristov City of Stirling st
13 J Grant Moray Firth CC st
14 R Coleman Deeside Th CC st
15 D Reed Deeside Th CC st
16 M Fletcher Aberdeen Whs CC st
17 D Stewart Deeside Th CC st
18 K Robertson Granite City RT st
19 A Ennis Deeside Th CC st
20 C Abel Aberdeen Whs CC st
21 C McCulloch Deeside Th CC st
22 J Stronach Ythan CC st Junior
23 C Finlayson Moray Firth CC st
24 R Brown Sandy Wallace C st
25 T McLeman Ythan CC st
26 Julie Erskine Velosport M/grappa st Lady
27 G Quinn Deeside Th CC st
28 S Bunting Aberdeen Whs CC st
29 C Pitblado Moray Firth CC st
30 N Scott Dundee Thistle st
31 T Mackley Deeside Th CC st
32 L Smith Aberdeen Whs CC st
33 R Mallins R A F st
34 A Duncan Ythan CC st
35 I Brown Deeside Th CC at 00:01:22
36 A Wilson Dundee Thistle at 00:08:36
37 R Lyons Deeside Th CC at 00:09:17
38 C Ward Ythan CC at 00:09:19 Junior
39 G Milligan Deeside Th CC at st
40 I Pryde Deeside Th CC at 00:10:15
41 A Bodie Aberdeen Whs CC at st
42 M Giles Ythan CC at 00:12:00
43 JB Pose Deeside Th CC at 00:13:20
44 M Young Deeside Th CC at st
45 R Hayworth Aberdeen Whs CC at 00:13:30
46 H Cooper Ythan CC at 00:19:30 Junior



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